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Proverbs 22:1

"A  good  name  is  more  desirable  than  great  riches;

to  be  esteemed  is  better  than  silver  or  gold."

Image by Jan Canty
English Springer Spaniel Prices

Springer Spaniel



Money can buy you a fine dog, but only LOVE can make him wag his tail!
-K. Friedman



Puppy Starter Kit


Your SPRINGER Comes With The Following:

We customize each complimentary Puppy Starter Kit for each breed or mix that we raise so that their kits are geared to essential items that they will need. Each kit is a way of saying THANK YOU for giving one of our puppies a wonderful home! We want all of our puppies to have a smooth transition from our home to yours, and this is one way that we can help out! We also list what our puppies are exposed to for socialization and training at the bare minimum!

Care Items:

- food & water dishes
​- collar & leash (small size for 2-6 months)


Food Items:

- food sample (non-GMO / organic raw  / enough food for 1 week.  1stMoz meat roll, or raw meat sample -- you will receive a sample of the food the puppies are eating. We only feed our dogs organic or non-GMO food and the brand/type will vary based on which variety is best suited to the litter)


- stuffed animal or crinkle toy (at least one of these items)
- Nylabone chew or Kong chew toy (at least one of these items or sometimes both)

Health Stuff:

- dewormed by breeder at 2, 4, & 6 weeks of age (dewormed with Pyrantel Pamoate which is an equivalent of StrongidT or with Bayer Quad dewormer or Drontal)

- health examination (performed by a licensed veterinarian at 7-8 weeks)

​- 1st booster vaccination & additional deworming (these are performed by a licensed veterinarian at 7-8 weeks and another deworming given at the same time as the vaccination -- these items are what will be shown on your puppy's health record)​

- vaccination schedule (info link will be given)​

- Purchase Agreement which includes up to a 3 year congenital health guarantee (against life-threatening defects)​ if fed a raw diet (please see our Puppy Purchase Agreement for details)

- health record (record of vaccination and deworming performed by vet at 7-8 weeks)​

- birth certificate​ (showing the puppy's name, the parents of the puppy, the breed of your puppy, and your puppy's date of birth)​

Grooming Supplies:

- brush (you will receive a brush and your puppy will be brushed)​
paw butter (protection for your puppy's paws from natures elements)​

Instructional Guides:

- puppy training tips (online link will be given)
​- compulsory "Taking Puppy Home" Online Instructional​ that will help prepare you for the care and training aspects of your puppy (exclusive online link will be given to you that is continually updated with new information and tips to give everyone an informative resource to refer back to as needed)

- lifetime breeder support (you can contact us for advise any time throughout your puppy's life!)

Puppy Socialization & Training:

- handled daily from birth onward (our puppies feel our hands from the moment they take their first breath as we care for them, cuddle them, play with them, and love them!)


​- Puppy Culture Bi-Sensor Program (please see video and scroll through diagram for information)

- extensive socialization (our puppies are exposed to many sights and sounds that your puppy will hear in a typical household like vacuuming, pots and pans clanging, phones ringing, doors opening and closing. And we also go above and beyond to expose them to things out of the ordinary like thunderstorm sounds, fireworks, train horns, sirens.)
​- potty training (our puppies go home having been well started on pee-pad OR grass pad training and will be exposed to the outside world around 6-8 weeks of age)

​- crate training (our puppies are all exposed to the crate -- both wire and plastic -- for sleeping purposes at night time where they sleep together as a group for comfort to make the crate feel like a safe den area)

​- general command training (around the 6-7 week mark we start teaching the puppies to "sit" and sometimes "lay down" solely depending on each puppy's individual progression. We use positive reinforcement and reward the puppies with verbal praise and a treat to solidify the desired skill)

- vehicle ride (we have two vets and one is 1 hour away and the other is 40 minutes away and therefore the puppies will have a minimum of 1 hour and 20 minutes to a 2 hour vehicle ride at 7-8 weeks of age which allows us to expose the puppies to the motion of the vehicle over an extended period of time and it typically allows us to predict if any puppies will experience motion sickness on the vehicle ride home. This also serves as extra exposure to the crate in a completely new situation for the puppies)

Everyone will receive a link to our Exclusive Online "Taking Puppy Home Instructional" that covers a wide range of topics for care and training that you will encounter in the first week in your home (and beyond)!  The instructional will help set you up for success in training your puppy! By having the instructional online it not only allows us to "go green" and send puppy owners home with less paper in their Puppy Starter Kits, but it allows new puppy owners to access the instructional from the comfort of their own homes prior to taking their puppy home (which permits them to prepare) and they can refer back to it whenever necessary!  Puppy Pick Ups will be scheduled at 11:00 AM and/or 2:00 PM on the day the puppies turn 8 weeks of age, or the next closest weekend available for pick-up (to be determined by Pleasant Meadows). 

How Do I Pay For My Puppy?

All puppies must be paid for in full by 8 weeks of age and picked up on the day the litter turns 8 weeks or the closest correlating weekend (to be determined by Pleasant Meadows). If a litter turns 8 weeks on a SATURDAY then the next day on SUNDAY will be opened up for pick-ups OR if a litter turns 8 weeks on a MONDAY the day before on SUNDAY will be opened up for puppy-pick-ups.  In the event of a puppy going home 1 day early in order to accommodate families being able to travel on the weekend -- the puppy must be paid in full at the time of pick-up. Please click on the orange link to view accepted payment methods. 

Puppy Boarding Fees

If your puppy is not picked up on the day that the litter turns 8 weeks OR the closest correlating weekend (determined by Pleasant Meadows) -- a $15 per day boarding fee will be applied to the puppy price.

If your puppy is not picked up by 9 weeks of age -- you will forfeit all rights to the puppy and the said puppy will be made available to the next prospective family. As outlined in our Puppy Purchase Agreement and Waiting List Rules, the initial $100 reservation fee and the $700 deposit placed at birth is non-refundable. Due to the extreme inconvenience directed at the Breeder, who needs to start the screening process all over again for a new family, the holding fee and any additional payments made by the Buyer will not be refunded until after the said puppy has been purchased/paid in full by a new prospective family. Please click the green link below for more details about puppy boarding.

How Do I Pick Up My Puppy?

We require that our puppies are picked up IN PERSON. We do NOT ship our puppies alone in cargo! You must either drive or fly to Pleasant Meadows to pick up your puppy! Please click on the grey link for puppy pick up details.




"Two are better than one ... if one falls down,

his friend can help him up." 


*Ecclesiastes 4:9-10*

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