Amedeo Matthias

Meaning: "God's Gift of Love"



(F1B in reverse ~ Cavapoo bred back to a Cavalier)

Amedeo is quite the character and full of adventure!

Weight: 19.8 lbs
Height: 14 inches at the shoulder

A little Amedeo thing:  Every morning he greets us by woofing "hello"! 

Amedeo is a cross between a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (his father)

and a Red/White Parti-Colour Cavapoo (his mother) making him a unique F1B Cavapoo

being that the Cavalier gene is more dominant than that of the Poodle gene.


Amedeo is still capable of producing puppies with a curlier coat since it is in his genetic

make-up but if you are looking for more of the "spaniel-like" appearance with 

some of the hypoallergenic benefits -- then Amedeo is your man!


When bred to another F1 Cavapoo, Amedeo, will produce puppies similar in genetic 

make-up to an F1 or F2 Cavapoo.  And when bred to a Poodle he will produce puppies 

similar to an F2B Cavapoo in terms of the Cavalier to Poodle ratio.


We purchased Amedeo as a puppy from a breeder in Calgary, AB.

His dad was a CKC registered Cavalier and both his parents 

came from pure and healthy lines.


Amedeo's heart health is verified via an ECG monitor prior to breeding.


Patellas: Grade 0 / NORMAL

Blood Panel: NORMAL