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Desta Adiah

Samuel Kadin

Desta - September 2020.jpg


Samuel June 2021 2.jpg

DUE TO BE BORN: May 20th to 30th, 2021

These parents will produce *F2B MIMIC CAVAPOOS* (37.5% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel -- 62.5% Poodle). Please see our CAVAPOOS 101 page for details and refer to the F2B Mimic Cavapoo.


This will be Desta and Samuel's first litter together!  We anticipate that

their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 12 to 15 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:


Black ~ Ruby ~ Apricot ~ Gold

Please visit our Cavapoo Colours page for more colour details.


1. Wanda King & Cindy Gilford -- "Breanna Rose" (Ruby Girl) ... PAID IN FULL!!
2. The Raab Family -- "Rio Desta" (Abstract Girl) ... Res. Fee Exempt, Deposit & Holding Fee Rec'd!!
3. The Harris Family -- "Zavi Beau" (Parti Boy) ... PAID IN FULL!!

  Sorry! This waiting list is full!  
The puppies in this litter are all ON HOLD for the families on Desta and Samuel's list and secured with deposits and holding fees!
  No puppies available!  

Wanda & Cindy also own:

Emma and Tobi's Puppies -- 8 weeks old g

Sasha & Freya from

Emma X Tobi 2018

The Raab Family also own:

Auggie -- 8 weeks old.jpg

Auggie from

Annalyse X Samuel 2019

Image by Daniel Pintilei

​​There are

2 Girls and 1 Boy

in this litter!

Image by Yoksel 🌿 Zok

8  week  old   puppy  update:

At 8 weeks old, Desta and Samuel's puppies are the smallest Cavapoo puppies we have had to date, and with their small stature this has presented us with a unique happenstance regarding the weaning process.  These little darlings were not interested in any other food source other than their mom's milk and we were challenged daily to get them to try any type of alternate food.

Eventually, we discovered that they would eat raw meat, but didn't want to send them home on a raw diet as that is not always the route that our puppy families want to choose, so once they started to eat raw, we gradually transitioned them over to "gently cooked" meat and softened kibbles.  Currently, the puppies still prefer gently cooked food, but will eat their kibbles when they are well mixed in!

Because of their small size, they are only eating approximately 1 tablespoon of food in a single serving!  We are feeding them 3 times daily and have a *full tube* of Nutrical High Calorie Gel in each Puppy Starter Kit to send home with them which will help ensure that the puppies keep getting the nutrients required.

Because of the food challenges we had with this litter, and the consistency of their food being more sloppy, we needed to focus our energy on getting them to eat proper amounts and forgo the usual time spent training the puppies to sit for their food. And we didn't want to introduce a training treat which could have distracted them and filled up their stomachs thus preventing them from eating their actual meals.

The puppies are sleeping through the night with minimal fuss in the first half hour and sleep soundly from 10pm to
7am, however, we would still anticipate the puppies needing outside sometime in the night to go potty as they may wake up in a new location without the comfort of siblings.

In everything else, beyond the food challenges, these puppies have been incredible and so easy-going with vibrant, sweet, and playful temperaments.  And to be fair, they do sit nicely for their photos, but their joyous little tails do eventually propel them into motion!  This is one litter where their tails rarely stop wagging!

Desta's puppies have the honour of being our first Cavapoo litter leaving from our new home, and we felt it would be fitting to include our trustworthy little garden bench that has been with us since the dawn of Pleasant Meadows. Our first Cavapoo litter from Dulcie (Desta's great, great, Aunt) and Tobi (Desta's Grandfather) was photographed on this bench for their 8 week photos back in July 2011 as seen below:

Einstein, Sadie, Marlow.jpg

With this being Desta's first litter, and carrying on Tobi's legacy, we couldn't resist the opportunity to repeat photo history!

We look forward to getting updates and hearing about this litter's new adventures with their new families! See you all this weekend!

Image by Yoksel 🌿 Zok

7.5  week    et  update:


Desta and Samuel's puppies were at the vet today for their full health examination, deworming, and 1st vaccination! They were content to and from the vet (30 minutes each way), and they were full of tail wags and sweetness for our vet and the staff!

Each puppy was checked for the following during our vet's above-average health examination:

-  Eyes  
(checked for abnormalities or discharge, and the vet will look at the internal eye with an ophthalmoscope)​
-  Ears  (checked for redness/infection or the presence of mites, and the vet will look in the ear with an otoscope)
​-  Mouth & throat  (checked for gum colour, swallow reflex, and teeth alignment)
-  Heart  (checked for irregular heartbeat patterns or murmurs)​
-  Lungs  (checked for rhythmic breaths and clarity of lungs)
​-  Stomach palpitation  (checked for any signs of bloating, discomfort, or the presence of a hernia)
​-  Flexion of joints  (checked for fluid movement of joints in the hips, knees, and elbows)​
-  Postural Reflexes  (the "paw flip test" checks for proper neurological function where the paw is flipped under so the pads face upwards towards the belly. This is done to see how quickly the puppy rights it's paw so that the pads are flat on the ground/surface again the way a dog would normally bear weight/stand)
-  Equilibrium  (checked balance by turning the puppy on it's back to make sure the puppy can roll upright again, and assessing the gait of a puppy)
​-  Temperature  (checked for normal body temperature)
(checked for healthy weight and growth rate)

And once they are deemed healthy, the puppies receive their 1st vaccination which covers:

(Also called Adenovirus OR CAV2-Hepatitis)

And the puppies were also dewormed according to their weights with StrongidT.

Their individual weights are as follows:

Image by Cadabullos Diseño Web

Breanna Rose

2 pounds & 7 oz

Image by Pop & Zebra

Zavi Beau

2 pounds

Image by Yoksel 🌿 Zok

Rio Desta

3 pounds & 2 oz

Desta's puppies are now at a healthy weight (too pudgy before) according to their small stature.  These are the smallest puppies at 8 weeks of age that we have ever had in the history of Pleasant Meadows (small because both parents are small, but it doesn't always work out that way!).

We took a photo of each of them for today's vet update, but we will have more for their 8 week update which will be posted tomorrow on
SATURDAY in preparation for the puppies going to their new homes on Sunday.

Image by Yoksel 🌿 Zok

6  week   puppy  update:

Desta and Samuel's puppies are now 6 weeks old!  They are so sweet, adorable, playful, and they love their outdoor time!  Desta continues to be a devoted mom, perhaps too much so at this stage, as she is still sabotaging the weaning process and sneaks in extra nursing sessions (which are, of course, far more appealing to her little crew than the solid meal alternative we provide).  The puppies are round and roly poly with the continued extra high-nutrient-momma's milk they are getting when Desta hops into their pen!

The puppies have been weighed for their 6 week deworming, have had a bath prior to their photos, and their nails have been trimmed.  They continue to be placid and relaxed during bathing, blow-drying, and all of the grooming process which is so true to their daddy, Samuel's demeanor!  Below you can see their current weights:

Image by Cadabullos Diseño Web

Breanna Rose

2 lb & 5.5 oz

Image by Pop & Zebra

Zavi Beau

1 lb & 12.5 oz

Image by Yoksel 🌿 Zok

Rio Desta

2 lb & 15 oz

As you can see, their weights haven't changed that drastically from the last update, and when you watch the below video, you will understand why . . .

Even though the puppies are remaining pudgy, they are at a healthy balance now where their exercise level is matching their food intake which is actually very helpful for this litter as they don't need to gain any more weight at this specific stage.

It is obvious how much fun the puppies have running around outside! Bree and Rio have their co-ordination of their feet down pat while running through the vegetation, but sweet little Zavi, with his shorter legs, tends to lose his footing on the right hand turns as they circle in the yard in the game of chase!  We had a hard time not bursting out in laughter getting this adorable video of the puppies!  Their little tails never stop wagging and act as propellers as run, keeping the momentum high!  Desta's joyful nature has most certainly come through in these precious puppies!

With the small amount of solid food that these puppies are eating, we haven't been able to start working on their "sit", but we are calling them by their names and Momma Desta might have to wear her jumpsuit 24/7 if that's what it takes to fully wean her adorable turkeys!

We have started to crate train the puppies, and they are doing an amazing job of sleeping in the crate at night with zero fuss! And we will be working on individual crate time over this week as well.

Here is a cute photo of Desta's puppies together to finish off their 6 week update:

Image by Yoksel 🌿 Zok

5  week   puppy  matches:

This cuddly and adorable litter has kicked off their puppy choosing with pure sweetness! They are winning hearts and Desta and Samuel had a blast getting lots of attention along with their pups!  Just one more family to choose tomorrow!

Image by Cadabullos Diseño Web
Ruby Girl -- 4 weeks old.jpg

Breanna Rose

Matched to the

Gilford Family

Image by Yoksel 🌿 Zok
Black Abstract Girl -- 4 weeks old.jpg

Rio Desta

Matched to the

Raab Family

Image by Pop & Zebra
Black Parti Boy -- 4 weeks old.jpg

Matched to the

Harris Family

Zavi Beau

Image by Yoksel 🌿 Zok

4  week  old  puppy  update: