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Lydia Ruth

Arlo Nicholas


Lydia July 2019-1.jpg
Arlo -- August 2020.jpg

BORN: JULY 20th, 2020

These parents will produce *MULTIGEN CAVAPOOS* (approximately 43.75% Cavalier -- 56.25% Poodle)

Please see our CAVAPOOS 101 page for details and refer to the Multigen Cavapoo.


This will be Lydia and Arlo's first litter together!  We anticipate that

their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 16 to 20 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:


Black ~ Ruby (LIGHT OR MEDIUM) ~ Sable ~ Tri-Colour ~ Chocolate

Please visit our Cavapoo Colours page for more colour details.


1. Pleasant Meadows -- Celina "Red Girl" -- staying at Pleasant Meadows

2. Becky & Joseph Rabchuk -- Izzy "yellow girl" ... PAID IN FULL!

3. Sophie Lemay -- Zuko "Lime Green Boy" ... PAID IN FULL!

4. Deborah McKenna -- Ollie "Forest Geen Boy" ... PAID IN FULL!

5. Joanna & Franco Cini -- Marley "Orange Boy" ... PAID IN FULL!

6. Rachelle & Andrew Page -- Maggie "Pink Girl"... PAID IN FULL!

7. Robin & Nirmala -- Zack "Aqua Boy" ... PAID IN FULL!

8. Theoni & Chris -- Lily Rose "Purple" ... PAID IN FULL!

Sophie's niece also owns:

Rachelle & Andrew also own:

Dobby -- 6 weeks old pic 1.jpg
Bunker -- 8 weeks old pic 1.jpg

Dobby from Holly X Cabello 2018

Bunker from Annalyse X Amedeo 2016!

Robin & Nirmala also own:

Cleo -- 8 weeks old pic 1.jpg

Cleo from Annalyse X Arlo 2020!

All puppies have been chosen by the families on this waiting list! NO PUPPIES AVAILABLE!


4 Girls and 4 Boys


8 week old update:

The puppies officially turn 8 weeks old on Monday, Sept. 14th, but we are posting the update a smidge early so that families can pick up their puppies on Sunday and it won't conflict with their work schedule.  All of the puppies have done well after their vaccine yesterday -- no reactions -- which is rare, but still always best to monitor for 24 hours to ensure that all is well.

So far the puppies have been doing very well on their crate training!  They are sleeping from around 11:00 PM to around 7:00 AM without a fuss!  And we even experimented with little Celina last night and placed her in a separate crate as she will need to be sleeping without her siblings by tomorrow night and she settled in her crate after only a few minutes of whimpering!  Hopefully, all of the other puppies settle down quickly at night too!   We have also given them time in the crate during the day for a maximum of an hour to better prepare them for the times when you need to step out of the house for a short period of time, or simply for when you can't watch your puppy and need to place your puppy in the crate.

The puppies are all eating 1/4 of a cup of food, and you can likely bump up to 1/3 of a cup once they have been in your home about a week and have adjusted.  They all have big appetites which is so great to see in puppies, especially when they go to their new homes!  By 12 weeks of age, the puppies should be eating closer to 1/2 a cup of food.

They have been exceptional puppies for all of the socialization we have introduced to them and they are not phased by loud noises or seeing new things.  They are all quick to explore with curiosity and find their stride easily!  We have thoroughly enjoyed having this fun and quirky litter!  All of the puppies have a "unique blend" of Lydia and Arlo traits that perhaps wouldn't be obvious to those who don't spend their lives with Lydia and Arlo -- but for us, this is a litter that is hard to say goodbye to! So, it's a blessing to at least be able to keep Celina!

Pee-pad training has continued to be a success, but please remember that it's best to make a smaller pen in your home than what we have here for 8 puppies, as a single puppy doesn't need that much room.  This litter's curiosity has lead them to shred a few pee-pads so keep an eye on that once they are home!  They have done many pees outside and a few poops, but they have a fairly good handle on the concept of going outside which is super!

Because this litter is pretty food motivated, and also because they are a larger litter we have found that they don't quite yet have the patience for sitting for their food.  We get most of our puppies sitting pretty good for their food, and as you can see from all of the photos -- the puppies DO know how to sit!  But, when they smell/see food they actually start looking for it instantly on the ground where their bowls would typically be placed which means that their attention isn't on us trying to teach them to sit for their food.  So, the next step for this litter would actually be to teach them the "look at me" cue (Google it) which teaches a dog to look at their owner for guidance -- it's a useful command for MANY different situations where you need to get their attention.  Every litter is different and knowing where they are at training-wise can be so helpful when you can pick up where it's needed.

We will be continuing to add more helpful information and/or videos, etc. to the Taking Home Puppy Online instructional, so check back every now and again if you have a question that may be easily answered.  And it will continue to be available for those with our puppies to refer back to!  That being said, we are still always here if you have any questions, and as we send off this litter to their new homes tomorrow we look forward to the updates that we will receive back on how the puppies are doing!

We will have five families picking up their puppies at 11 am tomorrow and a couple at 2 PM, so please be patient and maybe wait in your vehicle while we send off each puppy so we can all social distance. Our lovely tent gazebo, unfortunately, was destroyed in a freak wind storm and so we built a temporary shelter as there is supposed to be the chance of rain tomorrow (maybe bring an umbrella!?).

If you haven't already sent in your final balance for your puppy ($900) please do so before pick up tomorrow.

We will sign off the puppies final 8 week update with their group photo -- we are so proud of this litter and we think the photo speaks for itself:


Vet update:

The puppies were at the vet today, and they were apparently the talk of the clinic!  It was a "new-to-us" vet as we have been trying to find a clinic that is a little bit closer to home.  It was a 37 minute drive (one way) instead of the usual 1 hour and 15 minute drive to our regular vet and so it was a bit of a treat for us!  There was one throw up on the way to the clinic which we believe was Marley (Orange Boy) and so heads up to the Cini Family -- bring some paper towel, cleaner, and an extra towel for Marley for the ride home! As far as we can tell, none of the other puppies experienced any motion sickness.  Once at the clinic we were asked so many times in the parking lot "what breed are they!?" that we must have said "they are Cavapoos" a dozen times in a span of a few minutes!  Even the vet was enamoured by them, but seemingly had never heard of such a mixture!  We just have to laugh a little bit, but the good news is that the puppies were all found to be in excellent health!

The puppies had their heart, lungs, eyes, and ears checked and were given a general physical examination before they were dewormed and given their 1st vaccination. The vet was very impressed with their perfect bites and said that she isn't used to seeing such beautifully aligned teeth when breeders come in with litters. We were not allowed inside the vet clinic, although we know that the puppies received a thorough examination by speaking with the vet after the puppies appointment -- but the attention to detail still wasn't quite what we are accustomed to with our regular vet so this may be the only visit to this clinic.  Nothing too serious, but this clinic apparently either doesn't own a "puppy-sized scale" which is simply a smaller scale for weighing smaller dogs under 10 pounds which is similar to the scales that doctors have for weighing infants. The larger flat scales that are found in the waiting room of vet clinics are not accurate enough for weighing little featherweights like a puppy or a Toy/small breed. Or maybe the vet techs were unable to keep the puppy still on the weigh scale and they were sloppy in recording their weights -- we don't know which scenario it was, but, each puppy that they weighed was out by 2-4 ounces (56.7 to 113.4 grams) which is not a huge deal in terms of a deworming dosage, and the vaccination is not given by weight but rather simply by age, but we have found slight variations in their weight compared to what our small dog scale shows at home.  

We noticed that something was wrong about their weights as soon as the clinic handed us the puppy record booklets (after we had paid and loaded up the puppies), as some of the puppies according to this clinics weigh scale had barely gained weight since our last weighing of the puppies at 6 weeks of age. Once home, we weighed all the puppies and found that there were definitely some discrepancies and that all of them had gained a proper amount of weight. We also double-checked our weigh scale to ensure that it was accurate -- 1 kg of sugar (unopened brown sugar package) weighed in at 1 kg as it should.


So, this vet update is a little bit different than our usual vet updates, and we debated about whether or not it was necessary to even mention it, but we do feel that it's important to talk about things like this in case you run into something similar at a clinic where you take your puppy.  What we dealt with today wasn't life-threatening, in fact, the puppies won't even notice that their deworming dosage was off by a few ounces of accuracy, but when you go to a vet clinic, one does expect them to have the proper equipment and/or technique and to pay attention to the little details.  In a puppy, because you don't want them to be too heavy (especially while growing), and you also don't want them to be too thin -- a few ounces up or down could be the difference between being overweight or underweight.

So there will be some slight weight corrections seen in some of the puppies vet booklets as we feel it's important to have their correct weights shown so that when your vet examines your puppy, they need to be able to accurately assess whether or not the puppies have gained a proper amount of weight since their last check up.

Below are the puppies weights from today taken on our scale at home.  You can click on the photos to see their individual weights in Kilograms in the first photo and in Pounds in the second photo:

Lily Rose

Lily Rose -- 6 weeks old.jpg

3 pounds and 2 ounces

(1.43 kg)

Joining the Georgakopoulos Family!


Celina -- 6 weeks old.jpg

3 pounds and 3.5 ounces

(1.49 kg)

Staying at Pleasant Meadows!


Marley -- 6 weeks old.jpg

3 pounds and 1.5 ounces

(1.41 kg)