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Daphne Rose

Daphne -- June 2019.jpg

Arlo Nicholas


Arlo -- August 2020.jpg

Born: March 10th, 2022

These parents will produce *MULTIGEN CAVAPOOS* (approximately 43.75% Cavalier -- 56.25% Poodle)

Please see our CAVAPOOS 101 page for details and refer to the Multigen Cavapoo.


This will be Daphne and Arlo's second litter together!  We anticipate that

their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 16 to 20 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:


Ruby (LIGHT OR MEDIUM) ~ Apricot (LIGHT OR MEDIUM) ~ Gold (LIGHT OR MEDIUM) ~ Chocolate (MAYBE!)

Please visit our Cavapoo Colours page for more colour details.


1. Sarah Haasz -- Matched to "Louie" (Dewey) ... PAID IN FULL!!
2. The Heinrich Family -- Matched to "Dexter" ... PAID IN FULL!!
3. Katie Spellman -- Matched to "Bella"
(Dove) ... PAID IN FULL!!
4. Andrea & Sean Antonioni -- Matched to "Patriot"
(Digby)... PAID IN FULL!!
5. Marsha Adams -- Matched to "Coco" 
(Dora) ... PAID IN FULL!!

Sorry, no puppies available!  Puppies will be leaving for their new homes starting this week!

Image by Aaron Burden

2 Girls and 3 Boys

Image by Aaron Burden

8 week old puppy update:

Daphne and Arlo's puppies are 8 weeks old today!  The puppies were at the vet on May 2nd and found to be healthy and they received their first vaccination and final deworming (update was sent via e-mail to the families on this list).

The litter as a whole, has thoroughly enjoyed their outside time!  We have been getting them outside whenever possible between rain showers, and they are doing great at doing their potty business outside!  They are all quite confident outdoors and love to explore!

We have really been focusing on the puppies crate training, and as mentioned to those on the list -- the puppies are doing incredible!  They were so quiet while at the vet that the entire vet team commented on how good they were!  And while at home, the puppies have been able to enjoy naps, "quiet time", and sleeping through the night
(from 10pm to 6am) in the crate.  We have noted how comfortable they are with the crate because they voluntarily seek out the crate for naps and play.  Today they spent about 1 hour in the crate while we got a few photos, a short video clip, and location site outside for their 8 week old photos.  During the time in the crate, the puppies napped, or contentedly looked around -- here are a few snapshots:

We have continued the puppies desensization to various sights, sounds, and experiences, and while the puppies were in the crate, we got a short video showing them being content while some of our dogs currently at Pleasant Meadows moved about and received attention for a level of distraction. And we made various purposeful "scary" sounds which the puppies responded to by looking in the direction of the sound to understand what was going on, but all handled themselves quite nicely!  Here is that video:

With regards to the weaning process and the food the puppies are eating -- we are still feeding the puppies in this litter a mixture of raw, 1stMoz, and kibble (Gentle Giants) 3 times daily in order to do our best to accommodate the feeding options we gave to families, with us not knowing what the challenge would be! Most of what you can read from various sources about raw feeding states that if you choose to feed kibbles along with a raw diet, that feeding a mixture of kibbles and raw food is fine, but separating the kibbles and raw is preferred because they digest at different rates.  And we have fed kibbles and raw in the past with our adult dogs, and so that is what we also offered families on this list.  However, we found that it was too much change in the puppies digestion to split up the meals into separate feedings of kibbles and raw, and we also found that the nutritional value in the kibble is so minimal when comparing it to the raw that it was impossible to calculate how the meals should be split up because the kibble weight and nutritional value could not compare to the raw value.  It was evident that the puppies could not tolerate the switch between raw and kibbles from one meal to the next when we tried to split up the meals, because the nutritional value wasn't the same and it affected their overall energy, digestion, and stool.  Based on this experience, in the future, we won't offer kibble and will do straight raw or 1stMoz only.

So if you wish to feed kibble, the puppies would benefit from a longer transition (several weeks) over to kibble if that's your choice.  By the time we figured out that splitting up the meals wasn't working for puppies, we ran out of time to switch them before the pups were ready to leave.  They are currently stable on a mixture of raw and 1stMoz (these are interchangeable because they are both raw), with a sprinkling of kibbles that have been softened in water (no more than 1 tablespoon of soaked kibbles per puppy).  The puppies have been able to transition back and forth between the 1stMoz and the raw food seamlessly, so for those going home with one or the other -- this won't adversely affect your puppy.  For those who want to feed kibble exclusively, we will still send you home with 1stMoz so that you can transition your puppy off the 1stMoz slowly over time and increase the kibble amount.

We will send this litter home with either raw food or 1stMoz (cold pasteurized raw) based on the choice you gave us, and some Gentle Giants kibble if you want to feed kibble in whole or part.

Below we have listed what the puppies are currently eating at 8 weeks of age -- you will need to adjust this amount as your puppy grows based on their weight.  Puppies eat more per body weight
(regardless of what type of food is fed) than adult dogs because of a puppy's rapid growth of their muscles and bones.

- Dexter is eating 0.48 lbs of 1stMoz per day in total divided up in 3 meals per day (0.16 lbs per meal) -- basically 1.5 slices of 1stMoz and you can sprinkle a few kibbles on top. The amount of kibbles fed along with 1stMoz is up to you based on what you are comfortable feeding.

- Coco is eating 0.40 lbs of raw food per day in total divided up in 3 meals per day (0.13 lbs per meal) -- You can sprinkle a few kibbles on top. The amount of kibbles fed along with the raw diet is up to you based on what you are comfortable feeding.

- Bella is eating 0.24 lbs of 1stMoz divided up in 3 meals per day (0.08 lbs per meal) -- basically 1/2 to 3/4 of a slice of 1stMoz and you can sprinkle a few kibbles on top. The amount of kibbles fed along with 1stMoz is up to you based on what you are comfortable feeding.

- Louie is eating 0.24 lbs of raw food divided up in 3 meals per day (0.08 lbs per meal) -- You can sprinkle a few kibbles on top. The amount of kibbles fed along with the raw diet is up to you based on what you are comfortable feeding.

- Patriot is eating 0.40 lbs of 1stMoz divided up in 3 meals per day (0.13 lbs per meal) -- basically 1 slice of 1stMoz and you can sprinkle a few kibbles on top. The amount of kibbles fed along with 1stMoz is up to you based on what you are comfortable feeding.

These feeding instructions will be in your Puppy Starter Kit as a guide.

If anyone still plans to transition over to kibble you can do so by slowly increasing the amount of kibble over time and follow the instructions given
(usually found on the bag or on the brand's website) for the feeding amount.

For everyone else who will be feeding raw or 1stMoz -- there are many different feeding calculators out there, but here are the ones that we have found to be most accurate:



We will update the Taking Home Puppy Instructional to include these calculators.  This may appear to be complicated but it actually isn't any different than we would tell people feeding kibbles -- it's just numbers in pounds instead of cups.  You have to feed kibbles according to weight the same as you have to feed raw according to weight, but the difference is that the nutritional value in raw is much higher which allows you to feed less compared to kibbles.

If your puppy looks and feels to be at a good weight, then you can maintain the same amount of food or increase as
necessary.  We would tell you this no matter what you are feeding.  Remember that we will be sending you home with a food scale to make all of this easier.  Here is a body score chart to help you determine what is a good weight:


This weight chart is already on our website, and we will add it to the Instructional as well.

The puppies current weights are:

Dexter -- 8 weeks old.jpg

Dexter ~ BOY

Weight: 5 pounds & 7.5 ounces

Matched to the Heinrich Family

Coco -- 8 weeks old.jpg

Coco ~ (Dora) GIRL

Weight: 4 pounds & 15.5 ounces

Matched to the Adams Family

Bella -- 8 weeks old.jpg

Bella ~ (Dove) GIRL

Weight: 2 pounds & 10 ounces

Matched to the Spellman Family

Louie -- 8 weeks old.jpg

Louie ~ (Dewey) BOY

Weight: 2 pounds & 15.5 ounces

Matched to the Haasz Family

Patriot -- 8 weeks old.jpg

Patriot ~ (Digby) BOY

Weight: 4 pounds & 9.5 ounces

Matched to the Antonioni Family

Daphne's puppies have remained quite clean, and they haven't needed baths during their 8 weeks with us, but we did give them another bath yesterday for the "experience", and they did incredibly well with no fuss!

The puppies have grown in their co-operational skills, and they were able to sit patiently for us to get their 8 week photos, even through some camera malfunctions that resulted in us needing to take more photos than usual due to blurring of the images without
apparent cause (our camera's days are coming to an end!).

They did so well for their photo session and they almost seemed proud of their ability to sit still for us -- don't they look adorable!?!

Daphne and Arlo's 2022 Litter -- 8 weeks old.jpg

These have been exceptional puppies and a real joy!  What a great finale for Daphne who is now officially retired and will be going to her retirement home in a few weeks to live with the parents of the family that has Izzy from Lydia X Arlo 2020, so Daphne can live with her niece, Izzy and their other dog, Tana.  It's important to us that our dogs remain "in the family" so that they have the security of familiar dogs, and we can trust that they are in a good home.

We will see everyone when you come to pick up your puppy at your scheduled pick up time!

Image by Aaron Burden

6 week old puppy update:

Daphne and Arlo's puppies are now 6 weeks old!  We were were happy to have met the families on the list for puppy choosing by Skype and in-person over the Easter weekend!

The puppies have blossomed into sweet little darlings full of happiness and enthusiasm for life!  They are transitioning from straight raw food to a raw and a mixture of raw and kibble
(either 1stMoz or Raw Performance based on the choice of each family for feeding their puppy). We will be sending the puppies home with a sample of Gentle Giants kibble and the raw food of your choice, but if you can't source the Gentle Giants through Walmart.ca (it's often so popular it is sold out), then we recommend Carna4 as an alternative for your puppy.  So far, the puppies are doing really well switching to a partial kibble diet (part raw) as the Gentle Giants food is non-GMO and fairly easy on the stomach.  We are at this time, mixing the raw and kibbles together in the same meal (not separated), and if that is still necessary when they go home we will update our feeding recommendations and instructions.

We have the puppies vet appointment scheduled for May 2nd, and the puppies will be ready to go home any time on or after Thursday, May 5th when they turn 8 weeks old.  Please reply back to our e-mail for this update with your preferred pick up time!

This week we have introduced a crate for the puppies as part of their crate training process.  So far, they have gone in and out to investigate and take short naps inside.  We will continue their exposure to being in the crate as a group and also as an individual, and we will have the puppies sleeping as a group in the crate overnight by 8 weeks of age.  This doesn't mean that they won't need to go outside in the middle of the night, especially for Dove and Dewey that have smaller bladders!  Here are some photos of the puppies in the crate:

We have also attached the puppies scent blankets to the crate which are the brightly coloured blankets that can be seen on the right hand side of the crate.  One of these little blankets will be sent home with each puppy to help make their transition to their new home easier because they will smell like their siblings and mom.  You can see them better in the overall room view: