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Ceyda Estelle

Ceyda Estelle

Meaning: "Tall, Beautiful, and Bright"


(natural and full tail / not docked)

Ceyda is adventuresome, loyal, and full of life!

Weight: 28.4 pounds (12.8 kg)
Height: 19 inches at the shoulder

A little Ceyda thing:
Ceyda likes to hug you with her paws when she cuddles!

Ceyda-kins, Kanga, or Kangaroo (because of her hugs!)

Ceyda is a beautiful Orange and White Brittany.  Nope, that's not a silly term we thought of to call her colouring -- the American Brittany can either be "Orange and White" (Red  Parti) or "Liver and White" (Chocolate Parti)!  Ceyda will be our foundation to a new journey we are embarking on here at Pleasant Meadows and we're very excited about it!


We purchased Ceyda as a puppy from a breeder in Southern, Ontario.

Both her parents are from CKC and AKC lines.


Hips: Good

Patellas: Grade 0 / NORMAL
Blood Panel: NORMAL

Canine Health Check: CLEAR / NORMAL

(Canine Health Check screens for 283 inherited diseases and 45 traits)


Ceyda is CLEAR for the Brittany Breed Profile (diseases commonly carried by the breed) and has also been health screened and is CLEAR for a total of 283 other testable diseases that are uncommon (but not impossible) for the Brittany, but are commonly found in other breeds.

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