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Adelle Peninah

Samuel Kadin


Samuel June 2018.jpg

BORN: SEPTEMBER 29th, 2019

These parents will produce *F1 CAVAPOOS* (approximately 50% Cavalier -- 50% Poodle)

Please see our CAVAPOOS 101 page for details and refer to the F1 Cavapoo.


This will be Adelle and Samuel's first litter together!  We anticipate that

their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 12 to 15 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:


Black ~ Ruby (LIGHT OR MEDIUM) ~ Apricot ~ Gold

Please visit our Cavapoo Colours page for more colour details.


1. Arlene Manning -- Rosie ... PAID IN FULL!

2. Kevin Manning -- Elliot ... PAID IN FULL!

3. Darren Hodgkinson -- Maverick ... PAID IN FULL!

4. Nicole Manning & Julian Craparotta -- Oliver ... PAID IN FULL!

This litter is starting their new adventures 

in their new homes this weekend!


8 week old vet & final update:

Adelle and Samuel's puppies are 8 weeks old on the 24th and they have just returned from their vet and a quick stop on the way home for last minute supplies for the Puppy Starter Kits!

Our vet found the puppies to be in excellent health and they were much loved by everyone at the vet clinic!

During the puppies health examination, they were all social with wagging tails and puppy kisses and were perfect examples of the Cavapoo's awesome temperament!


Here is what our vet checked on each puppy:


- Eyes (checked for abnormalities or discharge)


- Ears (checked for redness/infection)


- Mouth & throat (checked for gum colour, swallow reflex,)


- Heart (checked for irregular heartbeat patterns)


- Lungs (checked for rhythmic breaths and clarity of lungs)


- Stomach palpitation (checked for any signs of bloating, discomfort, or the presence of a hernia)


- Flexion of joints (checked for fluid movement of joints)


- Postural Reflexes (the "paw flip test" checks for proper neurological function where the paw is flipped under so the pads face upwards towards the belly. This is done to see how quickly the puppy rights it's paw so that the pads are flat on the ground/surface again the way a dog would normally bear weight/stand)


- Equilibrium (checked balance by turning the puppy on it's back to make sure the puppy can roll upright again)


- Temperature (checked for normal body temperature)


- Weight (checked for healthy weight and growth rate)


- Because the puppies were found to be in excellent health -- all of the puppies received their 1st shot which covers Parvovirus, Distemper, and Hepatitis (also called CAV2-Hepatitis).


- Dewormed with Strongid T according to weight.


The puppies weights are as follows:


Rosie -- 3.3 pounds
Elliot -- 3.7 pounds
Maverick -- 3.5 pounds

Oliver -- 3.5 pounds

So far, the puppies have had ZERO adverse reactions to the vaccination they received.  We always watch our puppies closely during the recommended 24 hours, but reactions are quite rare and providing that they don't react to the first vaccination -- they're good for all remaining vaccinations!

The puppies have had a chance to play in the snow and they didn't mind it too much, but they were able to retreat to a puppy bed placed in the pen for when their feet got too cold!  All of them peed outside in the snow too!  Here is a video of their mini adventure:


As we have mentioned in previous updates -- the puppies have been exceptional for their potty training and to date there have been no accidents off the grass pad and they should bounce right into using the outside world with consistency!

Adelle's puppies have slept together as a group with Daphne's in a crate with the door closed at night and all of them have been accepting of this!  We have let them out to go potty around 1:30 or 2:00 AM and again at 6:30 or 7:00 AM and they will march right over to the grass pad, have done their business, and then they go right back to sleep in the closed-door crate.  What good little puppies!  The puppies have a great and predictable routine down that should be beneficial for when they go home with you!

We take away the puppies water 2 hours prior to bedtime to ensure that they are not "refilling" and make sure that they have gone potty before closing them in the crate.  With a good routine established -- this is the perfect opportunity for you to take your puppy directly from the crate straight outside for these potty breaks in the night!

We have created a little nail trimming video that will eventually make it's way into the Taking Puppy Home Instructional page, but we're placing it here in the update as it's brand new:

Same goes for this brand new video on how to prepare your puppy's food:

As shown in the video -- the puppies are eating 1/4 of a cup of softened kibbles 3 times daily.  We feed them at 8:00 AM, 3:00 PM, and again at 8:00 PM, although you can alter the meal times to suit your schedule providing that the meals are still evenly spaced which allows for ease of digestion and elimination.

Two weeks ago we placed the scent blankets in the puppy pen for optimal "smells of home and siblings" and here is a cute video of the puppies ensuring that the scent blankets are "well scented".

Please remember to use the scent blankets to help your puppy to adjust during the first few nights in your home!  It definitely makes a difference!  The ONLY completely inconsolable puppies reported have been by those who do NOT use the scent blanket!  It's not meant to smell "pretty" but rather to help your puppy have a smooth transition to your home which is the most important thing!

This is the last update -- and we have some important info for you!  We ask that if you are paying via e-transfer the remaining balance that we ask that it is sent a minimum of 2 hours prior to your arrival to ensure that it is received prior to you pick up time. As per our current 2019 prices -- the final balance is $650.


Puppy pick ups are at either 11am or at 2pm on the 23rd or the 24th. Either of those dates or times are fine -- just let us know when you're coming if you haven't already done so in order that we can have your puppy ready to go!

Below is one last video of the puppies having a blast!  Once again, it's a combination video of Adelle's and Daphne's puppies together -- these cousins have been so close that they don't know they aren't siblings!

6 week old update:

Today, Adelle and Samuel's puppies are 6 weeks old!  They have been introduced to a larger pen area, along with their cousins, and we have changed the plastic crate to a wire crate.  At this point in time they go in and out of the crate for naps and play time, and over the next week we will be closing the crate door at night to get them used to sleeping in the crate prior to going to their new homes!  Click to enlarge the photos of Adelle's puppies (and their cousins from Daphne's litter) relaxing in the crate:

The puppies have done really well using the artificial grass pee-pad with the ONLY misses being when their front feet are on the pad and the hind end is off the edge of the pad (normal for any litter)!  Click to enlarge the photos of their new expanded pen area below:

The puppies have had another bath a couple of days ago, and their nails were trimmed, along with the fur by their eyes as a continuation of their desensitization and grooming care!  All of the puppies were exemplary with zero fuss!

They have also received their 6 week deworming with Bayer Quad dewormer which covers 4 of the common worms found in puppy intestinal tracts.  Switching up the dewormer allows for a broader spectrum of of coverage.

For today's photos, all 4 of the puppies sat like little angels for their photos and posed perfectly to show off how cute they are!

We have also been continuing the puppies socialization and desensitization to various "scary" sounds and objects.  In the video below that was taken a couple of days ago, you can see and hear what the puppies experience on an "average" day at Pleasant Meadows just to prepare them for the "big world" they will experience when they go home at 8 weeks and beyond!  As you will also note -- they take everything in stride!

5 week puppy matches:

Here are the 5 week puppy matches!

All of the puppies are going to wonderful homes at 8 weeks!

4 week old update:

Adelle and Samuel's puppies are now 4 weeks old!  They are eating their mixture of softened kibbles, canned food, and goats milk with great gusto! As you can see from their photos -- they are rollie pollie cutie pies!

They are playing enthusiastically with themselves and their cousins and enjoying their toys, and growing too adventuresome for their whelping box.  So, they will be moved into our kitchen area this week ahead of the families on the list who will be visiting to choose their puppy in order to give the puppies a few days to adjust to new surroundings.  This will also give the puppies more space and added socialization with our other dogs and be in the midst of every day household activities.  

The puppies were just dewormed with their second scheduled dose of Pyrantel Pamoate (equivalent to Strongid T), and before their photo session they had their nails trimmed and the fur around their eyes clipped.  They all sat calmly and attentively on the photo set and took some lovely photos!

Their 4 week old weights are as follows:

 Ruby Abstract GIRL  ~ 2 pounds and 1 ounce

 Apricot Parti BOY  ~ 2 pounds and 2 ounces

 Black Parti BOY  ~ 2 pounds and  4.5 ounces

 Black Abstract BOY  ~ 2 pounds and 1.5 ounces

All of the puppies are equal in size (an ounce here or there is nothing) so this not a factor to have to consider when choosing a puppy.  There anticipated weight at maturity will be between 12 to 15 pounds and all of the puppies will comfortably be able to fit in the following crate size at maturity: 

Please be sure to purchase a crate that comes with a DIVIDER panel so that you have the ability to adjust the amount of room your puppy has in the crate for the beginning stages.  If you plan to use the crate for other than sleeping purposes, you could bump up the size (as shown below) to give your puppy (and eventual adult) room for toys, water dish, etc. in the crate.

