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Ceyda Estelle

Ceyda -- May 2020-2.jpg


Raffi Estevan

Raffi -- February 2022 -1 cropped.jpg

Born: April 27th, 2022

These parents will produce *F1 BRITTANYDOODLES* (approximately 50% Brittany --50% Poodle)

Please see our Brittanydoodles 101 page for details and refer to the F1 Brittanydoodle.


This will be Ceyda and Raffi's first litter together!

We anticipate that their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 18 to 25 lbs.



And the following colours are possible:

Black ~ Tri-Colour

Please visit our Brittanydoodles Colours page for more colour details.


1. Heather Mackie -- Matched to Cabo ... Res. Fee, Deposit & Holding Fee Received!!
2. Heather Jewell -- Matched to Tully (Cole) ... PAID IN FULL!!
3. Jennifer Gillespie -- Matched to Clive ... PAID IN FULL!!
4. Sandra & Grace Armstrong -- Matched to Luna (Cora) ... PAID IN FULL!!



4 Boys and 1 Girl


8 week old puppy update:

Ceyda's puppies turned 8 weeks old yesterday on June 22nd, and we bumped their final update to a day later, as yesterday was their vet day and it would be too full for an update.

The litter has been a complete joy, with their sweet and playful dispositions, and their willingness to learn.  The puppies have mastered sitting for their food using positive reinforcement and guidance, and they are sleeping in the crate from approximately 10pm to 6am.  We do recommend keeping your puppy's crate beside your bed at night so that you can comfort your puppy if they miss their siblings, and you can also cover the crate with a towel or blanket to help your puppy feel more secure.

The puppies are eating 1.5 slices of 1stMoz at each of their 3 meals per day.  If you are switching over to a dry food, please start adding in some kibble for the first meal in your home (just a few) and slowly increase over the course of at least 1 week.  We recommend adding some water to moisten the kibbles, because dogs aren't meant to eat dry food.  Keep the 1stMoz stored in a cool, dry place (if you have AC, you are fine to store anywhere), it only needs to be refrigerated once you have opened it.

We have been trimming the puppies nails every 2 weeks, and while your puppy is young (under 4-5 months) their nails will grow fairly quickly.  Once they are a bit older, their nails typically would only need to be trimmed once per month.

While at Pleasant Meadows, your puppy experiences several baths in a fairly short period of time, as there are multiple puppies housed in a pen and lots of pen cleaning and bathing is necessary for their overall cleanliness and health.  The competition for food and diving into a food bowl often creates food-covered puppies, and "what goes in, must come out".  HOWEVER, you should refrain from bathing your puppy more than once per month (unless your puppy gets into a mud puddle for example) because too much bathing can strip the skin of it's natural oils and cause skin and coat issues.  Please bathe only when necessary, or approximately once per 1-2 months.  We provide a gentle and all natural shampoo that is designed for skin and coat health in your puppy's Starter Kit, and we encourage you to read the info/label before you bath your dog in just "any" shampoo.

The puppies LOVE to play outdoors and they are doing great on doing their potty business while outside.  When you take your puppy home, go straight to your backyard and let your puppy acclimate to his/her new surroundings.  If your puppy doesn't go potty, carry your puppy around inside your home for 5-10 minutes and try again for a bathroom break outside.

We will be sending your puppy home with a scent blanket that has their sibling's and mom's scent on it to help them transition to your home.  Please use the tag (it's a loop) to tie the scent blanket to the side of their crate at night time so that your puppy's scent blanket isn't accidentally soiled on in the night if your puppy has an accident.

The puppies have proven to be highly social with everyone they meet, and as mentioned in our update that was sent out via e-mail -- our vet was so impressed with how calm and social they were for their exam!  All of the puppies were found to be in excellent health, and we are so proud of their sweet temperaments.

