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Daphne Rose

Daphne -- June 2019.jpg

Arlo Nicholas


Arlo -- August 2020.jpg

BORN: NOVEMBER 28th, 2020

These parents will produce *MULTIGEN CAVAPOOS* (approximately 43.75% Cavalier -- 56.25% Poodle)

Please see our CAVAPOOS 101 page for details and refer to the Multigen Cavapoo.


This will be Daphne and Arlo's first litter together!  We anticipate that

their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 15 to 18 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:



Chocolate (MAYBE!)

Please visit our Cavapoo Colours page for more colour details.


1. Jason Lerner -- "Lucy" (Puppy #5 GIRL) ... Res. Fee, Deposit & Holding Fee Received!

2. Pranav Chandan -- "Leo" (Puppy #3 BOY) ... PAID IN FULL!!

3. Sandra Licata -- "Mila" (Puppy #1 GIRL) ... PAID IN FULL!!

4. Mark & Joanne Palumbo -- "Arlo" (Puppy #2 BOY) ... PAID IN FULL!!
5. Lisa Ly -- "Bubbles" (Puppy #4 GIRL) ... PAID IN FULL!!


 The puppies in this litter were matched to each family on the based on the individual puppy temperament, energy level, personality quirks, estimated adult size of a puppy, the type of activities the families hope to enjoy (which reflects energy levels and size), fur type, the gender of a puppy (when possible), and to each families preferences. 


 Thank you to all the families on the list for being good sports about the SKYPE VIDEO CALLS, it was a wonderful way to kick off our new year while helping to match you to a puppy! Thank you for choosing a puppy from Pleasant Meadows!


 The families on this list have chosen their puppies and will be picking up their chosen puppy 

 at 8 weeks of age! The puppies are considered ON HOLD at this stage and are NOT available 

 to anyone outside of Daphne and Arlo's waiting list

Treetop Snow

3 Girls and 2 Boys

Image by Tom Strecker

8 week old puppy update:

Daphne's puppies turn 8 weeks old on Saturday, January 23rd. We are doing the update a day early as the puppies are off to the vet tomorrow morning for their 8 week health examination, first vaccination, and an additional deworming, and we will have 3 families picking up their puppies shortly after we are home again.  We will e-mail everyone on Daphne and Arlo's list once out of the clinic as we won't have time to post the update between getting home and giving the puppies a break before their new families arrive to take them home.  You can see what our veterinarian checks for in our puppies at the top of the Taking Home Puppy Instructional.

The puppies have been outstanding for their co-operation and their calm demeanor! They continue to play very quietly, and basically across the board, they lean more towards being followers than leaders and are "thinkers" before they jump into activity.

As you can see by the photos -- they have mastered sit and lay down on the photo set, but this litter has surprised us by not really wanting a treat (a kibble) to follow the command. This may change as they continue to develop, and suggest trying the freeze-dried liver or chicken treats for training.  We don't typically use anything beyond kibbles at this early stage so not to upset their digestion.

We did something different for the photos this week and just did two group photos with their Mom, Daphne, to change things up a bit!

The puppies are sleeping through the night from around 10:00 PM to about 6:00 AM, and they also love going in the crate for naps throughout the day. Here is a photo of the puppies having a nap:

The puppies are eating a varied amount of food because of the variance in their sizes.  Arlo, Lucy, and Leo are eating between 1/4 and a 1/3 of a cup of slightly softened kibbles 3 times daily. And Bubbles is eating 1/4 of a cup, and Mila is eating 1/8 to 1/4 of a cup 3 times daily.  Once your puppy has been settled in your home for a couple weeks, you can start increasing their food amount slowly if they seem a little more hungry.  If your puppy goes off his/her food during the first few days in your home, please don't forget to use the Nutrical Gel that is included in your Puppy Starter Kit and follow the instructions on the Taking Home Puppy Instructional in the Nutrical Gel section.

We moved the puppies back into our living room in order to be able to move Annalyse's puppies into our kitchen area. But, the change of scenery also helps prepare them for transitioning to their new homes.

Below is a video showing their new pen space, as well as some more outside time.  The puppies have enjoyed their time going outside for potty, but today when we captured the video, both Mila and Bubbles decided that they didn't like the cold air!

For puppy pick ups tomorrow -- we will meet you at the end of our laneway with your puppy and his//her Puppy Starter Kit so that we can comply with government regulations for curbside pick up.  Please wear a mask and social distance!

You will be able to pull the length of your vehicle in off the road, and we will have orange marker cones for easy gauging of social distance.  Please remain in your vehicle until we have placed your puppy in a small pen for you to retrieve, and we have had a chance to step back a safe distance.

We will also be wearing masks as we have a family member with a compromised immune system and so any social encounter is a risk for us -- thank you for understanding!

