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Holly Maleah

Cabello Leroy


BORN: July 16th, 2018

These parents will produce *F1 CAVAPOOS* (approximately 50% Cavalier -- 50% Poodle)

Please see our CAVAPOOS 101 page for details and refer to the F1 Cavapoo.


This will be Holly and Cabello's first litter together!  We anticipate that

their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 15 to 18 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:


Black ~ Ruby ~ Sable ~ Phantom ~ Chocolate ~ Cinnamon

Please visit our Cavapoo Colours page for more colour details.





No Puppies available within this litter! Families on the list have

placed deposits and holding fees and are ON HOLD for

the families on this waiting list!

2 BOYS and 1 GIRL

8 weeks old:


The puppies were at the vet today and were all found to be in excellent health! The vet and staff were amazed at how calm and content the puppies were, and made many comments on how they were such wonderful puppies!  Here is what our vet checked on each puppy:

- Eyes (checked for abnormalities or discharge)

- Ears (checked for redness/infection)

- Mouth & throat (checked for gum colour, swallow reflex,)

- Heart (checked for irregular heartbeat patterns)

- Lungs (checked for rhythmic breaths and clarity of lungs)

- Stomach palpitation (checked for any signs of bloating, discomfort, or the presence of a hernia)

- Flexion of joints (checked for fluid movement of joints)

- Postural Reflexes (the "paw flip test" checks for proper neurological function where the paw is flipped under so the pads face upwards towards the belly. This is done to see how quickly the puppy rights it's paw so that the pads are flat on the ground/surface again the way a dog would normally bear weight/stand)


- Equilibrium (checked balance by turning the puppy on it's back to make sure the puppy can roll upright again)

- Temperature (checked for normal body temperature)

- Weight (checked for healthy weight and growth rate)

- Because the puppies were found to be in excellent health -- all of the puppies received their 1st shot which covers Parvovirus, Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza.

- Dewormed by vet with Strongid T according to weight.

The puppies weights are as follows:

Dobby -- 5.1 LBS (2.3 KG)

Benson -- 4.8 LBS (2.2 KG)

Keilah -- 4.3 LBS  (1.9 KG)


All of the puppies were brave for their shot, no whimpers! Their first shot is considered a booster shot, and your puppy will need to receive their second vaccination about 4 weeks from now (approximately 12 weeks of age). We recommend phoning in advance and booking your appointment with your vet for October 4th (exactly 4 weeks from now).  We also recommend having your puppy dewormed again upon the 12-week visit -- worms are an ongoing reality!

The puppies also did amazingly well on the vehicle ride to and from the vet (1 hour each way)!  There was no fuss or throw ups!

Holly's puppies have been sleeping through the night in their crate together from around 10:00 PM to 7:30 AM.  You should anticipate needing to get up at least once in the night as they will be sleeping alone for the first time in your home -- although we will send you home with a scent blanket that has mom and littermates scent on it to help the puppies feel more comfortable in their new homes.

They are eating about 1/4 of a cup kibbles (softened in hot water for about 5 minutes) per meal and being fed 3 times a day around 8:00 in the morning, 3:00 in the afternoon, and again at 8:00 in the evening.  This schedule can be adjusted to suit the needs of your household, but it is important that puppies receive 3 fairly evenly spaced out meals up until around 5 months of age, where it can usually be bumped down to 2 meals after that point. And you won't have to soak the kibbles after about the first week or so in your home, after that point we recommend choosing one meal (we suggest the afternoon meal) and feed the hard kibbles, but still soften them in the morning and evening and then bump them up to hard kibbles for all the meals after another week.  But, even though you are not soaking the food, you should still add a bit of water, just enough to lubricate the dry food as kibbles can be dehydrating if fed completely dry.

The puppies are doing great on going to the bathroom outside!  They absolutely love exploring and romping in the grass!  We have a video below of the puppies on one of their outside adventures, plus a group photo of the puppies!

We look forward to seeing everyone when they pick up their puppy -- it would be greatly appreciated if everyone could please e-mail us to confirm what time you will be picking up your puppy!  Thank you, to the amazing families who will be taking home our puppies!

6 weeks old:


Holly and Cabello's puppies are now 6 weeks old.  Their pen has been expanded while still sharing space with Annalyse's puppies. They have been introduced to crate training this past week and have been sleeping through the night as a group from 10:00 PM to about 7:00 AM -- super amazing for puppies of their age!

The puppies are doing well with their pee pad training and have enjoyed their outside time and romping around in the grass. We have a video uploading that we will get posted later this evening of them literally enjoying some "chill time" outside.

We have booked their vet appointment for September 7th where they will receive a complete health examination, their first shot, and additional deworming.


Today they have had a bath and all did exceptionally well with that including the blow drying! They were most co-operative when outside for their photos, and again, very much enjoyed their outside adventures!

The litter as a whole is very well rounded and super relaxed about everything we introduce to them!  We couldn't be happier or say enough good things about them!  Keilah is very sweet and spirited.  Dobby is cuddly and sweet.  Cinnamon Boy is sweet and bubbly.  We are just totally in love with these puppies -- their temperaments are phenomenal and so much like the Cavalier in their gentle nature!

Below is some reading material on our website that will help you get prepared for taking home your puppy, and we will have additional information in your Puppy Starter Kit.

Take a last minute peek at the Puppy Shopping List page to see if there is any item you missed purchasing and see our recommended Dog Food page to be certain you are purchasing the right brand of food:



Be prepared for your puppy's first few nights by reading up on our Puppy is Home, Now What? page:


And you will find plenty of training resources on these links:



We'll be posting another update when the puppies turn 8 weeks old, but we will also let you know how their vet appointment goes on September 7th. The appointment is in the afternoon and so the update will be posted in the evening!

And again, we'll get the video posted here as soon as it uploads later this evening!

4 weeks old:

Holly and Cabello's puppies are now 4 weeks old!  They have had a lot of big achievements in the past week!  We made the decision to move them down to our kitchen area early because they weren't getting enough exercise upstairs where all they wanted to do is nurse from Holly -- what little piggies they are!  Since being downstairs they have started moving around a lot more and are working off some of their puppy pudge!  They even had some time outside and they were completely enthralled to be able to explore the big world outside (about a 6x6 patch haha)!

Some of the puppies social this week included seeing all the different families come to visit from Daphne and Annalyse's litters to choose their puppies!

We are feeding the puppies 3 meals of goats milk, softened and mashed kibbles and canned food mixed together in a slurry.  It's quite common for  a smaller litter to eat "more than their fill" from momma and so by feeding them the 3 meals a day we can help regulate the amount of food they are getting!  They can still nurse from Holly in short regulated bursts between meals and throughout the night.

Holly's puppies are so much more than puppy pudge and too much food, and we know that we talk about it a lot, but it is a fact of a smaller litter. Although we know you're aching to know more about their little emerging temperaments!

- The Black Phantom Girl is the sweet and sensitive one of the bunch who likes to explore her world after her brothers take the lead.  She is a momma's girl to a "T" although she definitely loves the new food options -- in fact she was the first to try some!

- The Chocolate Phantom Boy is as smooth and sweet as milk chocolate can be!  He has a charm to match his colour and a real quiet demeanor about him!

- The Cinnamon Boy is also very sweet, although he is brave and confident -- he actually ventured the farthest while outside showing his enthusiasm to learn about the big world around him!

All throughout the week the puppies have been exposed to many different sights and sounds much earlier than most litters do, and we couldn't be more impressed!  Holly's puppies are about the most chill and relaxed puppies we have seen and they are quite smart too!