All of the puppies are going to have loose wavy curls and their fur will be easy to maintain and is allergy friendly.  The puppies have been very co-operative for brushing of their fur which is phenomenal for this age!

We have continued to expose the puppies to a wide variety of sights and sounds, and this will only be amplified once they are in our kitchen area!

We look forward to meeting the families on this waiting list when you come to choose your puppy at your scheduled times.  We as that you please read through our Visitation Procedures page so that you know what to expect when you arrive by way of our bio-security measures that help keep our puppies safe from disease and other parasites:



We appreciate everyone's co-operation in helping us keep YOUR puppy healthy!

Please also be sure to arrive on time so that everyone gets a fair amount of time with the puppies and so that our puppies can have sufficient time for rest between visitors!  Thank you!

And last for this week's update -- here is a group photo of the puppies:

Adelle and Samuel's 2019 Litter -- 4 wee

3.5 week old bonus update:

While the moms of our two current litters (Daphne and Adelle) are not in the whelping box, we have been placing both litters together for some play time and extra socialization. Having had two litters born only a couple days apart, and when both litters are on the small side, it creates a unique opportunity for another social dimension!  Both Daphne and Adelle have been doing some "co-parenting" and it allows for their puppies (which are cousins) to interact in a larger group setting.

We have a video below, and it's important to note while watching both litters that even though the puppies are very close in age, there is still a reasonably big difference in activity levels -- two days is a lot at this stage! And so Adelle's puppies will appear less active sometimes and Daphne's puppies will appear more active at various times. We may not do any more combination videos, but these energy levels will even out as the puppies mature a bit more!  And in the video we also highlight the moms and we want to note that we picked random cute things to highlight and both moms are equally wonderful in their care for their puppies!

Daphne's puppies, being 2 days older have been a huge influence on Adelle's puppies while learning to play with toys and tasting the mixture of goats milk, canned food, and softened kibbles we have been offering the puppies while the mom's are out of the box for a break!  This is why situations like this can be so beneficial for the puppies and us!

We hope you enjoy the video!

The puppies cuddle with each other as though they have always been together, and by the photo below, it's clear to see how much they enjoy being apart of this bigger combined group!


2 week old update:

Adelle and Samuel's puppies are now 2 weeks old!  Their eyes have just opened over the past couple of days and so some of them do still appear as though they are sleeping in the photos.  Very true to everything that we have seen in Samuel's litters thus far, he and Adelle have produced very quiet and content puppies!  If you've been following along with our litters over the summer and this feels like a dejavu update it's because we just can't stress enough how wonderfully calm Samuel's puppies are!

Their eyes started to open on day 12 and so they have had a bit of a head start on seeing the world compared to most litters that don't open their eyes until day 14 (the overall average).  The puppies loved to cuddle with the little pumpkin bear during the photo shoot today, and gosh are they ever cute!

 Black Abstract BOY  ~ The first puppy to open his eyes!

 Ruby Abstract GIRL  ~ Was the second puppy to open her eyes!

 Black Parti BOY  ~ Opened his right eye first and then the left!

 Apricot Parti BOY  ~ And crazily enough, he opened his left eye first and then his right! 

How cool and weird is that?  There are always lots of fun surprises with puppies and each litter that we have reminds us that when you think you've "seen it all" nature always has something new up it's sleeve!

We trimmed the puppies nails today for the first time which is an important thing to continue throughout your dog's life.  Even at this stage, long nails can cause problems like scratching the mom's belly if they were to be left long.  And later in life, if nails are not trimmed regularly it can change the way your dog stands and cause damage to their joints -- see the info below:

By the time your puppy is 8 weeks old, we will have already gotten your puppy used to having it's nails trimmed every 2 weeks, and we'll give you information on how you can trim them so that you can continue this in your home!

Now that the puppies can see and hear, we will be introducing them to as many sights and sounds as possible in order to desensitize them to the "big scary world".  This morning the puppies heard the vacuum rumble by them in the hall for the first time, and we will continue to give them experiences that will prepare them for real life!

If you haven't already taken a peek at our Puppy Shopping List page, we recommend doing so in order to get some of the bigger ticket items checked off your list in the early stages:


Please let us know if you need any help figuring out which items you'll need!  And don't forget to check out the list of items you'll receive in your Puppy Starter Kit!

The puppies will be trying some goats milk this week which is the start of our weaning process. Our puppies are weaned by 6 weeks of age, and we'll keep you posted on the gradual process over the next 4 weeks. We've perfected a stress free process that allows the puppies to try goats milk as an alternative food source, but they still have full access to their mom for food and comfort.  Our mom's are never "taken away" from our puppies, but will instead wear a "doggy jumpsuit" in the later stages (around 5 weeks) if the mom needs a break from nursing.  By not removing the mom, the puppies can still play and interact with her which teaches important social skills for meeting and interacting with dogs in the future and it provides comfort while things are changing in their lives.  The final 2 weeks here are used for getting our puppies eating food on a schedule and ensuring that they are eating enough softened kibbles when it's time for them to go home with you!

We have also been in the process of "going green" and offering a lot of our reading material online.  You will actually be the first families receiving our "Taking Home Puppy Online Instructional" and we're giving out the link to you now so that you have time to fully go over the information provided.  There are a few items on the online instructional that we will be adding soon in ample time for you to review prior to taking your puppy home, and we'll note any changes to the instructional in the updates to be sure that you don't miss them! The benefit of having an online instructional is that you will be able to prepare in advance of taking your puppy home and you can refer back to it whenever necessary from the comfort of your home!

This page is password protected and we'll e-mail the password to you and give the link once more: 


Please let us know if you have any trouble viewing anything on the page!  The page is best viewed on a large desktop computer screen or on a large tablet screen.


Here is an interesting fact about your puppy at this age!  This photo is of an x-ray taken at 2 weeks of age!  Your puppy's bones are not fully developed at this stage and won't actually be finished growing until 12 months of age!  Seeing something like this really puts things into perspective as to why puppies aren't born already walking and it takes time for them to build up strength to sit up and to walk as their bone structure develops! Talk about really fascinating!

Endochondral Ossification of the Elbow joint in the dog.
Age 1 week - 12 months.

This video below shows x-rays taken throughout a dog's first year of life and it's very interesting to see how your dog is still developing up to a year old.

Credit to Physio Evolution for this video: https://www.facebook.com/PhysioEvo/videos/201964403744475/?v=201964403744475

We hope you have enjoyed this week's update!  We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Our next puppy update will be when the puppies turn 4 weeks old on October 27th.  Below are a couple of photos of the puppies together!

1 week old bonus video update:

Adelle's puppies are absolutely thriving! We hope you enjoy this short video of them nursing, and there are a few photos below!

(click to enlarge)

Birth Announcement:

Adelle has given birth to a beautiful litter of 4 puppies! Uniquely, there are two solid puppies (well, abstract actually!) and two parti-coloured puppies!  Adelle had an easy and relaxed birthing and she is a very attentive mother, always making sure that her puppies are clean! She is one of those natural mothers with a desire to nurture, as most Cavaliers are!

We have given Adelle and her puppies a good amount of time to bond as she is a first-time mother, and we have waited just over a full 24 hours before announcing the litter due to the size of the puppies. Being from two smaller sized parents, the puppies are naturally smaller than some of our other litters, and we always like to give smaller puppies lots of nursing time with their mom before we disturb them for photos!  













The puppies were born on September 29th starting with the Ruby Abstract GIRL being the first out of the gate at 12:13 pm, followed by the Apricot Parti BOY at 12:30 pm. And after a little nap inbetween as canine moms often do, the Black Parti Boy arrived at 2:26 pm and the Black Abstract BOY soon after that at 3:10 pm.

 Ruby Abstract GIRL  ~ Lots of white from her neck to her belly, and possibly white on all 4 feet (fur is too short to tell just yet -- looks pink!), and a bit of white on her forehead.

 Apricot Parti BOY  ~ Overall dark Apricot patches, some are dark and some are light at this stage, but the lighter patches will darken with maturity. Also sporting not one, but two "Kissy Spots" on the top of his head! 

 Black Parti BOY  ~ Overall black patches and a prized "Kissy Spot" on the top of his head!

 Black Abstract BOY  ~ white on his forehead, around his nose/chin, and lots of white from his neck to his belly.  Also white on some toes and the tip of his tail.

We'll be waiting to hear from all the families on this list as to whether or not they will be placing deposits to secure their position!

Our next puppy update for this litter will be on October 13th when the puppies turn 2 weeks old.

Adelle's Past Litters at Pleasant Meadows:



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