In the event that ALL OF OUR WAITING LISTS ARE FULL or there is NO SUITABLE LIST AVAILABILITY FOR YOUR ALLERGIES, your will be listed here under the correlating type/generation of Cavapoo indicated in their puppy application.  The order of names in these categories does not indicate a specific order that you will be contacted! Families are contacted based on their individual suitability to the specific waiting list with available spaces and/or the available puppy.  Since we will not collect reservation fees if our waiting lists are COMPLETELY FULL for the 2 years that we plan ahead for -- this page will serve as a way for us to keep track of who hasn't paid the $50 reservation fee and is waiting to go on a waiting list, or those who have paid the reservation fee and are simply wanting to be considered for an earlier or suitable waiting list. Suitability to a specific waiting list and/or puppy is the priority and those who are in queue waiting to go on a list will have equal opportunity to be contacted as those already on a later list and have paid the reservation fee.

Having your name placed here on our Back-Up-Reserves is NOT a fixed position on our waiting lists!  If we e-mail you regarding an open position on our waiting lists and you do not respond within 1 week we will assume that you have moved on and will remove your name as we have many other families who are excited to get on our waiting lists!  We reserve the right to remove your name without notice.

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