In your e-mail titled "Pleasant Meadows -- 8 week update" you will find a link to a digital copy of our Puppy Purchase Agreement (which you should have already read on our website).  If you scroll (or click to skip down) to the Acknowledgement Form you will find a spot to fill out your personal information, acknowledge reading the agreement, and a spot for your e-signature. We require this information for our records and will provide a signed copy of the agreement in your Puppy Starter Kit, so please click the link in the email and get the Acknowledgement Form filled out this evening ... please and thank you!  This is your warranty, and we cannot release your puppy without this information.

Please also remember that the final balance of $1600 is due tomorrow, January 23rd. For the 3 families picking up their puppy tomorrow -- please be sure to send off your e-transfer 2 hours in advance so that we can receive it prior to your pick up time.

Thanks for taking this 8 week journey with us!

Image by Tom Strecker

6 week old puppy update:

Daphne's puppies have turned 6 weeks old yesterday.  Thank you for everyone's understanding for posting the update a day late with us co-ordinating Adelle's puppies leaving for their new homes!

At 6 weeks of age, the puppies have been moved from our living room into the kitchen area to make room for Annalyse's puppies to be moved from the nursery to the living room.  Daphne's puppies, now being in our kitchen, which is the area with the most activity provides the puppies with lots more social interaction and new sights, sounds, and smells!

We have included a video in this update which shows the puppies enjoying their new location and, as well, we have added a crate. They have been using the crate for play time and for naps throughout the day and we will be progressing to closing the crate door at night within this next week as the final stage of their crate training.

Here are a couple photos of the puppies enjoying a nap inside the crate:

Potty training has been going very well with them doing their business on the potty pad, and all the puppies deserve gold stars for their good work!  The puppies will have their first outside experience this week as we start taking them outside to help establish good outdoor potty habits.

We will also be starting to teach the puppies to sit for their kibbles this week, and we are expecting great things as they are eager to learn!

The puppies have been dewormed again and we have weighed them to get their current weights for accuracy of dosage.  You can view their weights below:

background 4.jpg
Puppy #5 GIRL -- 4 weeks old.jpg


 Weight: 3 pounds & 3.5 ounces 

 Matched to the Lerner Family 

background 1.jpg


 weight: 3 pounds & 1.5 ounces 

 Matched to the CHANDAN Family 

Puppy #3 BOY -- 4 weeks old.jpg
background 3.jpg
Puppy #1 GIRL -- 4 weeks old.jpg


 Weight: 2 pounds & 2 ounces 

 Matched to the LICATA Family 

background 5.jpg
Puppy #2 BOY -- 4 weeks old.jpg


 weight: 3 pounds & 5 ounces 

 Matched to the Palumbo Family 

background 2.jpg
Puppy #4 GIRL -- 4 weeks old.jpg


 weight: 3 pounds & 3 ounces 

 Matched to the Ly Family 

If you have not been able to source out the Inception food please let us know and we can easily have a 27 pound bag available for you.  A bag costs $65.53 ($57.99  + 7.54 HST) and you just need to tell us so that we can have one for you when you come to pick up your puppy.  You can either e-transfer us that amount now or add it on to your total balance that is due on the day your puppy turns 8 weeks old.  We will still send you home with the 4 pound bag which is a part of your Puppy Starter Kit.

Make sure you see the directions link to Pleasant Meadows which we will include in the e-mail telling you that this update has been posted.  This link will allow you to plan your trip here at pick up time.  And please let us know what time you want to come to pick up your puppy.  We need to have a "heads up" so that we know how many people are coming at certain time intervals so social distancing can be in place and so that we can have your Starter Kit and your puppy ready for you at that exact time. Remember also, that we require you to wear a mask and that we will be practicing social distancing and wearing masks ourselves.  We will have our gate at the end of our laneway open and you will need to wait in line when there are families ahead of you before you can enter.  We have a parking space available part way up the laneway for each family to park when it is their turn beside the pen area where we will bring out your puppy. And we will have your Starter Kit out for you along with the additional large bag of food if you have let us know that you want one and have already sent the amount to us.  Please remain in your vehicle until we motion you to get out.  With COVID protocols in place this procedure that we had for the previous litter of puppies from Adelle worked well and we will do the same for Daphne's puppy pick ups.

Our next scheduled puppy update will be posted on January 22nd as we have the puppies vet appointment scheduled for the morning of the 23rd. Families can arrange to come pick up their puppies on the afternoon of the 23rd from 1:00 PM onward throughout that weekend -- please let us know what day and time you can come to pick up your puppy!

We were able to get a really nice group photo of the puppies that we know you will love! This litter has been very congenial for their photo sessions, and snapping photos of them has been super easy.  In fact, these puppies have been a great group all around, and their temperaments have been calm and content in absolutely everything -- something we love from our puppies from Daphne and Arlo both.