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Annalyse Eileen

Trenton Miles


BORN: July 10th, 2018

These parents will produce *F1B CAVAPOOS* (approximately 25% Cavalier -- 75% Poodle)

Please see our CAVAPOOS 101 page for details and refer to the F1B Cavapoo.


This will be Annalyse and Trenton's first litter together!  We anticipate that

their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 12 to 16 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:


Black ~ Ruby ~ Sable

Tri-Colour ~ Apricot ~ Gold

Please visit our Cavapoo Colours page for more colour details.


1. Paul & Paula Guertin -- GREEN BOY / Ollie ... DEPOSIT & HOLDING FEE REC'D



4. Madaline Alexander -- PINK GIRL / FRANKIE ... PAID IN FULL




8. Gurpreet & Sabir -- BLUE BOY / ROWLEY ... DEPOSIT & HOLDING FEE REC'D

Madaline also

owns Penny from

Annalyse X Amedeo


No Puppies available within this litter! Families on the list have placed deposits  and holding fees and are ON HOLD for the families on this waiting list!

Gurpeet & Sabir also owns Alfie from Annalyse X Amedeo 2016

4 GIRLS and 4 BOYS

8 weeks old:


Click on the photos to enlarge!

Annalyse's puppies will be turning 8 weeks old on Monday, September 3rd, 2018.  They were at the vet today for their 8 week old health exam, their first shot, and another deworming.  They are all deemed exceptionally healthy and ready to go to their new homes!

All of the vet staff were enthralled with their adorable little antics and overall "cuteness".  All of the puppies were cuddly and very sociable -- if they had all not already been spoken for (by those on the list) we would have left the vet clinic "puppy-less".

We took the litter into the vet for ease-of-travel in our "puppy wagon", and the little mobile unit with these 8 adorable puppies was a sensational hit with the staff as well as other dog owners at the clinic!


During their health examination here is what was checked on each puppy:

- Eyes (checked for abnormalities or discharge)

- Ears (checked for redness/infection)

- Mouth & throat (checked for gum colour, swallow reflex,)

- Heart (checked for irregular heartbeat patterns)

- Lungs (checked for rhythmic breaths and clarity of lungs)

- Stomach palpitation (checked for any signs of bloating, discomfort, or the presence of a hernia)

- Flexion of joints (checked for fluid movement of joints)

- Postural Reflexes (the "paw flip test" checks for proper neurological function where the paw is flipped under so the pads face upwards towards the belly. This is done to see how quickly the puppy rights it's paw so that the pads are flat on the ground/surface again the way a dog would normally bear weight/stand)


- Equilibrium (checked balance by turning the puppy on it's back to make sure the puppy can roll upright again)

- Temperature (checked for normal body temperature)

- Weight (checked for healthy weight and growth rate)

- Because the puppies were found to be in excellent health -- all of the puppies received their 1st shot which covers Parvovirus, Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza.

- Dewormed by vet with Strongid T according to weight.

The puppies weights are as follows:

Lucy / Purple Girl -- 1.3 kg or 2.9 lb

Rowley / Blue Boy -- 1.5 kg or 3.3 lb

Luna / Yellow Girl -- 1.33 kg or 2.9 lb

Ollie / Green Boy -- 1.6 kg or 3.5 lb

Cooper / Grey Boy -- 1.58 kg or 3.5 lb

Axel / Orange Boy -- 1.33 kg or 2.9 lb

Frankie / Pink Girl -- 1.87 kg or 4.1 lb

Luna / Red Girl -- 1.41 kg or 3.1 lb

All of the puppies were found to be in absolute excellent health and were brave for their shot, no whimpers! Their first shot is considered a booster shot, and your puppy will need to receive their second vaccination about 4 weeks from now (approximately 12 weeks of age). We recommend phoning in advance and booking your appointment with your vet for September 28th (exactly 4 weeks from now).  We also recommend having your puppy dewormed again upon the 12-week visit -- worms are an ongoing reality!

The puppies are eating about 1/4 of a cup of softened kibbles that have been soaked in hot water for about 10 minutes, and they are eating 3 times a day around 8:00 AM, 3:00 PM and again at 8:00 PM.  This schedule can be changed to fit your household -- it's simply important to provide evenly spaced out meals so that your puppy can eat frequently throughout the day but still providing enough time between meals to digest the food.

The puppies have had several opportunities to go outside here at Pleasant Meadows and they all have been very eager to explore and play in the grass within our safe enclosures.  Going to the bathroom outside has been an easy transition, although when indoors, we, of course, still have the pee-pads available for them.

So far the puppies have been sleeping in the crate from about 10:00 PM to about 7:00 AM as a group all cuddled together.  There is minimal whimpering, maybe about 5 minutes or so before the puppies settle down for the night, but their scent blanket will help to ease them into their new homes.  The puppies have experienced time in both a plastic and wire crate! 


All of the puppies did really well on the vehicle ride to the vet (1 hour each way) with practically zero whimpers, and no throws ups with the exception of poor Frankie who tossed her kibbles once just before arriving at the vet (and nothing afterwards).

Please confirm a pick up time with us, if you have not already done so, and let us know when you will be arriving to pick up your puppy. We would greatly appreciate it!  We look forward to seeing everyone again!

Below is a group photo of the puppies!  Enjoy!

6 weeks old:

Annalyse's puppies are now 6 weeks old! They are doing well with pee-pad training plus getting outside time too when weather has permitted.  They have even taught Holly's puppies to use the pee-pads because both litters have been sharing a puppy pen.

We added a plastic crate this week into their pen area and they are doing well with the crate introduction.  In fact, they love the crate and all try to fit in, although the crate size is too small for all of them plus Holly's 3 puppies.  So, we have added a plush dog bed outside of the crate door for "puppy spill-over" and this suffices for now.  This helps to provide a sense of a sleeping area at this time, and when Daphne's puppies go to their new homes this weekend and into next week we will give Annalyse's puppies the larger wire crate that Daphne's puppies have been using which will give them exposure to both plastic and wire crates.  They will be sure to enjoy being able to all fit inside!

This coming week we will expand their pen to accommodate their growing size and the activity of a larger litter.

We had planned on getting outside photos today, but rain kept us indoors.  All the puppies did really well on the set and were quite co-operative!  Cooper (Grey Boy) was the "Photo King" and Lucy (Purple Girl) was the "Photo Queen", as they both took one photo each of front, both sides, and standing which shows amazing skill and attention span for a puppy of only 6 weeks!  The other puppies followed close behind and we're proud of them all!

The puppies are eating more and enjoying the Wholesome Blend Salmon kibbles with a little bit of canned food mixed into their bowl.  We will be working on the puppies sitting skills this coming week!

They have been dewormed again this week. Their weights are as follows:

Lucy / Purple Girl -- 1.05 kg or 2.31 lb

Rowley / Blue Boy -- 1.23 kg or 2.7 lb

Luna / Yellow Girl -- 1.21 kg or 2.6 lb

Ollie / Green Boy -- 1.37 kg or 3 lb

Cooper / Grey Boy -- 1.32 kg or 2.9 lb

Orange Boy -- 1.04 kg or 2.3 lb

Frankie / Pink Girl -- 1.54 kg or 3.4 lb

Luna / Red Girl -- 1.19 kg or 2.6 lb

When we are at the vet in 2 weeks time for the puppies vet appointment before leaving Pleasant Meadows  and going to their new homes you will be able to see how much they have grown since choosing time based on their weights above.

Another video will be coming when weather allows to take the puppies outside!

Below is some reading material on our website that will help you get prepared for taking home your puppy, and we will have additional information in your Puppy Starter Kit.

Take a last minute peek at the Puppy Shopping List page to see if there is any item you missed purchasing and see our recommended Dog Food page to be certain you are purchasing the right brand of food:



Be prepared for your puppy's first few nights by reading up on our Puppy is Home, Now What? page:


And you will find plenty of training resources on these links:



We'll be posting another update when the puppies turn 8 weeks old, but we will also let you know how their vet appointment goes on August 31st. The appointment is in the afternoon and so the update will be posted in the evening!

We hope you enjoy this week's photos!

4 weeks old:

Annalyse's puppies are now 4 weeks old! They have had loads of new experiences and they have all adjusted wonderfully! We moved the puppies downstairs to our living room area on August 2nd to allow them to start their pee-pad training. Being a larger litter this process needed to start earlier than usual because the whelping box simply wasn't able to contain all 8 pups! And since the litter was moved downstairs earlier than usual, we have been able to exposed them to all the sights and sounds of a household, and they were even able to see the families who came to visit and choose puppies from Daphne's litter! (see but not touch)

As you can tell in the photos, the puppies have been outside too!  This was their first outdoor experience and they loved it!  They were very inquisitive about the grass and were looking around at all the sights (including our horses in a nearby field).  There was a nice breeze, and plenty of birds chirping which intrigued the puppies.

We have been feeding the puppies 4 meals of softened and mashed kibbled with canned food and goats milk and Annalyse still nurses the puppies at night time.  It has been necessary to take the burden off Annalyse, as she is quite a small girl to handle 8 puppies on her own and so we are doing most of the work for her now! The puppies have also been dewormed once more!

The puppies also experienced their first big thunderstorm! It was quite a new experience for them as there were power outages, and lots of wind, loud rain beating against the windows, but the puppies took it all in stride!  We're quite proud of how even tempered and relaxed these puppies are in new situations.

We will be posting more photos soon, but as mentioned there were power outages and we were unable to get photos indoors, and outdoors was a stormy disaster, and so this update is actually being posted after finally getting the internet functioning again!  Thank you again for being so patient!

The puppies have really grown into "little dogs" in appearance this week, and their fur  and colouring is starting to really develop. A couple of the lighter puppies have darkened some, and Pink Girl in particular is lightening around her face -- our insight was right that we wasn't going to stay a pitch black puppy! We look forward to sharing the puppies with all the families on the waiting list soon as everyone visits or Skypes with us to choose their puppies!

2 weeks old:

Click the photos to enlarge!

Annalyse's puppies are now 2 weeks old!  Their eyes are just starting to peek open and they are testing out their walking legs.  For a litter of 8 puppies, they are all doing amazing under Annalyse's care!  All of the puppies are plump and well fed which can be a challenge with such a large litter!  We have been supplementing the puppies with 1 meal of goats milk per day to help Annalyse thus far, and we will be starting to feed the puppies 2 structured meals of goats milk once their eyes open as the beginning stages of the weaning process that starts now by offering small amounts of an alternative food source and gradually increases over the next 4 weeks until the puppies are weaned from mom around the 6 week mark in their development.  You can read more about the process by clicking HERE!

The puppies ears open up at the same time they gain their eyesight, and so the 2 week mark is like an explosion of a whole new world for puppies!  They have gained 2 new senses (previously only knew smell and touch), and as breeders this is our opportunity to expose the puppies to as many sights and sounds as possible. Everything we do, from the brightly coloured blankets in the whelping box, to the sounds like the vacuum, door bell, hammering sound, etc. is meant to desensitize the puppies to the vast world around them. This is a pivotal and exciting time in their development!

Meal times are a big deal around here when you have 8 siblings vying for a spot! We hope you enjoy the video of the puppies nursing and the photos above!


Annalyse gave birth to a litter of 8 gorgeous puppies on July 10th between 4:30 AM and 8:30 AM!  She gave birth to 4 girls and 4 boys -- amazing to have an even litter! There are 3 light ruby girls (purple, red, and yellow collars) and 1 black girl (pink collar) that may develop into a muted phantom or brindle because she has tan fur under her tail.  And there are 3 medium gold boys (grey, green, and orange collars) and 1 vibrant phantom boy (blue collar). There are some abstract white markings on the green collar boy, grey collar boy, and red collar girl.

The puppies are all strong, and quite a good size considering that there were 8 puppies inside Annalyse all vying for room to grow!  This is Annalyse's second litter for us and we couldn't be happier with how gentle and caring she is with her puppies -- her brood of 8 will be well looked after!

We will be supplementing this litter with goats milk right from the start to help take the burden off Annalyse -- 8 puppies is a lot for a 15 lb mom to raise! Annalyse will also be receiving tons of protein and proper calcium (as do all our girls) to ensure that she has adequate milk to feed her growing pups!

We look forward to sharing this wonderful litter with you!  Our next scheduled update for this litter will be when the puppies turn 2 weeks old on July 23rd, 2018.  We will e-mail those on the waiting list for this litter when it has been posted to ensure that you don't miss it!

We will have spaces available on this waiting list due to the large size of the litter, so please tell your friends and family we have puppies available!  Or if you are on a future waiting list and want to bump up, now is your chance!

Annalyse's Past Litters at Pleasant Meadows:



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