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Adelle Peninah

Samuel Kadin


Samuel October 2020.jpg

BORN: NOVEMBER 11th, 2020 ~ Remembrance Day!

These parents will produce *F1 CAVAPOOS* (approximately 50% Cavalier -- 50% Poodle)

Please see our CAVAPOOS 101 page for details and refer to the F1 Cavapoo.


This will be Adelle and Samuel's second litter together!  We anticipate that

their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 12 to 15 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:


Black ~ Ruby (LIGHT OR MEDIUM) ~ Apricot ~ Gold ~ Chocolate (MAYBE!)

Please visit our Cavapoo Colours page for more colour details.


1. Brittany Bennett -- "Oliver" Orange Collar Boy ... PAID IN FULL!

2. Aylin Evran -- "Luna" Red Collar Girl ... PAID IN FULL!!

3. Jem Ma -- "Duke" Green Collar Boy ... PAID IN FULL!!

4. Wanda, Cindy, & Anne -- "Delta" Yellow Collar Girl ... PAID IN FULL!!

5. Marlene Pineda -- "Mika" Pink Collar Girl ... PAID IN FULL!!

6. Adrianna Ruggiero & Nicholas Halkidis -- "Valentino" Blue Collar Boy ... PAID IN FULL!!

7. Krysta & Dave Dudley -- "Nina" Purple Collar Girl ... PAID IN FULL!!


 The puppies in this litter were matched to each family on the based on the individual puppy temperament, energy level, personality quirks, estimated adult size of a puppy, the type of activities the families hope to enjoy (which reflects energy levels and size), fur type, the gender of a puppy (when possible), and to each families preferences.


 The families on this list will be picking up their chosen puppy at 8 weeks of age! The puppies

 are considered SOLD and are NOT available to anyone outside 

 of Adelle and Samuel's waiting list

Wanda & Cindy also own:

Sasha & Freya from Emma X Tobi 2018

And this new addition from Adelle and Samuel is for their sister, Anne.

Image by Matt Senior

4 Girls  &  Boys

8 week puppy update:

Adelle's puppies are now 8 weeks old and were at the vet today for their health examination, and since they were found to be in excellent health by our vet, they were given their first vaccine which covers:



-Hepatitis (Also called Adenovirus OR CAV2-Hepatitis)


And the puppies were also dewormed according to their weights with StrongidT.

Here is a complete breakdown of our vet's above-average health examination in a point form below:

-  Eyes  (checked for abnormalities or discharge, and the vet will look at the internal eye with an ophthalmoscope)

​-  Ears  (checked for redness/infection or the presence of mites, and the vet will look in the ear with an otoscope)

​-  Mouth & throat  (checked for gum colour, swallow reflex, and teeth alignment)

-  Heart  (checked for irregular heartbeat patterns or murmurs)

​-  Lungs  (checked for rhythmic breaths and clarity of lungs)

​-  Stomach palpitation  (checked for any signs of bloating, discomfort, or the presence of a hernia)

​-  Flexion of joints  (checked for fluid movement of joints in the hips, knees, and elbows)

​-  Postural Reflexes  (the "paw flip test" checks for proper neurological function where the paw is flipped under so the pads face upwards towards the belly. This is done to see how quickly the puppy rights it's paw so that the pads are flat on the ground/surface again the way a dog would normally bear weight/stand)

-  Equilibrium  (checked balance by turning the puppy on it's back to make sure the puppy can roll upright again, and assessing the gait of a puppy)

​-  Temperature  (checked for normal body temperature)

​-  Weight  (checked for healthy weight and growth rate)

Our vet and the staff were very impressed with the social and quiet nature of the puppies.  We had to maintain a social distance while the puppies were examined by our vet, and all of the puppies had wagging tails and were happy to see new faces!


Both to and from the vet (1 hour and 15 minutes each way) the puppies were all completely silent and content in the crate, and none of the puppies showed any signs of motion sickness, so they should be good for their rides home! Here are some video clips we captured on the way up to our vet while they were contently sleeping:

Here are their weights that were taken at the vet today:

Luna weighed 4 pounds and 3 ounces!

Oliver weighed 2 pounds and 7 ounces!

Delta weighed 3 pounds and 6 ounces!

Duke weighed 4 pounds and 4 ounces!

Valentino weighed 4 pounds and 8 ounces!

Nina weighed 2 pounds and 4 ounces!

Mika weighed 3 pounds and 8 ounces!



Here are some photos of the puppies in our vet clinic's waiting room quietly looking around at the new sights while we paid the bill:

The puppies are sleeping through the night from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM in a closed crate, and they have been exceptionally good at settling down and not whimpering in the crate when they have spent time in it for short periods throughout the day.  We definitely hope that the puppies continue their easy-going nature for crate training, and this is a really good sign that they will!

The litter as a whole has done very well on their potty pad training and there have been zero accidents off the pad area.  They also have been doing well getting their pees outside when we take them out, and a few poops from some of the puppies which usually takes them longer to learn.

They are eating 1/4 of a cup of kibbles that have been softened in water for around 2-3 minutes if boiling water is used (5 minutes if hot tap water is used).  They can transition to hard kibbles in a couple of weeks, but we do still recommend adding water to their food so that it's not too dry for them to eat.  The video below is on our Instructional page, but here it is for your convenience:

(brand of canned food will vary)

The puppies have been working hard on their sitting skills and have perfected the "sit" command!  Here is a video of the puppies showing off:

In preparation for the puppies going home -- if you haven't already seen these on the Taking Puppy Home Online Instructional please reference the following pages:






We have also added the information about the Nutrical Gel to the Taking Puppy Home Online Instructional -- so refresh and log back in to see it!

When you come to pick up your puppy -- please park in the cleared parking area shown below:

PLEASE stay in your vehicle and if we haven't already observed your arrival, please CALL us at 613-331-4745 (also can be found on our Contact us page).

We will bring your puppy and his or her Puppy Starter Kit items out to you, and if you have spoken for a 27 pound bag of the Inception food we will have that for you as well.

There will be a puppy pen set up outside where we will set your puppy down for you to retrieve so that we all can avoid hand-to-hand contact.

Please bring a mask and wear it when you get out of your vehicle.  And also, no matter how excited you are, please remember to social distance and stay 6 feet away.

We are required by law to adhere to social distancing regulations, and with lockdown restrictions the puppy pick ups need to take place outside (curbside) and safety procedures have to be adhered to strictly!

We will have multiple families picking up at the approximate same time, so if there is another family ahead of you, please remain in your vehicle until their puppy pick up is finished.  Pick ups will be brief and we will be available by phone and e-mail for any and all questions and advice as we always have been and will be!

With the pandemic still in full swing -- please don't forget to schedule your puppy's 12 and 16 week old appointments at your vet for their next set of vaccinations and dewormings. 


Adelle's puppies will be turning 12 weeks old on February 3rd, 2021 (second shot due).


And they will be turning 16 weeks old on March 3rd, 2021 (third shot and rabies due).

With everyone buying puppies during COVID-19 you will want to book those appointments in advance with your veterinarian.

We look forward to seeing the families (at a social distance) when you come for your puppies!  Here is a group photo of the litter together:

6 week puppy update: