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Gloria May

Gloria -- May 2019.jpg


Samuel Kadin

Samuel June 2018.jpg

BORN: JUNE 11th, 2019

These parents will produce *F1 CAVAPOOS* (approximately 50% Cavalier -- 50% Poodle)

Please see our CAVAPOOS 101 page for details and refer to the F1 Cavapoo.




This will be Gloria and Samuel's first litter together!  We anticipate that

their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 12 to 15 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:





Please visit our Cavapoo Colours page for more colour details.





1. Kristen Hawkeswood -- Red Girl "Ruby" ... PAID IN FULL!

2. Michelle Lacelle -- Purple Girl "Pepper" ... PAID IN FULL!

3. Julie Forbes -- Yellow Boy "Garrison" ... PAID IN FULL!

4. Kairee Kirkwood -- Green Boy "Fletcher" ... PAID IN FULL!

5. Patricia & Ralph Gouchie -- Pink Girl "Ruby-Rose"  ... PAID IN FULL! 

6. Nancy Aeschelmann -- Mango Boy "Onyx" ... PAID IN FULL!

7. The Phillips Family -- Blue Boy "Wilkie" ... PAID IN FULL!

Kairee also owns

Stella from Gloria X Tobi 2018

The puppies have all gone to their new homes to begin a new adventure with their families!


8 week old update:

Tomorrow Gloria and Samuel's puppies will be 8 weeks old and ready to go to their new homes!  We look forward to presenting our "Taking Puppy Home" session tomorrow so that we can prepare each of the families on the list for taking care of their puppy! 


The puppies have done well not only with their potty training, but also, they were pros at adjusting to sleeping as a group in the wire crate with the door closed at night.  There has been normal puppy play sounds as they settle in for the night, and then all is quiet until they are let out at 7:00 AM.  Again, this litter has been amazingly quiet!  A puppy may be a little more discontent as an individual, but these puppies haven't even awakened with the need to pee in the night while contently sleeping in a puppy pile!  It would be advisable to pay attention to the need to go potty if your puppy wakes up because he/she is alone for the first time in your home, but having the crate set up close by in your bedroom will be helpful.

We taught the puppies to sit readily by simply using a meal time for a quick training session, and they caught on so quickly that we added in the lay down command as well to keep learning interesting for them, and so the puppies have a good base on their training and are eager to learn more!  Cavapoos are food and praise motivated and don't require fancy treats for them to be eager learners!  A simple kibble will go a long way and dogs of any breed love to work for their food and that suits the Cavapoo just fine!  We encourage everyone to keep up the training sessions in order to maintain your puppy's desire to take instructions from you as he/she learns new skills and becomes familiar with the limits in your home and their brand new life before them!

All of the puppies have enjoyed outside time and have successfully gone potty outside in addition to the new ventures of play time and exploring in the grass.  This all triggers their senses to assimilate new sights, sounds, and smells into their expanding knowledge.

Getting 7 energetic puppies to sit in a row was somewhat of a challenge, but in the end we were successful and you can easily see what a handsome lot of puppies they are!

For those attending our "Taking Puppy Home" session tomorrow morning at 11:00 AM please take note that there may be extra holiday traffic on the roads and we would like you to arrive safely and on time so that we are not delayed in starting the session.  One of the puppy families has informed us of their need to leave directly after the session has concluded in order to be home to attend to a personal need, and therefore, we wish to also be respectful and have things start on time and run as smoothly as possible.  So, please plan ahead for traffic and to arrive at 11:00 AM -- thank you in advance for your understanding!

We will, of course, be providing you with your puppy's scent blanket in the Puppy Starter Kit which is helpful for adjustment during the first few days to a week once your puppy is on your home, but for bonding time on the trip home you may choose to have a towel or blanket for your lap and a cozy spot for your puppy to curl up!

See you all soon!

7.5 week old vet update:

The puppies were at the vet today, with their chaperone, Shamira! All of the puppies were exceptional in the vehicle with not even a whimper the whole trip both ways (1 hour each way)!  Many onlookers in the waiting room, absolutely fell in love with the puppies, and everyone was asking "what breed are they? ... they are so cute!".


Here is what our vet checked on each puppy:

- Eyes (checked for abnormalities or discharge)

- Ears (checked for redness/infection)

- Mouth & throat (checked for gum colour, swallow reflex,)

- Heart (checked for irregular heartbeat patterns)

- Lungs (checked for rhythmic breaths and clarity of lungs)

- Stomach palpitation (checked for any signs of bloating, discomfort, or the presence of a hernia)

- Flexion of joints (checked for fluid movement of joints)

- Postural Reflexes (the "paw flip test" checks for proper neurological function where the paw is flipped under so the pads face upwards towards the belly. This is done to see how quickly the puppy rights it's paw so that the pads are flat on the ground/surface again the way a dog would normally bear weight/stand)


- Equilibrium (checked balance by turning the puppy on it's back to make sure the puppy can roll upright again)

- Temperature (checked for normal body temperature)

- Weight (checked for healthy weight and growth rate)

- Because the puppies were found to be in excellent health -- all of the puppies received their 1st shot which covers Parvovirus, Distemper,  Hepatitis (also called Canine Adenovirus 2), Parainfluenza.

- Dewormed with Strongid T according to weight.

The puppies weights are as follows:

Wilkie -- 2 pounds and 8 ounces

Onyx -- 2 pound and 7 ounces

Ruby -- 2 pound and 2 ounces

Pepper -- 2 pound and 5 ounces

Fletcher -- 2 pounds and 9 ounces

Garrison -- 3 pounds and 2 ounces

Ruby-Rose -- 2 pound and 6 ounces

Here are some photos of the puppies at their vet appointment:

The puppies were pretty brave with their big bodyguard close by and ventured to peek out the top of the crate to see how their siblings fared with their exam! In spite of the puppies being a touch warm piled into their adorable little crate even with the A/C running in the vehicle -- they did well and were quiet and content with no whimpers waiting for their turn, during their exam, or for their vaccination!  We're super proud of Gloria and Samuel's litter, and the vet himself remarked on how nice of a litter they are!

As mentioned in the previous update, the puppies next vaccination will be due on August 30th -- 4 weeks later from the 2nd.  It would be advisable to call in advance to book your puppy's next appointment at the vet of your choice as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for the puppies official 8 week update that will be posted on Sunday, August 4th!

7 week old bonus update:

We have introduced the wire crate and expanded the puppies pen area.  They are loving the extra space, and are thrilled with their new "den"!  The puppies run in and out of it during play and love to all go in and "crash" together for a power nap! Den Security is big in the dog world, and it's important for puppy owners to understand how much security a crate can provide!  It's instinctual for a puppy to have his or her own space where they can relax, sleep, or just play. The crate is often seen as "locking them away" and for this reason people are hesitant to crate train because they think their puppy will hate the crate and hate them for using it.  But, as you can clearly see, the puppies feel safe and secure in the crate!  The first few nights in your home may be interrupted with whimpers from your new little puppy, however, it is not the crate that is upsetting them, it is the fact that they are alone and in a new place away from their siblings and mother and everything they knew prior to leaving Pleasant Meadows.  Place the crate in your bedroom, or sleep next to the crate in a room of your choice -- this will give your puppy comfort in it's new home and help your puppy through the first few nights! You can include a few stuffed animals/toys for your puppy in the crate as it also provides comfort when they can snuggle up to another "thing" like they would have done with siblings.


As a reminder, we will be sending you home with a toy and a blanket with mom and litter mates scent on it!  One of the little blankets that can be seen hanging from the side of the puppy pen and crate will belong to your puppy!  The blankets will remain in the puppy pen for the next week and we will rotate them around to gain as much scent as possible -- be sure to use it to help your comfort your puppy the first few days in your home!

We have scheduled the puppies vet appointment for Friday, August 2nd and we will post an update that evening on the 2nd to let everyone know how the puppies make out at the vet!  The puppies next vaccination will be due on August 30th -- 4 weeks later from the 2nd.  It would be advisable to call in advance to book your puppy's next appointment at the vet of your choice as soon as possible.

And the puppies official 8 week update will be posted on Sunday, August 4th!

Below is a video of the puppies that starts off inside and ends while enjoying some outside time -- the video was captured yesterday afternoon and evening just prior to us changing their puppy pen to include the wire crate. 

We hope you enjoy the video!  We are definitely going to miss Gloria's puppies but cannot wait for you all to see them again soon!  They are such wonderful little puppies with such sweet and quiet demeanor!

6 week old update:

The puppies turned 6 weeks old today.  We have introduced them to crate training this past week and they all love to go in and out of the crate throughout the day either for a nap or just as a little hide-out while in the midst of play!  For the time-being we just have a small plastic crate in their pen to get them used to the "den concept" and we've been closing the door periodically for 10-15 minutes at a time.  They can all fit comfortably inside and they love to make a little "puppy pile" and get all cozy with each other!  Later on, we will transition them to a wire crate that will be attached to their pen.

We are pleased to announce that this litter of puppies is 100% pee pad trained – their only off-pad misses are only when their feet are on the pad and their bum is over the edge!  However, they actually make it to the right location – a great accomplishment for 6 weeks of age!

The puppies have been dewormed again, brushed, wiped down with puppy wipes, had their nails trimmed, and the fur trimmed on their face and bum areas.  All of this is a continuous grooming experience that prepares them for when you will have your puppy at home.

Wilkie -- 2 pounds and 2 ounces

Onyx -- 1 pound and 15.5 ounces

Ruby -- 1 pound and 8 ounces

Pepper -- 1 pound and 12 ounces

Fletcher -- 2 pounds and 4 ounces

Garrison -- 2 pounds and 9 ounces

Ruby-Rose -- 1 pound and 14.5 ounces

The puppies have good co-operation skills and are very easy-going.  Photos outside this morning were easy to get – they all liked the outside experience in the grass and sat up and stood in place as we requested for their photos!

They remain small puppies in comparison to most of our puppies from other litters with different parents, but these puppies are growing well and are nonetheless on par for their development at this stage.  Small in size has not been an issue as they are doing so well, and they all enjoy meal time very much!  At this time they are eating the following mixture 3 times a day:

2 Tablespoons of softened kibbles (which equates to an 1/8 of a cup)

½ teaspoon of canned food

½ teaspoon of 100% pumpkin puree

We have been feeding them individually in separate bowls for portion control purposes to make sure that each puppy gets his/her fair share, and as well, this gives a start on sitting prior to eating a meal and it is also not a shock for them to suddenly be eating by themselves when they go their new homes.

Here is a quick video of the puppies eating a meal in individual bowls – each one of them is devouring their food with great enthusiasm.   

The puppies have been exposed to many sights and sounds this week -- we installed some cedar shelves in a closet and so the puppies heard the skill saw zizzing, heard a drill, and saw us carry the shelving to and fro!  They remain un-phased by sounds and are such calm and sweet puppies.  

Their temperaments remain sweet, cuddly, and playful, with hardly a peep!  We're so thankful to be able to offer such wonderful puppies to the families on Gloria and Samuel's list!

We will be calling our vet tomorrow (Tuesday) to book the puppies vet appointment -- we meant to call today, but the day got away from us when we received a call from our supplier that the puppy pack supplies that we ordered had come in and were ready for pick up!  So, along with the puppy photos and the update -- we had an unexpected trip into town!  We'll update you with the date for their vet appointment soon in a bonus update!

We also want to clarify the food that the puppies are eating -- it is the Instinct® Be Natural™ Real Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe for Puppies.

If you need a list of the places that will order it in for you, please let us know! We sourced out half a dozen independent pet stores that will order it in for customers in the Toronto area (we can source other areas for you too!). And we are working through the Canadian Rep for Instinct food to get it in some Rens Pet and Global Pet locations.

We will be holding a "Taking Puppy Home" Session on August 5th at 11:00 AM and/or 2:00 PM.  PLEASE e-mail us after reading this update to let us know if you will be picking up your puppy at the 11:00 AM or 2:00 PM Session time on August 5th.  The "Taking Puppy Home" Session is approximately an hour and a bit long and covers the following topics:


~ The Vehicle Ride Home
~ Meal Time For Your Puppy
~ The First Night Home
~ Crates; Types & Training
~ Potty Training
~ Leash Training
~ Vaccinations & Deworming
~ Types of Toys
~ Basic Training

~ Grooming



Now would be a good time to look over the Puppy Shopping List page to see if there is any item you missed purchasing and see our recommended Dog Food page to be certain you are purchasing the right brand of food:






Be prepared for your puppy's first few nights by reading up on our Puppy is Home, Now What? page:




And you will find plenty of training resources on these links:






This week's outdoor photos show just how adorable these puppies are, and we know you will agree.  Hope you have enjoyed the update! 

5 week puppy matches:

Families on Gloria and Samuel's list are skyping and visiting to choose their puppies from the 13th to the 20th.  We'll post in this gallery which puppies have been matched and which are still available to be chosen!

4 week old update:

Gloria's puppies are now 4 weeks old!  We needed to move the puppies downstairs from our Puppy Room into our livingroom due to the heat wave we just experienced and the unfortunate fact that our AC decided to konk out just when it was needed most! The transition to a new area didn't phase them at all!  With the absence of air conditioning, it has been a challenge to control the heat and humidity in our house, so we have had lots of fans running to keep and puppies and us somewhat cooler!  Gloria was too hot to nurse, but thankfully, the puppies had already been started on a slurry of goats milk, softened and mashed kibbles, probiotics, and canned food, and readily dove into their food!  Because of Gloria's smaller size, it is a lot of work for her to keep up to 7 puppies, and her milk is naturally starting to dry up after a few days of her not wanting to nurse much in the heat, so we are going to go with the flow and let Gloria naturally wean her pups!  Along with the slurry mix for food that the puppies are eating 4 times per day -- they also have full time access to water which is essential for keeping them hydrated in the heat!  Even though the puppies have been weaned due to the strain on Gloria to keep up her milk supply, the puppies still have opportunity to see her and the other dogs in our midst.  Our momma dogs are never taken away from their puppies completely, the moms are just allowed to choose whether or not they want to nurse or we put on a little "jumpsuit" which just gives our moms a break!

We bathed the puppies prior to their photo session this afternoon and they also had a nail trim and fur trimming around their eyes and bum area.  In this update we have included a score chart which is how we measure the puppies reactions to new things like with their bath, nail trim, and fur trim.  The scoring is from 1 to 5 with 1 being minimal and 5 being a major reaction.  Our puppies average a 1 to 3 reaction which is in the normal "submissive" range for puppies that are suited for most family types with average energy.

Blue Boy

Water/Bath: 1

Blow Dryer: 1

Nail Trimming: 1

Face and Bum Area Trimming: 1

Bushing: 1

Mango Boy

Water/Bath: 1

Blow Dryer: 3

Nail Trimming: 1

Face and Bum Area Trimming: 1

Bushing: 1

Red Girl

Water/Bath: 1

Blow Dryer: 1

Nail Trimming: 1

Face and Bum Area Trimming: 1

Bushing: 1

Purple Girl

Water/Bath: 1

Blow Dryer: 1

Nail Trimming: 2

Face and Bum Area Trimming: 1

Bushing: 1

Green Boy 

Water/Bath: 1

Blow Dryer: 1

Nail Trimming: 1

Face and Bum Area Trimming: 1

Bushing: 1

Yellow Boy

Water/Bath: 1

Blow Dryer: 1

Nail Trimming: 1

Face and Bum Area Trimming: 1

Bushing: 1

Pink Girl

Water/Bath: 1

Blow Dryer: 2

Nail Trimming: 1

Face and Bum Area Trimming: 2

Bushing: 1

The scoring is meant to help our puppy families to know how their puppies react to new situations which plays a factor in training, for example, one puppy may need a chance to adjust to a new situation vs another might jump in with all 4 paws.  It doesn't mean one puppy is better than another as knowledge is key in any situation.  We'll help guide you to the right puppy upon your 5 week Skype or visit to choose your puppy!

The puppies received another deworming today and their weights are as follows:

Blue Boy -- 1 pound and 10.5 ounces

Mango Boy -- 1 pound and 11.5 ounces

Red Girl -- 1 pound and 4 ounces

Purple Girl -- 1 pound and 8.5 ounces

Green Boy -- 1 pound and 13.5 ounces

Yellow Boy -- 1 pound and 13.5 ounces

Pink Girl -- 1 pound and 9.5 ounces

The puppies have been doing decently well with their pee-pad training which was "sprung" on them abruptly when we moved them downstairs last Friday (July 5th).  They were put into a fairly large pen with access to a pee-pad area on one half of the pen and the other half is for sleeping and eating.

We have a video below, and as you can see -- all the puppies are doing well with plenty of activity and excitement as they explore their enclosure, check out toys, and play together!  The puppies are learning to play and are starting to make little yips and growls that are typical and essential puppy noises as they enter this new phase in their socialization. Overall, Gloria and Samuel's puppies are among some of our quietest puppies!  Since Samuel has been able to step up as our top Poodle stud, we have been amazed at how quiet and even tempered all of his puppies have been with our girls -- watch the video and we think you'll agree:

2 & 3/4 week bonus update:

The puppies eyes have all fully opened and gosh are they ever cute!  For their photo, we let the puppies do whatever they wanted on set, and you can see their adorable little budding temperaments already!

Blue Boy -- Curious! Moved all around the set checking out the colours!

Mango Boy -- Curious! Wanted to sit up and look at everything!

Red Girl -- Adventurous! Could hardly sit still with all the excitement!

Purple Girl -- Content! Happy to watch all that was going on!

Green Boy -- Playful! Wanted to play instead of sit still for a photo!

Yellow Boy -- Content! A nap would have been nice, super relaxed!

Pink Girl -- Adventurous! Rolls to the tune of "these paws were made for walking!"

We hope you enjoy the bonus photos!

2 week old update:

Gloria's puppies are now 2 weeks old!  They are amazingly strong for their age and are actively moving around the whelping box!  We have noted again with this litter from Samuel how exceptionally quiet these puppies are!  They are very content and well looked after by Gloria who continues to be a great mother!

Prior to the 2 week mark, puppies are unable to see or hear anything and rely entirely on their sense of smell and touch -- they even have their favourite positions at the "milk bar"! Their ears open along with their eyes around 10 to 18 days with 14 days being the average. A few of the puppies eyes are just "peeking" open in the corners and with their new senses comes a whole new world of adventure! The process will take another 2-4 days for all their eyes to open fully and when they do it will be time for us to start adding in toys of varying shapes, colours, and textures as a part of their visual and tactile stimulation. And we will start to play various desensitization sound clips like thunderstorms, vacuuming, and fireworks and keep building up to many different sounds over the coming weeks!

We trimmed the puppies nails for the first time today! Puppy nails can get quite sharp and scratch their mom's belly while they are nursing, so it's very important to keep them short!  While they are here, we will be trimming their nails about every 2 weeks, and once the puppies go home, they will need to be trimmed about every 3-4 weeks. The puppies didn't mind having their nails trimmed, and a few actually fell asleep in relaxation!


The puppies were also dewormed with Pyrantel Pamoate (equivalent of StrongidT). The dewormer is supposed to taste like chicken, but we're always very proud when the puppies take the dewormer without fuss -- and this litter did great! Our puppies are dewormed at 2, 4, and 6 weeks at home, and again at 8 weeks by our veterinarian upon their health check-up.

If you are not already following along, we encourage you to take a peek at the Puppy Timeline: Birth to 8 weeks for some extras that we can't always squeak into an update.  There will always be some variations as each litter will have different needs. For example, this litter was started on goats milk supplementation right from birth instead of starting at 2 weeks simply because it is a large litter and we don't want Gloria to be over-burndened.

It's also a good idea to start preparing for your puppy's arrival so you're not scrambling at 8 weeks of age trying to get ready!  We have a Puppy Shopping List page filled with items that we have tested ourselves, and items that we recommend.  You don't have to purchase the exact items shown, but it should give you an idea of what you can keep an eye out for in local stores!  The only thing we need to mention is that there will be a food change, so don't rush out to buy the food on the Shopping List or Recommended Food page just yet -- we're currently editing our website to show the changes!

Once the puppies have fully opened their eyes -- we will post a bonus update to show their adorable faces but our next scheduled update will be when the puppies turn 4 weeks old on Monday, July 8th! 

Below is a group photo of the puppies so you can see just how much they have grown!  We hope you enjoy the photos!

Gloria and Samule's 2019 Litter  -- 2 we

Birth Announcement:

Gloria has given birth to a beautiful litter of 7 puppies! They were born between 12:10 PM and 4:12 PM on June 11th, 2019. We're a bit later sending out the birth announcement than we normally would be for our litters, simply because of the sheer number of puppies born to such a small girl like Gloria, and these puppies are so quiet (typical of what we've seen so far from Samuel) that we took extra care to make sure that all of the puppies are nursing and doing well! In fact, we're absolutely amazed at how quiet and content these puppies are!  This was definitely another spectacular match between our girls and Samuel!

Gloria is an exceptional mother that nurtures her puppies with a calm demeanour that instills a sweet nature into her babes! It was a smooth and easy birth for Gloria, and she is no stranger to 7 puppies as she had 7 last year as well!  We will be supplementing this litter with goats milk to ensure that there is no strain on Gloria and that all of her puppies are getting enough nutrition. Her puppies are, although, gaining weight (about an ounce a day), and by 2 weeks of age the puppies will have doubled in size!

Here is a video of the puppies nursing:

Six out of the seven puppies are rich shiny black with some white markings.  And one is a medium ruby puppy with some white markings.

We have used puppy safe ID collars for easy identification and these "colours" will be how each puppy is referred to during their time here until around 5-6 weeks of age when you choose a name for the puppy of your choice! The puppies are as follows:


Black with white on his chest, chin, and back toes.



Black with small amount of white on his chest.



Medium Ruby Abstract with white on all her paws, chin, chest, forehead, and a tip on her tail.



Black with white on her chest, chin, and back toes.



Black with small amount of white on his chest.



Black with small amount of white on his chest.



Solid Black, except for white on one back toe.

It's easy to see why we have identification collars on the puppies!  Over the next few weeks, it will become easier to tell them apart by their adorable faces!  Make no mistake in thinking that just because there is a lot of black in this litter that the puppies will all look the same -- you can already see their individuality if you really look at their sweet faces!

Our next puppy update will be on June 24th, 2019 when the puppies will turn 2 weeks old!

Gloria's Past Litters at Pleasant Meadows:



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