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Welcome to Annalyse's Puppies page!  This is where we will post the bi-weekly updates for any current litter from Annalyse, and you can also click the link to

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Annalyse Eileen

Arlo Nicholas


Arlo -- September 2019.jpg

BORN: JANUARY 12th, 2020

These parents will produce *F3 CAVAPOOS* (approximately 43.75% Cavalier -- 56.25% Poodle)

Please see our CAVAPOOS 101 page for details and refer to the F3 Cavapoo.


This will be Annalyse and Arlo's first litter together!  We anticipate that

their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 15 to 18 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:


Black ~ Ruby (LIGHT OR MEDIUM) ~ Apricot (LIGHT OR MEDIUM) ~ Gold ~ Chocolate (MAYBE!)

Please visit our Cavapoo Colours page for more colour details.


1. Robin Hassan -- no preference ... Reservation & Deposit Received!

2. Samantha Courtis -- male ... Reservation & Deposit Received!

3. Sheena Lloyd -- no preference ... Reservation & Deposit Received!

4. Maria Di Cesare -- no preference ... Reservation & Deposit Received!

5. Heather McLintock -- no preference ... Reservation & Deposit Received!

6. Tammy & Rob Andrews -- no preference ... Reservation & Deposit Received!

7. Sara Yang & Baker Saleh -- no preference ... Reservation & Deposit Received!

Sorry, this waiting list is full! All families have placed their reservation fee and deposit and are anticipating choosing a puppy

at the 5 week mark!  All puppies spoken for at this time!


Click on the photos to enlarge and scroll through them for each photo!

Annalyse gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies yesterday, January 12th, 2020 between 6:30 AM and 9:00 AM -- 4 boys and 3 girls!  It was a very easy birthing process and both Annalyse and all of her puppies are doing exceptionally well!  Each of the puppies is quiet and calm in nature and nursing vigorously between their naps! 


As you can see from the photos, we have mostly Apricot OR Ruby Parti puppies (time will tell which colour) and there is one Chocolate Parti and one Black Parti puppy.  All of the patches on the Apricot or Ruby Parti puppies or the "Blenheim" puppies (as is the Cavalier term for this colour) will darken over time!  Sometimes the Apricot/Ruby Parti puppies are born with darker spots and sometimes they are born with lighter spots -- and it can vary from puppy to puppy even within the same litter or even different patches being lighter or darker on the same puppy.  We will highlight each of the puppies below in order of their birth for you to see their colouring and we'll make note of their genders and ID collars:

Click on the photos to enlarge and scroll through them for each puppy!

Yellow Collar BOY

Born at 6:30 AM

Ruby or Apricot Parti

Orange Collar BOY

Born at 6:55 AM

Ruby or Apricot Parti

Blue Collar BOY

Born at 7:08 AM

Ruby or Apricot Parti

Pink Collar GIRL

Born at 7:14 AM

Ruby or Apricot Parti

Green Collar BOY

Born at 7:27 AM

Ruby or Apricot Parti

Rainbow Collar GIRL

Born at 8:46 AM

Chocolate Parti

Red Collar GIRL

Born at 9:00 AM

Black Parti

Annalyse is a confident, calm, and gentle mother and her puppies are exceptionally quiet and content!  We raved last year about Annalyse's litter with Samuel and this year with Arlo the puppies are just as quiet and easy-going!  There is always a certain amount of competition while the puppies are nursing to get the "best spot", but these puppies nurse quietly together without jostling each other around and we haven't heard any of them make a sound!  Even when they took their first breath in this world they didn't cry or squeal! 

We're so excited to be able to, once again, offer families a wonderful litter that is, most definitely, born with such wonderful dispositions!  We will keep those on the waiting list updated as the puppies grow and all puppy updates will be posted here on Annalyse's Puppies page!

Right now we are waiting to hear back from everyone on the waiting list to see who wants to place deposits on this lovely litter!  Our next scheduled update for Annalyse and Arlo's puppies will be when the puppies turn 2 weeks old on:

Saturday, January 25th, 2020

Since the puppies were born early in the morning on January 12th we are counting that day as "day one" of their life and that makes this litter turn 1 week older every Saturday.

As one final treat for this update we have included a video on what a "typical" meal prep looks like for our dogs and have highlighted Annalyse's meal so you can see what she is eating while nursing her puppies:

 ATTENTION TO THOSE ON THIS LIST: Don't forget to read the important information sent to you via e-mail in the Birth Announcement E-mail!  

Annalyse's Past Litters at Pleasant Meadows:



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