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Welcome to Norah's Puppies page!  This is where we will post the bi-weekly updates for any current litter from Norah, and you can also click the link to

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Norah Faye

Trenton Miles


BORN: SEPTEMBER 30th, 2018

These parents will produce *F1B CAVAPOOS* (approximately 25% Cavalier -- 75% Poodle)

Please see our CAVAPOOS 101 page for details and refer to the F1B Cavapoo.




Norah and Trenton have had one prior litter together!  We anticipate that

their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 16 to 20 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:



Ruby ~ Apricot ~ Gold


Please visit our Cavapoo Colours page for more colour details.





1. Colleen Stevenson -- "Hendricks"/Puppy#5 BOY ... DEPOSIT & HOLDING FEE REC'D

2. Erin Maszczakiewicz -- "Charlotte"/Puppy#1 GIRL ... DEPOSIT & HOLDING FEE REC'D

3. Tasha Bell & Adam Zymirski -- "Millie"/Puppy#6 GIRL ... PAID IN FULL!

4. Branda Yan -- no preference ... "Harry Kingsley"/Puppy#3 BOY ... DEPOSIT & HOLDING FEE REC'D

5. Monica Peck -- no preference ... "Mocha"/Puppy#2 GIRL ... DEPOSIT & HOLDING FEE REC'D

6. Tracy Elliott -- no preference ... "Lily"/Puppy#4 GIRL ... DEPOSIT & HOLDING FEE REC'D

Sorry! NO puppies available! All DEPOSITS and HOLDING FEES have

been RECEIVED! These puppies are all ON HOLD for the families

on the waiting list for pick up at 8 weeks of age!

~ 4 Girls and 2 Boys ~

8 week vet update:

Norah and Trenton's 2018 litter -- 8 wee

The puppies were at the vet today and were all found to be in excellent health!  Our vet and staff, plus many onlookers in the waiting room, absolutely fell in love with the puppies when we walked inside! On the vehicle ride to the vet, Millie was the only puppy who got a little car sick, although she was fine on the ride back home. All of the puppies were exceptional in the vehicle with not even a whimper the whole trip both ways (2 hours total)!


Here is what our vet checked on each puppy:

- Eyes (checked for abnormalities or discharge)

- Ears (checked for redness/infection)

- Mouth & throat (checked for gum colour, swallow reflex,)

- Heart (checked for irregular heartbeat patterns)

- Lungs (checked for rhythmic breaths and clarity of lungs)

- Stomach palpitation (checked for any signs of bloating, discomfort, or the presence of a hernia)

- Flexion of joints (checked for fluid movement of joints)

- Postural Reflexes (the "paw flip test" checks for proper neurological function where the paw is flipped under so the pads face upwards towards the belly. This is done to see how quickly the puppy rights it's paw so that the pads are flat on the ground/surface again the way a dog would normally bear weight/stand)


- Equilibrium (checked balance by turning the puppy on it's back to make sure the puppy can roll upright again)

- Temperature (checked for normal body temperature)

- Weight (checked for healthy weight and growth rate)

- Because the puppies were found to be in excellent health -- all of the puppies received their 1st shot which covers Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis (CAV), Parainfluenza.

- Dewormed by vet with Strongid T according to weight.

The puppies weights are as follows:

Charlotte -- 3.9 LBS  (1.8 KG)

Mocha -- 3.7 LBS  (1.7 KG)

Harry -- 3.5 LBS   (1.59 KG)

Lily -- 3.7 LBS  (1.68 KG)

Hendricks -- 4.7 LBS  ( 2.14 KG)

Millie -- 4.9 LBS  (2.2 KG)

All of the puppies were brave for their shot, no whimpers! Their first shot is considered a booster shot, and your puppy will need to receive their second vaccination about 4 weeks from now (approximately 12 weeks of age). We recommend phoning in advance and booking your appointment with your vet for December 21st (exactly 4 weeks from now).  We also recommend having your puppy dewormed again upon the 12-week visit -- worms are an ongoing reality!

We look forward to seeing everyone when they pick up their puppy!

Take a last minute peek at the Puppy Shopping List page to see if there is any item you missed purchasing and see our recommended Dog Food page to be certain you are purchasing the right brand of food:



Be prepared for your puppy's first few nights by reading up on our Puppy is Home, Now What? page:


And you will find plenty of training resources on these links:



We look forward to seeing all of you who can make it for the "Taking Puppy Home" Session on the 24th.  Please leave in plenty of time to ensure safe travels on the winter roads to arrive on time for the session.  We have a *tight* schedule to keep as families are also starting to arrive to choose from Reena's puppies the 24th and 25th.  We will be sending you home with an extensive package of puppy information!

See you all soon!

8 week mini update:

Norah's puppies are definitely adorable balls of complete cuteness!  All of them different in their own unique way, and all of them amazing -- just what we have come to love about Norah's pups over the years!  They are all set for their vet appointment tomorrow and we'll post the rest of the update in the late afternoon (on the 23rd) after we get home again. It is an hour drive to our vet (one way) and so the puppies will get some decent exposure to the motion of the vehicle and we'll be able to update you to let you know if any of the puppies get car sick!  Enjoy the video!

6 week video update:

6 week old update:

We wanted to share with you "the power of crate security" (see album below)!  We introduced the puppies to the crate about a week ago as a visual in their pen and to make their area smaller for potty training on the pee-pads, and we opened the crate door yesterday when we expanded their pen and the puppies spent the day being able to run in and out playing through the open crate door and have little naps inside. The crate is often seen as "locking them away" and for this reason people are hesitant to crate train because they think their puppy will hate the crate and hate them for using it.  But, as you can clearly see, the puppies feel safe and secure in the crate -- it is like a den!  The first few nights in your home may be interrupted with whimpers from your new little puppy, however, it is not the crate that is upsetting them, it is the fact that they are alone and in a new place away from their siblings and mother and everything they knew prior to leaving Pleasant Meadows.  Place the crate in your bedroom, or sleep next to the crate in a room of your choice -- this will give your puppy comfort in it's new home and help your puppy through the first few nights!  And be sure to include a few stuffed animals/toys for your puppy in the crate as it also provides comfort when they can snuggle up to another "thing" like they would have done with siblings. And as a reminder, we will be sending you home with a blanket with mom and littermates scent!  For Norah's litter, we have placed a large foam bed in their crate which causes them to "hop up" and "hop down" to get in and out which is a good introductory "step" to going up and down stairs.

Norah's puppies are now 6 weeks old!  They are becoming more active and enjoying playtime with their toys and littermates even more, and they all love to interact with us for quality people/puppy time!

The puppies have graduated to eating whole softened kibbles (not mashed, but lightly softened in water)!  We are also still adding in some canned food and will be sending you home with ONE 400g can of Lean Cuts as a new bonus item in our puppy starter kits from here onward.

Norah's puppies pen has been expanded in size by one full panel (approx. 24 inches), plus the crate door has been opened for the puppies to go in and out throughout the day -- this is their "ready-to-go-home" pen which is a perfect example of what you can set up in your home for your puppy.  The additional space is just what the puppies need at this stage due the increase in their activity level and growth, but still small enough that they all make it to the pee-pad to do their business. It is amazing how they all cuddle up in the wire crate for nap time and overnight.  We will begin to close the crate door for part of the night over the next week.

We have introduced even more desensitization sounds to the puppies repertoire such as doorbells and knocking, construction zone sounds, vehicles honking, emergency sirens, chainsaws and power tools -- all were taken in stride with no fear registered at all!

Outside time will be introduced this coming week, and special care will be given to be sure that their little feet will not freeze outside with the snow!  We'll capture some photos OR video depending on what is easier at the time!

In preparation for sending the puppies home with familiar scents -- we be placing their own personal take-home blankets in their pen area and we will keep rotating them over the next couple of weeks to get plenty of scent on them to make their transition to your home as smooth as possible.

We have also scheduled Norah's puppies vet appointment for Friday the 23rd.  They will have a full health examination and receive their first shot and final deworming before leaving Pleasant Meadows.

All of Norah's puppies have happy-go-lucky temperaments -- enjoying life to the fullest! As typical Cavapoos they LOVE people and want to soak up as much attention as they can!  They are calm in new situations, and adapt very quickly to any changes made to their environment.  At this age they are very eager to learn and we will be teaching the puppies to sit for their meals this week!

The puppies have really grown in their co-operation skills! Today's photo shoot was a breeze with puppies posing like superstars!  They have also ALL had their noses trimmed to varying degrees to keep the hair out of their eyes as you will have seen in their 6 week photos above (although they were not yet trimmed in the photos of the pups in the crate). We recommend keeping the hair around their eyes trimmed as shown in the photos to prevent tear staining and irritation from the hair scratching their eyes. If you are not comfortable doing the trimming yourself, a professional groomer will be able to do it.  We will be posting a "How To" video about face trimming in the near future.

We will have a 6 week video to post soon!  We weren't able to get it all put together for this update, but will e-mail you all when it's posted!

Now is the time to get ready for your puppy to join your home -- the next 2 weeks will go by quickly!  Please take advantage of the resources we have in place to help you during the first few days and weeks of having your puppy at home.

Please read the Puppy is Home! Now What? page:


And look over the Recommended Dog Food page to see what your puppy has been eating and what is safe for your puppy to eat:


You can also get plenty of training tips including links to puppy training videos from our Puppy Care and Training Tips page:

https://www.pleasantmeadowscanada.com/puppy-care-training-tips  -- there are TONS of resources on this page, so be sure to check them out!

The puppies will be ready to leave any time on or after Saturday the 24th when they turn 8 weeks old.  Please let us know when you can pick up your puppy!


We will be holding a "Taking Home Puppy" session at 10:00 AM, Noon, and 2:00 PM on the 24thPLEASE let us know if you can attend ONE of those sessions, and your puppy can go home with you afterwards.  We hope that everyone will take advantage of one of those session times.  Whether you can attend a session or not -- everyone will receive a written instructional that will cover the following topics:

~ The Vehicle Ride Home

~ Meal Time For Your Puppy

~ The First Night Home

~ Crates; Types & Training

~ Potty Training

~ Leash Training

~ Vaccinations & Deworming

~ Types of Toys

~ Basic Training

Please come prepared with a crate for your puppy if you plan to use a crate for vehicle rides in the future or want it as a safety measure, or simply bring a towel or blanket to hold your puppy on your lap for extra bonding time. We recommend a towel or blanket for the puppy to sit on your lap for added comfort when leaving it's siblings, unless you are traveling alone and otherwise should have a puppy in a secured crate.

We ask that all arrival times for pick up be between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM on the 24th.  We also have families starting to arrive to choose their puppy from Reena's litter on the 25th. So if you can't come between 10am and 3pm on the 24th, we need to know now in order to fit you in for another pick-up time.

An update for the puppies vet appointment on Friday the 23rd will be posted that evening so that the puppies can be ready for pick-up on the 24th.  Please let us know what time you can come to take advantage of the "Taking Home Puppy" session. Again, the "Taking Home Puppy" sessions will be held at 10:00 AM, Noon, and 2:00 PM.

5 week puppy matches:

4 week old update:

Norah's puppies have grown into adorable sweethearts and have achieved many new things since our last update!  They are active and vibrant and love to play with each other!  The litter is developing to be very calm and confident puppies and they have adjusted well to each new experience we try with them! 

The puppies have been diving into their food bowl this week -- literally!  They absolutely love the canned food, softened kibble, and goats milk slurry that we prepare for them and so the puppies had their first "mini grooming session" where they were wiped down with puppy wipes, brushed, and trimmed their nails (this is actually the second tail trimming) before their photos.

All of the puppies are social, people orientated, and very happy-go-lucky pups!

Here are some of the puppy temperament notes for this  week (numbered according to birth):

- Puppy #1 GIRL -- she is usually the first to come running over to us for attention, but the others are never far behind!  She is curious and affectionate! This girl is pretty calm and has a personality to match her doll eyes!

- Puppy #2 GIRL -- she is the "middle of the pack" out of the girls.  She is laid back, but also curious and playful. This is the type of girl who can make herself comfortable in anyone's lap!

- Puppy #3 BOY -- he is the thoughtful one out of the boys.  We like to call his type "thinkers" because he will sit back and watch before engaging.  He is very sweet and a real Momma's boy who thrives on attention!

- Puppy #4 GIRL -- this girl is sweet, calm, and playful, she likes to take things at her own speed, and wears her heart on her sleeve like her Momma!  A placid girl like her would be great for a first time puppy owner.

- Puppy #5 BOY -- he is confident and a little bit of a show off! He likes to get tummy scratches (because he's that cool!) and he LOVES his food! He likes interaction with both his siblings and people -- he's a social butterfly!

- Puppy #6 GIRL -- she is also a foodie and would literally dive into the food dish!  She has an appetite to match her forward personality!  She is confident and ready to take on the world!

The puppies are starting to make little play growls and barks which is the next phase in their social learning as a litter.  Puppies will learn their language by playing and interacting with each other just like human babies learn by exploring their world.  Over the next week when their teeth come in will be the start of the "bite and be bitten" stage where puppies learn that if you bite a sibling, they will bite back!  This is a crucial part of their development and learning to understand when "enough is enough" and how to behave socially towards other dogs.

This past week the puppies have continued to listen to an array of different sounds like the vacuum, cars honking, vehicle engines, thunderstorms, train whistles, to name a few!  They don't even bat an eyelash and can sleep right through the sounds!

We look forward to meeting and skyping with the families next weekend to help you choose a puppy!  For those visiting in person, please remember to review our visitation rules so that you know what to expect when you arrive, and so that you can help us keep YOUR puppy safe:


We hope you enjoy the photos!

3 week old bonus video update:

Norah's puppies are getting their "land legs" and learning how to balance and maneuver around and over toys!  It's like a little tykes agility course to help build up their confidence as well as their muscles! They are just starting to play with toys and with each other, and you'll see a few tails wagging in the video too!  Normally we can tell who started to wag their tail first, but this litter all started on the same day! They are all wonderfully happy and sweet puppies from what we can see of their emerging temperaments so far, and we're so pleased!  Norah's litter, along with Amelia's litter were also featured in our Fall 2018 Puppy Room Tour Video -- click HERE to see it!

2 weeks old:

Norah's puppies are now 2 weeks old and their eyes have begun to open allowing them to just be able to peek out of the corner of their eyes.  They will be fully open in a few days, but right now they look like they are sleeping! All of the puppies are quite strong and are able to propel themselves around the whelping box and can already push themselves up on their legs which strengthens their legs for the next step -- walking!

In the photos, both the lighter boys are in the middle, and the darker girls are on the outside!  We're really pleased with how the puppies are "holding" their colour, and you can see their fur starting to show some curl at this stage as well!

We will be starting the puppies on goats milk this week as soon as they have all opened their eyes.  This is the very beginning stages of our weaning process that will be a gradual process over the next 4 weeks. At this stage we simply offer the puppies the opportunity to try the goats milk and to begin taking a bit of the strain off Norah to produce so much milk for her growing puppies! You can read more about the weaning process by clicking HERE.

This week's brightly coloured photo set is also the beginning of the puppies visual stimulation.  The 2nd week of a puppies life is pivotal because they can SEE and HEAR for the first time.  So, this week they will begin seeing lots of brightly coloured objects around them and we will also introduce toys once the puppies are more steady on their feet.  Sound is another huge factor and the puppies will be exposed to the sound of our voices and things like rain falling, thunder, radio, etc.  Right now, as this update is being written -- the puppies are listening to their first movie "Benji".  It is important to expose puppies to many different sounds while they are young in order to socialize them and minimize fear later in life when they hear strange sounds!  Once the puppies are able to walk around we will introduce them to various toys that are brightly coloured and of various shapes and textures.

If you are not already doing so, please follow along on our Puppy Timeline: Birth to 8 Weeks for additional details of the socialization process week by week -- click HERE to see!

We hope you enjoy the photos!  Our next scheduled update will be on October 27th when the puppies turn 4 weeks old! Although we do plan to update our Puppy Room Tour video soon, and so we'll get some video of the puppies soon and you can see where they have been born -- we're just waiting on our girl Amelia to be able to include her upcoming puppies in the video too!

Birth Announcement:

September 30th was a special day for Norah, as she has out-done herself for her final litter! Not only did she give birth to spectacular rich Ruby puppies, but she surprised us by giving birth to 6 puppies! This is actually Norah's largest litter, and she is truly "going out with a bang" with this one! We are so proud of Norah and happy to be able to offer families these gorgeous puppies!

There are 2 BOYS and 4 GIRLS! All of the puppies have white abstract markings in one form or another (white on head, chest, toes, etc.).  We'll do our best to highlight their beautiful markings over the coming weeks. They range in colour from light Ruby boys to medium and dark Ruby girls.  We don't know how dark these puppies will remain as Norah has never had such rich colours in her past litters, but the general rule of thumb is the darker they are as newborns, the darker they will be as adults.

Norah gave birth in absolute record time!  She has very fast and easy births and this time was no exception!  Norah is one of our most dedicated moms who instills a calm nature into her puppies with her gentle and loving care and attention.  The puppies are very content and all nursing and doing extremely well.

In all of the photos the boys are on the outside (far left and far right) and the girls are in the middle.

Our next update for the puppies will when they turn 2 weeks old on Saturday, October 13th, 2018 ~ stay tuned!

Norah's Past Litters at Pleasant Meadows:



Below are update photos from Norah's past puppies!

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