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Our  Past  Litters

from our retired stars!

On this page you will find our past litters here at Pleasant Meadows from all of our RETIRED moms over the past 13 years and counting! Over the next 3-5 years we will be transitioning from the Cavapoo to the Brittanydoodle and the Springerdoodle moving forward! If you do not see a particular mother here, then she hasn't had a litter yet.  You can view each mother's litters and who the father was in the gallery beside each particular mother.  We are very conscientious about the health of our girls, and ALL of our dogs are bred under vet guidance as to the number of litters per female as every mother is different and their overall health and care needs to be assessed individually.  For clarification, this page is for reference of past mothers and their past litters only!

All mothers shown on this page are RETIRED!

© The photos on this page are owned and copyrighted by Pleasant Meadows.


Aurora April 2022 -1.jpg

aurora is a wonderful standard poodle and certified service dog. many of her puppies have gone on to be therapy dogs, and we kept a puppy, Atira, from Aurora and Arlo's first litter together. She is retired from having puppies, but still has an active roll in our daily lives.


(Reired) Aurora


Mahdi -- November 2022 -3.jpg

Mahdi is a standard poodle and she has one beautiful litter for us and kept a daughter (maewyn) from mahdi and Arlo for a sustainable healthy Cavapoo, but we have since decided to let mahdi go to another breeder where her size is more suited!

Status: Retired

(Retired) Mahdi