Arlo Nicholas

Meaning: "Fortified Victory"

F4 Multigen CAVAPOO

Arlo is quite the character and full of adventure!

Weight: 19.8 pounds (8.9 kg)
Height: 16 inches at the shoulder

A little Arlo thing: 

Arlo likes to "strut his stuff" with undeniable charm and swagger!


Boop or Super Arlo


​​Arlo is a dark Ruby Parti F4 Cavapoo with a unique twist! Arlo has been carefully and selectively bred to retain a higher percentage of Cavalier in his genetic make-up, but still have the perfect curly fur that will in turn produce dream curls in his future puppies.

Arlo's mother is our prized Cavapoo female, Amelia (retired), and Arlo is also the grandson of our legendary F1B Reverse Cavapoo, Amedeo (retired). To understand the significance of this, we have to delve into some history!  Amedeo (Arlo's grandfather), is a very special Cavapoo that was more "spaniel-like" in his appearance and he sported an "eye-brow" which gave him a quizzical look! So, not only did Arlo end up looking very much like his grandfather in this markings and size, but Amedeo's influence also means that Arlo is a very unique F4 Cavapoo with more Cavalier King Charles Spaniel influence in the mix than would normally be present in this generation of Cavapoo.  Although Arlo is genetically similar to an F2B Cavapoo in terms of the ratio of Cavalier and Poodle in his genetic make-up, he is actually an F4 in terms of his generation (3 generations of Cavapoos behind him). This makes Arlo very unique and Arlo has the added bonus of being allergy-friendly with his beautiful Poodle-like curly coat, but he can produce everything from straighter and more Cavalier-like fur right up to very Poodle-like fur in his puppies. Arlo's contribution will help maintain a more even ratio in temperament between the Cavalier and Poodle in future generations, and his puppies will produce a wide range of puppies that will be suitable no matter your fur-type preference or allergy needs.

Arlo was born and raised here at Pleasant Meadows. He is a full son of Amelia

and Trenton and a grandson of our legendary Cavapoo, Amedeo.

Arlo's heart health is verified via an ECG machine prior to breeding.


Patellas: Grade 0 / NORMAL

Blood Panel: NORMAL

PRA-prcd: Cleared by Parentage

Arlo's parents both tested negative for PRA-prcd (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). 

This means that Arlo is PRA-prcd cleared by parentage and can be bred to any 

of our females and have ZERO chance of PRA-prcd showing up in his puppies.  

To read more about PRA-prcd click here!

Below you can see the dog's in Arlo's lineage!


37.5% Poodle ~ 62.5% Cavalier


Miniature Poodle





25% Poodle ~ 75% Cavalier

50% Poodle ~ 50% Cavalier







50% Cavalier ~ 50% Poodle





Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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