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Holly Maleah

Cabello Leroy

Holly July 2019.jpg


Cabello May 2020.jpg

BORN: JUNE 25th, 2020

These parents will produce *F1 CAVAPOOS* (approximately 50% Cavalier -- 50% Poodle)

Please see our CAVAPOOS 101 page for details and refer to the F1 Cavapoo.


This will be Holly and Cabello's second litter together!  We anticipate that

their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 15 to 20 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:


Black ~ Ruby (MEDIUM OR DARK) ~ Sable ~ Phantom ~ Chocolate ~ Cinnamon ~ Gold (LIGHT OR MEDIUM)

Please visit our Cavapoo Colours page for more colour details.


1. Laurie Houghton -- no preference ... Customized Past Customer Payment Received!

2. Lewicki Family -- no preference ... Reservation & Deposit Received!

3. William Graham -- male ... Reservation & Deposit Received!

Laurie also owns:


Wallace from

Isabella X Tobi 2014

Casper from

Emma X Tobi 2018

NO puppies available! Deposits have been placed and families are anticipating choosing a puppy at 5-6 weeks of age!

Image by Rodion Kutsaev

3 Little Princesses

Image by Frame Harirak

2 week old update:

Holly's puppies are now 2 weeks old and their eyes are just opening! The puppies have just begun their initial stages of exploring the whelping box now that they are acquiring both their sight and hearing, and for them, their life will get more exciting as they can check out their surroundings and begin adventures with toys and play time!

The puppies have grown a lot in their first couple weeks of life and amazingly are essentially uniform in size and weight!  Here are their weights as follows:

Butterscotch Girl #1

1.6 pounds (0.73 kg)

Sable Phantom Girl

1.6 pounds (0.73 kg)

Butterscotch Girl #2

1.7 pounds (0.77 kg)

We weigh the puppies regularly to ensure that they are gaining weight at a proper rate and particularly for deworming the puppies at 2, 4, and 6 weeks of age (8 week deworming is done at the vet).

This morning the puppies had their first nail trimming and they were entirely relaxed during the process and remained so for the photo session where they were sleepy and composed little princesses on the set and took some adorable photos!

Here are some bonus group photos of the puppies:

We have highlighted the neurological stimulation exposure we do with all of our puppies from the Bio Sensor Program developed by Arskeusky, Kellogg and Yearkes and the "Bio Sensor" program which is highly endorsed by Dr. Carmen Battaglia.  This method introduces puppies to a few situations which illicit early thought processing and encourages reactions to unfamiliar situations in their environment which, in turn, helps them cope with stressful circumstances later in life. 

Such testing is said to stimulate creative thinking and overall enhancement in brain development as well as more tolerance to stress and resistance to disease as they react to their environment spontaneously and positively.


We captured each of Holly's three puppies in a short video that shows their responses to today's neurological exposures:

You can read more about the Bio Sensor Program and its benefits by clicking  HERE .  

This coming week we will be starting the puppies on an introduction to goat's milk -- just in the tasting phase -- and they will continue to have full access to Holly for nursing.  The weaning process is several weeks long as the puppies gradually learn to enjoy the goat's milk, and in time are entirely weaned from nursing their mom.  As a part of this, they will also be slowly introduced to a slurry of softened kibbles, canned food, and the goat's milk and will graduate to moist kibbles and canned food and drinking water from a waterer like a big dog around 6 weeks of age, and the final 2 weeks at Pleasant Meadows will be dedicated to getting the puppies eating a sufficient amount of food on a schedule (morning, afternoon, evening).

While on the food topic, please note that we have updated our website and will be using a new food for this litter of puppies.  You can see it on our Recommended Dog Food page by clicking  HERE .

This week we want to give you the link to our TAKING HOME PUPPY ONLINE INSTRUCTIONAL which will help prepare you for adding a puppy to your home and for the 1st year of your puppy's life.  Please take advantage of the information and resources on the Taking Home Puppy Online Instructional and read it thoroughly over the next 6 weeks before your puppy goes home with you at 8 weeks of age.  This instructional is a permanent fixture of our website that you will be able to refer back to at any point in time.  Please note that it is password protected -- check the email sent out for the puppy's 2 week old update so that you can retrieve this password.  Here is the link to the instructional page:

https://www.pleasantmeadowscanada.com/taking-home-puppy-instructional -- If you don't read it we will know by the type of questions that you will end up asking us!  Please take advantage of the information given!

Puppy choosing time will be here before you know it, and we ask that families start to think of names for the puppy that you will be choosing, as over the weeks at Pleasant Meadows we will call your puppy by her name so that she will become familiar with hearing it and it will help us in your puppy's initial training when we ask the puppies to sit for their meals.  We also require a name for your puppy's Birth Certificate which needs to go to the printer's in plenty of time ahead of 8 weeks of age.


For those on Holly's list, we are offering two methods for choosing a puppy, either by SKYPE VIDEO CALL or by visiting Pleasant Meadows in person and abiding by our STRICT COVID-19 SOCIAL DISTANCING & SAFETY PROCEDURES.  We have planned ahead and will be setting up our large 10 ft by 20 ft tent-style gazebo that will allow for appropriate spacing between us and visitors -- it is our plan to have the puppies in the middle of the gazebo.

For those who want to choose their puppy in person, we will REQUIRE that you bring your own masks to be worn by each of your family members and that you wear freshly washed clothing (which is already apart of our regular Bio-Security measures).  Here is the link to our Visitation Procedures page which will outline our "normal" safety measures:



It is also a requirement to wash hands thoroughly, and since the choosing process will take place outside we will supply hand sanitizer.  And once hands have been sanitized we have disposable gloves available (in sizes small and large) for you to put on before touching the puppies.

We will NOT be allowing visitors into our home as it is still not advisable by the WHO to have non-family-members in your home.  This means that you will be responsible for finding a public place to use a restroom if needed before arriving at Pleasant Meadows.  We will have Holly and Cabello outside in the gazebo with us so that you can meet the parents of the puppies.

We will be emailing you tomorrow (July 10th) to schedule you for a SKYPE CALL or VISITATION.  Puppy Choosing will be any time from Thursday, July 30th to Sunday, August 2nd, 2020 in the order in which your name is on the list.

To end this update, here are additional photos of your princesses that we couldn't resist snapping!  Enjoy!

Image by Frame Harirak

6 day old bonus update:

Holly's puppies are thriving and growing rapidly! You can already see a huge difference from birth to now where the individuality in their faces can be seen!  Holly, surprisingly, has an abundance of milk in spite of the interruption of nursing while she was under vet care, and her puppies are plump as plums! Holly is continuing to do well and is a very relaxed and attentive Mom!  Here is a video of the puppies nursing before getting their photo taken for today's Canada Day update:

Image by Frame Harirak

Birth Announcement:

Click on photos to view in expanded mode and for any pertaining titles and comments.

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Holly's litter has arrived, and it's been quite an adventure thus far!  The initial sign of preparation for labour is a drop in body temperature and then it progresses into nesting behaviour and eventual contractions for birthing.  This whole process usually lasts 24 hours, but it can last up to 48 hours and still be normal -- each female is different and the general rule is that if the mom isn't stressed then all is well.  Holly's temperature dropped on the 23rd and started nesting behaviour, but after 48 hours she had not progressed any further and we knew we had to take her to the vet.  Holly had a c-section to deliver her 3 beautiful girl puppies in the afternoon of June 25th, 2020.  We like to give our moms at least 24 hours of relaxation, rest, and time to bond with their puppies after birthing and it was right at the time when we would have normally been prepping to send off the Birth Announcement when everything changed. Holly and her puppies were doing great until the morning of the 26th when Holly had a rare reaction to her medication and became very lethargic, disoriented, drooling, vomiting, and had diarrhea.  We had to rush Holly back to the vet where she had a 24 hour stay to replenish her fluids and electrolytes, and blood work was checked to ensure that her organs were functioning normally, and general care treatment for her medication reaction.  Meanwhile, we had Holly's puppies at home because a vet clinic is not safe for young puppies beyond when it is medically necessary as they treat so much illness that having them in the clinic with Holly would have been too high of a risk.  We fed the puppies formula milk around the clock (every 2 hours) until Holly was well enough to be discharged and join her puppies again today.  We have spent the day monitoring Holly and her puppies, and we have supplemented some feedings while her milk is stimulated to come back in as she went 24 hours without nursing.  All seems to be going smoothly now which is why we are now posting the Birth Announcement.

C-sections are never how a breeder wants their puppies to be born, however, they are none-the-less fairly routine and reactions like Holly had to post-surgery medication are quite rare.  We had planned that this would be Holly's last litter for us prior to this unplanned c-section, so we decided to go ahead and have Holly spayed at the same time while she was under anaesthetic for the c-section thus avoiding future surgery for Holly.

Now that Holly and her puppies are reunited, all is well and back to normal as if nothing happened.  Holly came home and ate a meal and fell fast asleep with her puppies nursing and she has gotten right back into the swing of being an amazing mom.  Holly is very attentive and relaxed about caring for her puppies and it definitely shows as the puppies are very content and happy.  The puppies are very strong in spite of their rocky start with Holly's need for extra medical care, and they are vibrant and healthy!

There are two rich "Butterscotch" coloured girls with abstract markings (white on the feet, face, chin, chest, and tail) and the other girl is a Sable Phantom. We have never had the "Butterscotch" colouration before, but there is no other way to describe the colour as it's not Apricot or Ruby so we're calling them Butterscotch because they are like "Werther's Originals" in colour.  One of the Butterscotch girls has a white marking on the back of her neck, and they will be easier for you to tell apart as they age.

Due to differences in bank holiday times for the July 1st holiday, we will be giving families on this list until Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 to send in their $400 deposit to indicate their interest in choosing a puppy at the 5 to 6 week mark.

Please see the Birth Announcement e-mail for more details on how to place your deposit and important information about when the puppies will be turning 5 weeks for puppy choosing and 8 weeks for going to their new homes.


Our next scheduled update will be when the puppies turn 2 weeks old on Thursday, July 9th, 2020.

Here are some more photos of the puppies to finish off this birth announcement:

Click on photos to view in expanded mode and for any pertaining titles and comments.

To scroll through the photos you can either click on the navigational arrows or click on the smaller photos.

Holly's Past Litters at Pleasant Meadows:



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