We are looking forward to seeing all the families again on their scheduled pick up days!  Luna (previously Cora) will be staying with us until July 15th, and it will be great for Ceyda to have one of her puppies remaining with us for an extended period of time to ease her broken heart when her other puppies leave.

Here is one more photo of the puppies together to end their journey here at Pleasant Meadows:


6 week old puppy update:

Ceyda's puppies have turned 6 weeks old and they love to play and explore, and they remain confident and quiet in their demeanor.  We can't tell you how much we enjoy the happy and gentle nature of this litter -- they are  eager to please and were exceptional for their photos today!

The puppies are still diving into the food bowl and they are thriving on the raw diet, and we hope that all the families will consider the raw route for their puppy as we have seen the results and benefits of raw compared to dry food and we highly recommend raw for all dogs.

2022-06-08 16.12.32 www.amazon.ca 2cfbf89b2ad9.png
2022-06-08 16.14.47 www.amazon.ca 36551f232697.png
2022-06-08 16.23.55 www.amazon.ca 2215a79ca414.png

Above are books that we recommend, and you can click on each of those photos to take you to Amazon where those books can be purchased.  The Forever Dog book in particular is packed with loads of information beyond just feeding a raw diet, and so it's definitely worth the read for all!  And the other two books are for those who would maybe like to feed a raw diet for better health for their puppy.

Each puppy will be going home with 1stMoz (cold pasteurized raw), and it is a good "starter raw" diet and also a good diet for those who want to feed something better than dry food but are maybe unsure of raw food. However, we did speak with a raw food specialist yesterday (June 7th) who is familiar with cold pasteurization (the process used for sterilizing meat like 1stMoz). and we have learned that during this method BOTH good and bad bacteria are sterilized (which is done for shelf stability).  Just like in people, dogs need good bacteria for proper gut health and good gut flora which aids in digestion and overall absorption of nutrients and ultimately health.  It was the raw food specialist's recommendation to add in a probiotic periodically for proper gut flora (which is already something we recommend) and another supplement that you can periodically feed is raw goats milk or some plain yogurt which are excellent for gut health.

We are doing our best to have solid options for families that are unsure of raw feeding, and we are not saying that there is anything wrong with feeding the 1stMoz, but we are always striving to improve and expand our knowledge so that we can pass this information on to our puppy customers.  We do encourage everyone consider everyone to consider an actual raw diet, which can be just as "easy" as running to the pet store and picking up food, except it's raw instead of dry food.  1stMoz can be fed exclusively, but please remember (as we just just learned) to add in a probiotic or feed a supplement like yogurt or goats milk periodically, or you can feed it alongside other raw foods -- we even do this for our adult dogs.

At this time, the puppies are eating 1 slice of 1stMoz mixed with probiotics and some goats milk.  If the puppies are eating more than 1 slice when they are ready to go home we will update you at pick up time and show you on the 1stMoz roll how to measure a slice on their easy-to-follow guide printed on their label.  You can order 1stMoz on the link below and have it shipped right to your door, and you may also be able to find it in select pet stores:


The puppies are progressing extremely well in their overall socialization and desensitization to various visual and auditory stimuli that are both common household sights and sounds, but we do pride ourselves on exposing the puppies to the "extra-ordinary" too!  We were greatly anticipating this litter based on what we saw in Ceyda's first litter of Brittanydoodles, and these puppies have equally as exceptional!

Over the next couple weeks, we will be working on teaching the puppies to "sit", furthering their outdoor potty skills, and working on their crate training.

We will also be adding in the puppies scent blankets this week which will be attached to the side of their pen or crate so that the puppies can chew on them, rub up against them, and snuggle with them to gain as much puppy scent as possible -- but they are tied up high enough that they cannot be dragged through the potty pad area.  This scent blanket will help with the transition from our home to yours and give your puppy a level of security away from siblings and mom.

Ceyda's puppies are little professionals at regular grooming and they quite enjoy being pampered.  Bathing is easy, and they love to be brushed, and have their nails trimmed -- they are most congenial for "spa time"!

Below are the puppies weights for this week that were taken again for accurate dosing for their strict deworming schedule:

Clive -- 6 weeks with name.jpg


Matched to the Gillespie Family!

3 pounds & 5.5 ounces

Cole -- 6 weeks with name.jpg


Matched to the Jewell Family!

2 pounds & 5.5 ounces

Cabo -- 6 weeks with name.jpg


Matched to the Mackie Family!

3 pounds & 1/2 an ounce

Cora -- 6 weeks with name.jpg


Matched to the Armstrong Family!

2 pounds & 11.5 ounces

At this time, Cole and Cora are charting to weigh approximately 18 pounds and Cabo and Clive look to be more in the 20-25 pound range (adult weight prediction).

We have booked the puppies vet appointment for Wednesday, June 21st, 2022, and so this means that you need to book their 12 week appointment with your chosen veterinarian for approximately 4 weeks from June 21st.

We will let everyone know how the puppies do after their vet appointment, but we are expecting all of them to have excellent health!

As we wrap up their 6 week update, take a peek at the puppies progress on their crate training in the short video below:

Aren't the puppies amazing?  Tails wagging and so calm in the crate!  We are beyond impressed with Ceyda's puppies!

We still have a few puppies available in this litter, so please remember to pass along to family and friends that we have puppies available!


5 week puppy matches:

The first puppy from Ceyda and Raffi's litter has been chosen and it was most definitely love at first sight for Cabo and the family who chose him!  We have three puppies available within this litter awaiting to meet their  new  forever families!  Please inquire with us about Clive, Cole, or Cora if you would like to add a Brittanydoodle to your home!

Cabo -- 4 weeks.jpg


Matched to the Mackie Family!

Clive -- 4 weeks.jpg



Cole -- 4 weeks.jpg



Cora -- 4 weeks.jpg




4 week old puppy update:

Ceyda and Raffi's are now 4 weeks old, and it has been a landmark week after being moved to our sunroom, along with Aurora's puppies, who are just one day younger.  Ceyda's puppies have been loving more space, and the comradery of more little friends to share their escapades!  They have also had their first outdoor adventure today, and have freely done their potty business in the grass and so they are off to a great start in this regard!

With lots of sunshine and warm temperatures, emerging wild strawberry plants in our grass, and many songbirds serenading the beauty of the day -- it was a fun and inviting excursion for the puppies after their photo session!

Sharing the "big" food dish with more puppies has been a new experience of learning to "get in" for their equal share of the "yumminess".  They have been enjoying their 3 meals daily, consisting of 1stMoz cold pasteurized raw meat, organic pumpkin puree, spinach, and goats milk.  Ceyda is only nursing at night at this stage, and the puppies are adjusting very well! And as you would have seen in the video we e-mailed out last night -- the puppies are pretty good at "dish diving".

Here is a video from the puppies outdoor adventure earlier this afternoon:

This week also marks another scheduled deworming, and you can find the puppies weights below:

Clive -- 4 weeks.jpg


Weight at 4 weeks: 2 pounds and 4 ounces

Cole -- 4 weeks.jpg


Weight at 4 weeks: 1 pound and 14.5 ounces

Cabo -- 4 weeks.jpg


Weight at 4 weeks: 2 pounds and 1 ounce

Cora -- 4 weeks.jpg


Weight at 4 weeks: 2 pounds and 1.5 ounces

The puppies are doing well in their indoor potty training as well and have been learning to move away from their eating and sleeping area to do their business on the washable grey potty pads.

Along with the fun side of play, the exploration of toys not only peaks their curiosity but it helps to build their cognitive skills, social skills, and gives them a tactile experience.  The puppies are rapidly expanding their knowledge and soaking up their new world like sponges!

We look forward to meeting everyone at puppy choosing coming up fast! Some photos from the puppies outside time today to finish off their 4 week update: