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Annalyse Eileen

Samuel Kadin


Samuel October 2020.jpg

BORN: DECEMBER 12th, 2020

These parents will produce *F1B CAVAPOOS* (approximately 25% Cavalier -- 75% Poodle)

Please see our CAVAPOOS 101 page for details and refer to the F1B Cavapoo.


This will be Annalyse and Samuel's second litter together!  We anticipate that

their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 12 to 16 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:


Black ~ Ruby (LIGHT OR MEDIUM) ~ Chocolate ~ Apricot (LIGHT OR MEDIUM) ~ Gold (LIGHT OR MEDIUM)

Please visit our Cavapoo Colours page for more colour details.


1. Ausra Hoffer -- "Onyx" Puppy #1 Girl ... PAID IN FULL!!

2. Maria Konstantopoulos -- "Oscar" Puppy #6 BOY ... PAID IN FULL!!

3. Solange Hondermann -- "Romeo" Puppy #5 BOY ... PAID IN FULL!!

4. Alyssa and Mike -- "Benji" Puppy #3 BOY ... PAID IN FULL!!

5. Sharon Frustaci -- "Luna" Puppy #7 Girl ... PAID IN FULL!!

6. Fiona Cooke & Tara Knight -- "Riley" Puppy #2 BOY ... PAID IN FULL!!

7. Nicole, Glen & Murphy -- "Reggie" Puppy #4 BOY ... PAID IN FULL!!


 The puppies in this litter were matched to each family on the based on the individual puppy temperament, energy level, personality quirks, estimated adult size of a puppy, the type of activities the families hope to enjoy (which reflects energy levels and size), fur type, the gender of a puppy (when possible), and to each families preferences. 


 Thank you to all the families on the list for being good sports about the SKYPE VIDEO CALLS! 

  Thank you for choosing a puppy from Pleasant Meadows


 The families on this list have chosen their puppies and will be picking up their chosen puppy 

 at 8 weeks of age! The puppies are considered ON HOLD at this stage and are NOT available 

 to anyone outside of Annalyse and Samuel's waiting list

Nicole & Glen also own:

Murphy from Annalyse X Samuel 2019

Christmas Lights on Trees

5 Boys and 2 Girls

8 week old vet update:

Annalyse and Samuel's puppies turn 8 weeks old on Saturday Feb. 6th. They were at the vet today for their 8-week old health examination, their first vaccinations and additional deworming.  They were contently looking around for most of the drive to the vet (over an hour) and they slept soundly the entire return trip home.  There were zero signs of motion sickness -- so this should be good for all the families going home with their pups on Saturday! 


All of the puppies were deemed to be in excellent health by our vet and he loved the puppies exuberant wagging tails!  They were given their first vaccine which covers:



-Hepatitis (Also called Adenovirus OR CAV2-Hepatitis)


And the puppies were also dewormed according to their weights with StrongidT.

Here is a complete breakdown of our vet's above-average health examination in a point form below:

-  Eyes  (checked for abnormalities or discharge, and the vet will look at the internal eye with an ophthalmoscope)

​-  Ears  (checked for redness/infection or the presence of mites, and the vet will look in the ear with an otoscope)

​-  Mouth & throat  (checked for gum colour, swallow reflex, and teeth alignment)

-  Heart  (checked for irregular heartbeat patterns or murmurs)

​-  Lungs  (checked for rhythmic breaths and clarity of lungs)

​-  Stomach palpitation  (checked for any signs of bloating, discomfort, or the presence of a hernia)

​-  Flexion of joints  (checked for fluid movement of joints in the hips, knees, and elbows)

​-  Postural Reflexes  (the "paw flip test" checks for proper neurological function where the paw is flipped under so the pads face upwards towards the belly. This is done to see how quickly the puppy rights it's paw so that the pads are flat on the ground/surface again the way a dog would normally bear weight/stand)

-  Equilibrium  (checked balance by turning the puppy on it's back to make sure the puppy can roll upright again, and assessing the gait of a puppy)

​-  Temperature  (checked for normal body temperature)

​-  Weight  (checked for healthy weight and growth rate)

The puppies weights at the vet were as follows:

Onyx -- 2 pounds & 6 ounces

Riley -- 2 pounds & 12 ounces

Benji -- 4 pounds & 6 ounces

Reggie -- 3 pounds & 2 ounces

Romeo -- 3 pounds & 1 ounce

Oscar -- 2 pounds & 2 ounces

Luna -- 2 pounds & 7 ounces

Here are some photos of the puppies in our vet clinic's waiting room:

Since most of the puppies in this litter are 3 pounds and under -- please don't forget about using the Nutrical Gel that we send home with all of our puppies.  Regardless of weight/size, but especially small breed puppies burn sugar very quickly and may need a vitamin boost if they go off their food any time during the transition from our home to yours.  Leaving everything they know can be quite stressful for a puppy, and the Nutrical Gel can help keep them on track.  You will find instructions for use on the Taking Home Puppy Online Instructional in the Nutrical Gel Info section.

You will find the Probiotics AND the Nutrical Gel in little containers in your puppy starter kit:

The litter has been exposed to going outside to do their potty business in the small pen space that was seen in the video -- here is a refresher photo:

We recommend continuing with a similar set up by either using a pen outside, or by simply keeping an area free of snow for your puppy like so:

Doing this will give your puppy a potty area that is (somewhat) free from snow so he/she doesn't get as wet and ultimately as cold in the winter weather.  It is best to clear an area where you want your puppy to continue to do his/her potty business as this will set your puppy up for success to do his/her bathroom habits in one easy-to-clean-up-area of your yard.

The puppies have been sleeping in their crate with the door closed from 10pm to around 6am without a peep!  This doesn't mean they won't be upset for the first few nights in your home, but it's a great indicator that they will be successful with their continued crate training in your home!

The puppies are basically eating 1/4 of a cup of kibbles, expect for Benji who is eating a smidge more at 1/3 of a cup of kibbles (3 times per day for all).  Keep in mind that the amount may change after your puppy settles in your home.  A little less is okay, as your puppy may not be burning off as much energy chasing after you as they would as a group playing with siblings.

The co-operation level for this entire litter is phenomenal -- they have excelled at every socialization milestone and are ready to take on the world!  We have never, in all 11 years of raising puppies, had a litter readily sit so perfectly for their photos! We have dubbed them the "photo super stars" because of how co-operative they are for sitting for photo time! 

Most people wouldn't believe that these group photos were taken in two easy clicks!  The puppies were positioned on the set and they literally stayed there posing like little angels!

For puppy pick ups tomorrow (Saturday Feb. 6th) please take into account the weather conditions and drive safely!  All of the puppies are scheduled to leave between 11am and 12:30pm -- please be considerate that social distancing needs to take place and be mindful that the next family will be arriving for pick up. 

The Taking Home Puppy Instructional will remain up for you to refer back to on our website, and we will be here for you either by phone or email to cover any questions or advice needed outside of the instructional.

In order to comply with curbside pick up during the lock down -- we will have a socially safe set up at the end of our laneway:

Please wait in your vehicle until we have placed your puppy's Starter Kit Items beside the pen and have set your puppy in the pen and we have stepped back a socially safe distancePlease wear a mask, and we will also be wearing masks as we have a family member with a compromised immune system and we must be careful.

If another family is in the process of picking up their puppy when you arrive -- please pull ahead on the road until they can clear our driveway.  We do have everyone spaced out but traffic and road conditions may vary and we could potentially have multiple people in line.

See you all tomorrow!

7 week old bonus video update:

Annalyse's puppies are nearly ready to go to their new homes and they have been happy-go-lucky, sweet, and easy going puppies with loads of enthusiasm for life!  Their curiosity can be clearly seen with the introduction of a musical toy -- not sure we have seen another litter enjoy the piano as much as this group does!  We hope you enjoy the video -- see you all on Saturday for puppy pick ups!

P.S. Please check your email for a link to our online Puppy Purchase Agreement which will need to be filled out virtually with the current COVID times -- we will need this prior to puppy pick up!

6 week old puppy update:

Annalyse's puppies turn 6 weeks old on Saturday! These are phenomenal puppies -- regular little movie stars that know how to pose in front of a camera!  Once again, this is a one shot photo deal from these amazing puppies which greatly helped us because today we had to actually do two updates as Daphne's puppy update was bumped to today since tomorrow they are 8 weeks old and not only go to the vet, but a few of the puppies go home later in the day.  So, this litter's co-operation has made their care and today's busy schedule tremendously easier!

We have moved Annalyse's puppies into our kitchen area (and Daphne's moved back into our living room) so that they can experience the next phase in their socialization.  Here are a couple photos of their new pen with Annalyse close by:

The puppies are now fully weaned from Annalyse and are eating 3 meals a day of kibbled softened in water and canned food added to the mixture.  And they are enjoying the addition of the crate in their pen space and voluntarily take naps in it throughout the day and sleep in it at night time (door still open).

Grooming has been easy with these puppies!  Today they had their nails trimmed, faces cleaned with puppy wipes to remove the "kibble face", and the hair by their eyes and bum area were also trimmed!  The puppies don't mind any of these procedures!

The puppies are playful, inquisitive, and have thoroughly enjoyed their change of scenery with the move into our kitchen.  They are calm with new experiences, and we have said it in the past for Annalyse and Samuel's 2019 litter and it's still true -- these are some of our best puppies!

We weighed the puppies for their 6 week deworming and their weights are below:


Weight: 1 pound and 10 ounces

Matched to the Hoffer Family


Weight: 2 pounds and 1 ounce

Matched to the Cooke & Knight Family


Weight: 3 pound and 2.5 ounces

Matched to Alyssa and Mike


Weight: 2 pounds and 2.5 ounces

Matched to Nicole, Glen & Murphy


Weight: 2 pounds and 3.5 ounces

Matched to the Hondermann Family


Weight: 1 pound and 11 ounces

(yep, correct weight!)

Matched to the Konstantopoulos Family


Weight: 2 pounds and 2 ounces

Matched to the Frustaci Family

We were able to get some video of the puppies enjoying their new pen area, and we will try to get some more video soon!  Enjoy!

5 week puppy matches:

Here are the 5-week puppy matches!  We will post each match as it happens so feel free to follow along! Our puppies are matched to each family on the based on the individual puppy temperament, energy level, personality quirks, estimated adult size of a puppy, the type of activities the families hope to enjoy (which reflects energy levels and size), fur type, the gender of a puppy (when possible), and to each families preferences.


Puppy #1 ~ GIRL

Matched to the Hoffer Family


Puppy #6 ~ BOY

Matched to the Konstantopoulos Family


Puppy #5 ~ BOY

Matched to the Hondermann Family


Puppy #3 ~ BOY

Matched to Alyssa and Mike


Puppy #7 ~ GIRL

Matched to the Frustaci Family


Puppy #2 ~ BOY

Matched to the Cooke & Knight Family


Puppy #4 ~ BOY

Matched to Nicole, Glen & Murphy

4 week old puppy update:

Annalyse's puppies turn 4 weeks old on Saturday! There is a wide range in size in the puppies in this litter from the largest one (#4 Boy) looking like a giant when he is actually in fact typical in size for what we see for our puppies at 4 weeks to the smallest one (#1 Girl) who is a real live mighty mouse!

These puppies have been enjoying the toys we have placed in their whelping box for enrichment, although they still love interaction with their mom best of all!  The general temperaments that we can see emerging on the puppies so far are very sweet and people orientated puppies which falls in line to exactly what we have seen in past litters from Annalyse and also with Samuel.

Grooming of the puppies so far has included freshening their fur with puppy wipes as a non-invasive way to keep them clean at this stage, brushing them, and nail trimming.  They have been so relaxed for all of these new experiences!

In fact, we're so proud of this litter for how relaxed they are!  They love to play and have a good time, but when you pick them up for cuddles they melt into your arms!  And for this week's photos -- all of the photos you see were taken in one easy snap!  To have that kind of co-operation in puppies, especially young puppies, is something that we don't see every day! This is the type of thing that gets us excited to share wonderful pups like this with great families -- Annalyse outdid herself with these puppies for her last litter!

The puppies have been enjoying extra meals of canned food and kibbles that have seen softened in water in addition to nursing from Annalyse.  We will also be adding a water dish soon as there are some big changes coming up for the puppies!

We will be transitioning the puppies to our living room this weekend once all of Adelle's puppies have gone to their new homes and Daphne's puppies (that are currently in our living room) can be moved into our kitchen area.  It has worked out timing wise for Annalyse's puppies to move into our living room in perfect succession, and with each new transition brings a new level of socialization.

When our puppies are in the whelping box, they work on getting strong, their basic play skills, and the foundation for their desensitization to seeing new things like when we add new toys or a brightly coloured whelping pad (plush blanket) to their box.  And when they transition to our living room they can start seeing our daily routines and all the activity going on around them, and once in our kitchen area they are right in the heart of our home where most of the action happens! 

The puppies were dewormed today and their weights are as follows:

Puppy #1 ~ GIRL

Weight: 1 pound and 1.5 ounces

Puppy #2 ~ BOY

Weight: 1 pound and 12 ounces

Puppy #3 ~ BOY

Weight: 2 pounds and 3.5 ounces

Puppy #4 ~ BOY

Weight: 1 pound and 6 ounces

Puppy #5 ~ BOY

Weight: 1 pound and 7 ounces

Puppy #6 ~ BOY

Weight: 1 pound 7.5 ounces

Puppy #7 ~ GIRL

Weight: 1 pound and 1.5 ounces

Here is a video of the puppies romping around exploring and having fun!  They are at the stage where they are experimenting with co-ordination of their feet as they play, and they have little play barks, yips, and squeaks as they grow in their social skills that will carry them into their adulthood:

We were also able to capture these group photos of the puppies which again speaks to their amazing level of co-operation as it is quite a challenge to get young puppies who don't yet know the "sit" and "stay" command to be still for photos!  We let the puppies sit or lay down however they were comfortable for the picture of them lined up as they are young and there is no need to direct them being so young.  And for the photos of them laying down sleeping -- that's how they curled up for a nap after their photos and we thought you would enjoy seeing that too!