Along with moving downstairs comes potty training, and Holly's puppies have it all figured out!  They have pretty much "hit the mark" from day 1 of training and it's all to their own credit.  We work with a puppy's natural instinct to move away from the "eating and sleeping area" and towards the pee-pad -- essentially, they train themselves!

We look forward to meeting and Skyping with those on the list for this litter and hope that you have enjoyed the update!

2 weeks old:

Holly and Cabello's puppies are now 2 weeks old!  They are growing big and strong, and are quite the little piglets!  With only 3 pups in the litter they have "unlimited" supply of milk for themselves and they have a good deal of puppy fat weighing them down! It will probably be another week or so before they are up and walking due to how pudgy they are (normal for a small litter!), but they are healthy and strong!

Their eyes are just starting to peek open and will be open in another day or so!  This is a key time in a puppy's development because they gain their vision, as well as their hearing!  At this time we will be introducing the puppies to as many sights and sounds as possible to desensitize them to the world around them!

We will also be introducing the puppies to goats milk which is the very beginning stages of our weaning process which spans out over the next 6 weeks.  Right now, we just want the puppies to be able to taste an alternative food source and they will still have full access to nurse from their mom.  Please see our Puppy Weaning Stages page for the full breakdown:


If you are not already following along on our Puppy Timeline from Birth to 8 weeks, we encourage you to do so for all the info that we simply cannot fit into our puppy updates:


You may also want to check out the Puppy Shopping List page to help get prepared to bring home your puppy in 2 months time:


Below is a video of the puppies nursing, and as you can see, they have a vigorous appetite!  We hope you enjoyed the photos too!


Holly gave birth to a gorgeous litter of 3 puppies on July 16th between 4:00 AM and 6:00 AM.  Holly is a wonderful first time mother!  She gave birth to 2 boys and 1 girl of spectacular colour!  It has taken us a bit longer to announce this litter, as we were researching colour genetics to understand how we were blessed with a litter of such beauty!  There is 1 Black Phantom (like Holly) girl, 1 Chocolate Phantom boy, and 1 Sable boy of such unusual colour that we are going to dub his colour "Cinnamon".  We were not expecting a chocolate coloured puppy, because logic would say that it is not possible, as you need both parents to either be chocolate themselves or carry the chocolate gene.  Holly's dad was chocolate and so she does carry for it, however, everybody knows that Cavalier colours are Blenheim (red and white), Tri-Colour (black and white with tan points), Ruby (solid red), and Black and Tan (solid black with tan points).  So, obviously we were more than surprised and needed to research how it could be possible and what we found was beyond shocking!  We did a lot of googling and found out that although the CKC and AKC only accept the 4 Cavalier colours that we know today, the UK accepts other colour variations, and Canada and the USA "recognized all colours" prior to 1973. It was only in 1973 that the Breed Standard was changed to disallow for showing the whole-colour Blacks, Black & Whites, and the Chocolates.  We were able to trace Cabello's line back to a Canadian line of Cavaliers that were chocolate.  Here is a link to show the Chocolate Cavaliers from Cochran's Cavaliers and it gives you the same info we have outlined:


Cabello has two Cochran Cavaliers in his 5 generation AKC pedigree (and more further back) which can be seen on Cabello's profile page.  One of these allowed us to trace him back through CH Cochran's St Paddy Day O-Lego and many more leading to the Chocolate Cochran Cavaliers.  Below is a photo of CH Cochran's St Paddy Day 0-Lego, and the resemblance between him and Cabello is striking:

So, needless to say, all of this is extremely shocking and phenomenal!  The chocolate gene has quite obviously carried itself down through the line and has surfaced now in Holly and Cabello's puppies together!  This litter of puppies is now perhaps one of the most unique in Canada and we are so excited to have the honour to present you with these wonderfully coloured puppies!

Our next scheduled update for this litter will be on July 29th when the puppies turn 2 weeks old!  We will e-mail those on the waiting list when the update has been posted here!  Stay tuned!

Holly's Past Litters at Pleasant Meadows:



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