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Pearl Nadine


Cabello Leroy

Cabello May 2020.jpg

BORN: MARCH 30th, 2020

These parents will produce *F1 CAVAPOOS* (approximately 50% Cavalier --50% Poodle)

Please see our CAVAPOOS 101 page for details and refer to the F1 Cavapoo.


This will be Pearl and Cabello's first litter together!  We anticipate that

their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 12 to 16 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:


Ruby (MEDIUM OR DARK) ~ Gold (MEDIUM OR DARK) ~ Apricot (MEDIUM OR DARK) ~ Chocolate (MAYBE!)

Please visit our Cavapoo Colours page for more colour details.


1. Maxine Li -- Maya (Lavender Girl) ... PAID IN FULL!

2. Geena Torkos -- Louis Valentine (Aqua Boy) ... PAID IN FULL!

3. Debora Sarmento & Mark Cauchi -- Charlie (Mango Boy) ... PAID IN FULL!

4. Krista Lewis -- Mando (Olive Boy) ... PAID IN FULL!

 Sorry! This waiting list is full!

 All families have placed their deposits 

 and are anticipating choosing a puppy when they are 5 weeks of age

 NO puppies available! 

~ 3 Boys  &  1 Girl ~

8 week final update:

Pearl and Cabello's puppies will be 8 weeks old on Monday, May 25th!  We're posting their 8 week old update today in preparation for families to pick up their puppies tomorrow for ease of travel on the weekend.

We have been very pleased with these puppies in their overall demeanor, and they have been a pleasure to care for as they have adjusted to everything with ease!

They have enjoyed their outside adventures, and have readily taken to doing their bathroom habits outside.  In fact, we recommend mainly using the outdoors instead of the pee-pads for this litter -- more than any other litter!  In the last few days, the puppies have become very accustomed to going potty outside when we have had all this lovely warm weather!  We have found that they prefer going potty outside and although we still have the pee-pads set up for them inside their puppy pen, they aren't wanting to use them as much as our other litters have done.  Getting puppies to go potty outside isn't usually as simple as it has been for this litter as spring is typically more cold and wet, but we have had glorious sunshine and the puppies are taking this experience in their stride!

If you have pee-pads purchased, be prepared more than usual, to use them as the back-up-potty only, and get your puppy outside regularly about every hour that they are awake (no need to wake them up).  And for the times that you can't watch them or take them out, then the puppy pen with the pee-pads or the crate is appropriate. 

The puppies are eating 3 meals per day in the morning around 8am, mid afternoon around 3pm, and again in the evening around 7pm. That schedule can be adjusted according to your family's needs -- it's only important that the meals are fairly evenly spaced out throughout the day. 


All three boys in this litter, being smaller in size, are eating approximately 1/4 of a cup of barely soaked kibbles.  Maya, being larger, is eating approximately 1/3 of a cup of barely soaked kibbles. The below video is also on our Taking Home Puppy Instructional, but it's very fitting to put here as a reference on how to prepare your puppy's food:

Remember that it can be perfectly normal for a puppy to go off their food for the first few days of adjusting to your home.  You may want to consider preparing less food during the first few days to avoid waste, and any uneaten portions can be placed in your fridge until the next meal.

The canned food given in your Puppy Starter Kit will last around 3-4 days in your fridge.  As a tip to avoid spoilage, once you open the can you can freeze the top half portion of the can and feed out the bottom half of the can over the course of a few days, and then thaw out the half you have frozen and it will still be good for 3-4 days in your fridge.

We do recommend feeding the canned food along with the kibbles for necessary moisture content, and canned food allows for you to change up the meat variety (chicken, beef, turkey, bison, lamb, salmon, duck, etc.) for a varied diet which is extremely healthy for a dog, but also allowing your puppy to have variety will prevent picky eaters and getting bored with one flavour.  If you put it in the perspective of yourself eating the same food for every meal of your life -- that sounds pretty boring doesn't it!?! And it's also not healthy to only eat one type of food.  So, switch up the canned food variety every 1-4 cans.

Pearl and Cabello's puppies are sleeping through the night in their crate from around 10:00 PM to around 6:00 to 7:00 AM before needing to go potty.  This is while they are sleeping as a group for optimal security, and some whimpering should be expected with a transition to a new home, however, we hope that with their track record of zero whimpering in the crate will continue.

If your puppy does whimper in the crate, it is important to not project an energy of feeling sorry for your puppy.  Please refer to the "First Night Home" section on the Taking Home Puppy Instructional.

Today's photo session was the fastest and easiest maybe to date -- the puppies were like "wham bammo, please take my photo ... I am so cute!".  They sat like little treasures and the photos were taken in a flash!  Our backyard and the sun filtering through the trees made for a stunning backdrop!  Here are two group photos of the puppies:

Below is a photo of the contents that will be in your puppy's Starter Kit when you pick up your puppy tomorrow. The stuffed toy, colour of collar/leash, and scent blanket type will vary, but all other items are indentical.  The Birth Certifiate and Receipt are blank in this photo as it will become our 2020 Puppy Starter Kit photo example on our website.

Puppy Starter Kit 2020.jpg

We have also added a new product to our Puppy Starter Kits for you to try -- the Crumps Naturals "gutsy" which is a digestive supplement intended to help reduce the chance of digestive upset in puppies (and adult dogs) during times of stress.  We would greatly appreciate your feedback on this new item as it is made in Canada and we like to support Canadian products whenever possible.  We already are familiar with the Crumps Naturals training treats included in the Puppy Starter Kit and so we are anticipating this new product to be equally as good as their other products!

We look forward to meeting you tomorrow in person at the recommended 2 metre distancing!  We know you will love your puppies!

10:30 AM -- Sarmento/Cauchi Family (Charlie)

10:30-11:00 AM -- Lewis Family (Mando)

11:30 AM -- Maxine Li (Maya)

12:00 PM -- Torkos Family (Louis)

Thank you for taking this puppy journey with us! 

Vet appointment update:

Pearl and Cabello's puppies were at the vet today -- they were little superstars in the vehicle and didn't make a peep the whole way to or from the vet which is over an hour drive each way!  Here is a short little video of a portion of their trip: 

The puppies looked around or slept the entire vehicle ride (2.5 hours total there and back) and none of the puppies displayed any signs of motion sickness which is awesome!

The vet visit was a little bit different this time due to COVID-19 and the puppies went inside without us, but we do trust our vet and staff and know that they were handled with care and given a thorough health examination and the appropriate 1st vaccine and deworming.  Here is a photo of the puppies outside of the clinic before going inside with the staff:

Our vet is exceptionally thorough and we were told that the puppies we all found to be in excellent health!  We have their vet record booklet (which will be in your puppy's Starter Kit) from today's appointment which shows the date of the appointment, each puppy's weight, that they were dewormed with StrongidT and that their 1st vaccine was given which covers: Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza.

The puppies were calm when they came back out of the clinic, and as mentioned above, they had a quiet ride back home again!

We will be watching the puppies over the next 24 hours for any signs of an allergic reaction to the vaccine.  Reactions are rare, but it's always good practice to keep watch over any animals for 24 hours after any type of injection.  It is normal for a puppy to be tired and sometimes a bit sore initially after getting vaccinated, and sometimes there can be a small bump at the injection site (left hip) for a few weeks, but this does not hurt the puppy and this goes away on its own!

Another update will be posted tomorrow which will give more information on how the puppies are doing in their crate training and their food consumption -- but for today, we are happy to report that not only are the puppies in excellent health, we have never had such great travellers in the vehicle and so your rides home with your puppy should be happily uneventful!

7.5 week bonus update:

Pearl and Cabello's puppies have been doing exceptionally well in every area! Currently, the puppies are spending several hours outside (with appropriate shade and water) to give them as much exposure to the outdoors as possible.  They have also been doing their bathroom habits outside like little champions! 


Through our research, different textures and surfaces are among the top things that a puppy needs exposure to and we have been doing our best to do provide some out-of-the-ordinary stimulation.  We have a video below that starts off indoors and in the later half, the puppies are outside where you will see the introduction of the "turntable" (also called a "lazy Susan") which is meant to give the puppies a completely new sensation below them and to build confidence.  As the table spins, the puppy needs to then adapt and readjust feet to keep balanced.  We placed some kibbles on the turntable as an incentive to try it out (both hard and soft kibbles during the video).  And we also provided two different types of shade, an umbrella that stayed stationary, and a sheet that flapped in the breeze to change up their environment and help the puppies learn to be adaptable. The puppy pen is also purposely positioned partly on our front walkway paving stones and on the grass to give additional textural differences.

This litter is calm, playful, and endearing ... we hope you enjoy the video:

Here are some photos of the puppies enjoying the outside under their shade canopy:

6 week old update:

Pearl and Cabello's puppies are now 6 weeks old! Their 6 week old photos were sent out yesterday on Mother's Day, and so in the puppies update today, we are featuring some changes to their pen enclosure which gives more room and also shows the inclusion of a crate with some photos and video (most of the photos are within the video).

The puppies have been using the crate today as a little play den and have also had naps in the crate.  They are so comfortable in the crate -- it's as if it's always been there!  We have even closed the crate door for a short period of time and the puppies were completely at ease! Please note that we have used the 24" L x 18" W x 19" H crate as it the perfect size for a litter of four puppies.

Pearl even leads by example and shows the puppies which side of the pen it's best to lay down on by laying down near the crate:

Scent blankets have been hung up in the puppy pen which will allow for plenty of time over the next 2 weeks for them to gather lots of puppy scent.  We hang them on the side of the pen so that the puppies can brush up beside them as they play and move about, and they also love to chew on them and play tug with them!  We rotate the scent blankets around the pen so that they remain interesting to the puppies, and we also rub them down on their Momma so that lots of her scent gets on them too!

These scent blankets will help your puppy be more comfortable when they go to your home because they will have something that smells like their mom and siblings!


We have also put together a little video that highlights them in the crate and shows their progress on their sound desensitization!  Little to no reaction from all of them -- these are spectacular puppies!  Take a peek at the video:

The puppies will now start sleeping in the crate for the majority of the night, and we will be close by to let them out when needed.  We start all of our puppies on crate training to give them the best possible start when they transition from our home to yours!

Pearl's milk has officially dried up and so the puppies are no longer nursing, but that doesn't mean that she is absent from their lives.  Pearl is still able to teach the puppies valuable social skills through play and interaction that we as humans wouldn't be able to do for obvious reasons! All of the puppies have Pearl and Cabello's calm and gentle nature, and we're so proud of them all!

The puppies are eating approximately 1/3 of a cup of softened kibbles, canned food, and 100% pumpkin puree, 3 times per day (morning, afternoon, and evening).  Right now they are still eating as a group in a communal bowl as even though they got onto solid food a little more readily than other litters they all-of-a-sudden decided that they missed their Momma as soon as they could no longer have her because her milk dried up. And so, the communal bowl helps keep up some of that competitive drive for food until they can move past missing their Momma's milk. We will be working on teaching them to eat separately this week to build up their individual confidence and assess exactly how much they are individually eating.

To touch a bit more on how awesome these puppies are -- we decided to introduce them to having the fur on their feet shaved with the clipper because puppies should be taught from a young age to tolerate grooming and it's unknown how long it will be before dog grooming salons will be open again.  Here is a video of the puppies reaction -- or should we say lack of reaction -- they were superstars and completely calm through it all:

The puppies were also brushed and had their nails trimmed, along with the hair by their eyes and the hair around their bum area trimmed yesterday before we took the photos with Pearl.  Doing all of this with the puppies now will help you in the future.

We have also been taking turns caring for the puppies as another way to get them used to different people of different heights and genders handling them, controlling them, and interacting with them.

Deworming was in order for today, and the puppies took it like champions

as usual -- it's supposed to taste like chicken but we haven't tried it -- haha! 

Louis Valentine

Puppy ID: Aqua Boy

Weight: 1 lb & 15 oz

Chosen by: The Torkos family


Puppy ID: Lavender Girl

Weight: 3 lbs & 8 oz

Chosen by: Maxine Li


Puppy ID: Olive Boy

Weight: 2 lbs & 4 oz

Chosen by:  The Lewis Family


Puppy ID: Mango Boy

Weight: 2 lbs & 4.5 oz

Chosen by:  Debora S. & Mark C.

We will be starting to work on teaching the puppies to sit this week!  We use positive reinforcement which means that we reward with verbal praise and a treat (their food) when they sit down.  Training is kept short because of their young age --  all training sessions to are about 1-2 minutes in length and we keep it fun and positive for the puppies!  Thank you for everyone who gave us names for their puppies while Skyping -- that helps us a lot for teaching your puppy!

It's getting down to the last 2 weeks and it hardly seems possible that these darling puppies will be leaving us soon, but we are so excited for the families who will be receiving one of Pearl and Cabello's puppies!

We have scheduled the puppies vet appointment for Friday, May 22nd where the puppies will receive a full health examination, their first shot, and they will be dewormed by our vet.  Everything will remain the same in terms of their care, but what will be different is that we will not be allowed inside the clinic because of the social distancing policies in place.  We do trust our veterinarian and his staff to handle the puppies as though they were their own, and the puppies will be wearing coloured collars just to make it easier for our vet's team to tell them apart at a quick glance.

An update will be posted in the evening on May 22nd after the puppies vet appointment.  It's over an hour drive (one way) to our vet clinic and so we will also be able to assess whether or not any of the puppies are prone to car sickness.  

And their scheduled 8 week update will be posted on Saturday, May 23rd.  This will allow families to pick up their puppies over the weekend if that's a better time for you to travel instead of a weekday.  Normally, puppy pick ups are at either 11am or at 2pm, but we will have to space families out with the needed social distancing and so we'll e-mail you individually soon to schedule times!

Hope you have enjoyed seeing the puppies be little rockstars today!

Happy Mother's Day!

Pearl and her puppies, and all of us at Pleasant Meadows want to wish all the Mothers and Fur-Moms a Happy Mother's Day!

5 week bonus video & photos:

As promised, here are a few extra photos of the puppies!  They are pretty tired after their day of Skyping and have crashed for the evening!

Thank you to the families on Pearl and Cabello's list for choosing a puppy!  It was good to meet you during these unusual times, even though it was through "the airwaves"!

We had planned on capturing some additional "awake" photos and video, but the puppies are evidently exhausted. But, here are the video clips we mentioned during Skype of the puppies enjoying the bath that they had yesterday: 

We'll capture more photos when they are awake again after their busy day!

5 week puppy matches:

Here are the 5 week puppy matches shown in the order in which the puppies are being chosen:

Puppy 2 - Gold Abstract Female

Puppy ID: Lavender Girl

Chosen by: Maxine Li

Louis Valentine

Puppy ID: Aqua Boy

Chosen by: The Torkos family


Puppy ID: Mango Boy

Chosen by:  Debora S. & Mark C.


Puppy ID: Olive Boy

Chosen by:  The Lewis Family

4 week old update:

Click on photos to view in expanded mode and for any pertaining titles and comments.

To scroll through the photos you can either click on the navigational arrows or click on the smaller photos.

Pearl's puppies are now 4 weeks old! We could not be happier with this litter as they are such vibrant, social, and content puppies! Now that their eyes and ears have been opened for a couple of weeks, they are absolutely loving everything in their little world! With a selection of new toys they are experiencing colours, textures and a variety of sounds like jingles, crinkles, squeaks, etc.  

The puppies have been listening to a recorded selection of many different sounds on YouTube as a part of our usual desensitizing to noises such as:

- thunderstorms

- the vacuum

- power tools

- construction site sounds

- fireworks

- traffic noise and honking horns

- train whistles

- alarm sirens (fire drill, emergency vehicle, and more)

- doorbells and knocking

More sounds will be added as the weeks progress!

These puppies are quite advanced for their young age of 4 weeks!  It is our normal procedure to start puppies on a goats milk slurry which consists of canned food, kibbles softened and mashed (like oatmeal) in water, probiotics, and goats milk.  The puppies liked the mixture for a few days, but it became evident that they much preferred the canned food, softened kibbles, and probiotics to be separate from their goats milk!  They readily consumed the canned food and kibbles, and could even take or leave the goats milk when it was served -- mom's milk is definitely still their favourite!  We do still add a little bit of goats milk to the mix so that it's more liquidy and not "pasty", but they really just prefer the "mush food" and we still need to get liquid into them during the day until they are drinking water.  Some litters really love the goats milk and others go "meh" and it's important to just go with the flow so that the puppies can have a smooth transition over to eating solid food.  Right now, the puppies are happily sustaining themselves on canned food and softened kibbles throughout the day after getting a "breakfast slurp" from Pearl and then access to nursing all night long.  Pearl naturally stays out of the whelping box as her puppies experiment with their food which greatly aids in the natural weaning process which is stress-free when it's initiated by the mom.

On the subject of puppy weaning -- this litter has also been "weaned" from the whelping box!  As mentioned, Pearl has been naturally staying out of the whelping box during the day, but we ran into the "issue" where her puppies reached the stage where they were nearly "escaping" from the whelping box to see the world beyond their confines, and we would normally just add another height barrier section (like the one you see the puppies peering over in the photo below) to give the puppies at least a few more days in the whelping box, but that meant that Pearl, who is small in stature, could not jump over the height of the added height barrier and see what's on the other side for her landing. And so, a change was needed!

The photo above is their last photo in the whelping box!  This afternoon, the puppies were moved from the nursery area to our living room where they are now in a small pen where a door can be opened for Pearl to enter and exit.  The puppies also need to be in an area where we can safely add in water to their pen space and be able to monitor them around it.  Because the puppies are not always wanting the goats milk and prefer to eat canned food and kibbles -- they will naturally also need hydration! See their new pen below:

This pen is the introduction to the puppies pee-pad training.  One half of the pen is filled with toys to encourage the puppies to walk over to the pee-pad area where they have room to do their business.  The pee-pad is large and takes up half their pen space so that there is little room for error and the puppies will naturally work with their own instincts to move away from their sleeping/activity area and will go potty on the pee-pad.  As you can see from the photos, it's already working, as Olive Boy peed on the pee-pad within moments of us placing them in their new pen area.  We will expand their pen in a few days or up to a week depending on their pee-pad training success.  Until they get used to consistently doing their business on the pee-pad we need to keep their pen space small and only expand when they progress.  It is important to note that some form of grass-pad or pee-pad training must be used during these stages when puppies are too young to go outside, and it's also a tool that we as breeders have to utilize simply because we would otherwise need to be superheroes with lightning-fast reflexes and ten arms to get an entire litter outside to go to the bathroom every time they need to "go".  So pee-pad training is a very useful and essential tool, but it has it's limits and once the puppy is in your home, it should ONLY be used for a short period of time during the transitional stages while you get set up in a routine of taking your puppy outside.  You can use the pee-pad for times when you cannot watch your puppy, or when the weather is not conducive to being outside (ie. pouring rain), but the priority should be to get your puppy outside consistently and you should stop using the pee-pad system within the first few weeks.  We will be introducing the puppies to the outside world prior to 8 weeks of age so that they are used to seeing the outside domain and hopefully get a few good potty habits started.  You can choose to skip the pee-pad stage entirely once in your home -- it's up to you, but this also means that you will need to be extra vigilant and get your puppy outside often!

The puppies transitioned well to their new pen area in our living room (which is right off our kitchen) and instantly settled in and were comfortable with their new surroundings.  It was probably one of the easiest transitions of our litters to date!  Here is a video of the puppies enjoying their afternoon meal in their new pen area:

The very fact of how comfortable these puppies were while eating food in a completely new environment to them speaks volumes to how wonderful these puppies are! Normally, it can be expected for puppies to go off their food a bit in the first few days after a big change like this (similar to when puppies go to a new home), but we hope this calm and easy-going nature is a sign that they will have big appetites during future changes!


The puppies were dewormed again today as a part of our strict deworming protocol, along with Pearl too!  As a clear indicator of the quality food we are currently feeding our dogs (please see our Recommended Dog Food page) -- Pearl's normal weight prior to breeding was 9 pounds and at today's deworming Pearl weighed in at 10 pounds and 2.5 ounces!  Some of that weight will obviously be her milk, but she is at least over 9 pounds after having carried and then nursed 4 puppies for the past 4 weeks!  The puppy food is likewise equally as healthy, and we definitely encourage you to feed a mix of wet and dry food for optimal health.  Below are the puppies weights taken this morning when we dewormed them:

Puppy 1 - Ruby Abstract Male

Puppy ID: Aqua Boy

Weight: 1 pound and 12 ounces

Puppy 2 - Gold Abstract Female

Puppy ID: Lavender Girl

Weight: 2 pound and 6.5 ounces

Puppy 3 - Ruby Abstract Male

Puppy ID: Olive Boy

Weight: 1 pound and 13.5 ounces

Puppy 4 - Ruby Abstract Male

Puppy ID: Mango Boy

Weight: 2 pounds

This past weekend we trimmed the puppies nails and also trimmed the fur near their eyes with blunt-ended scissors. These grooming procedures are things that should be kept up regularly once in your home.  Nail trimming should be done every 2-4 weeks (depending on pavement/hard surface wear) and the hair around the eyes should be trimmed as needed.  With us desensitizing the puppies to nail and fur trimming at a young age -- this will give the puppies a solid base for accepting grooming procedures more readily in the future.  We also wiped the puppies down with puppy wipes before their photos and their fur was brushed.  They took all of this in stride and even seemed to enjoy it!

Next Monday on May 4th we will be Skyping with the families on Pearl and Cabello's waiting list so that they can choose a puppy! If anyone on Pearl and Cabello's waiting list is working on Monday May 4th and wouldn't be able to Skype at any point on that day -- now is the time to let us know so we can adjust the schedule!  We can start to Skype with families (in the order in which their names are on the list) as early as Saturday, May 2nd if needed.  We would like to have everyone booked in on Monday the 4th starting in the morning around 11am and extending into the afternoon.  Choosing takes place in the order in which your name is on the waiting list, and you can anticipate the Skype Video Call lasting approximately 20-30 minutes based on how Skyping with families has gone in the past. 


We will have everything prepared in advance with our observations for their individual emerging temperaments, and we will have also tested each puppy's tolerance to new experiences like bathing, blow-drying, and other new sights and sounds. We will rate their reactions from 1 to 5 -- with 1 being placid/calm reaction and 5 being scared to death!  We consider reactions from 1 to 3 to be normal and we have never had a puppy react higher than level 3 which would be to mildly startle at a new sight or sound, but then calm back down and investigate the object or sound. We're mentioning some of these things to you so that you know what kind of "tools" we will have available to help you choose a puppy.  It is our normal practice to do extensive socialization and desensitization with each of our litters to give them the best start in their new homes, and especially during these times, we want to assure you that we are preparing your puppy for life in your home to the absolute best of our ability.  We will be taking the information that you provided in your puppy application and helping to guide you to the right puppy. 


For this litter, the first person on the list will be Skyping to meet the Lavender Girl puppy and to determine if she is a good match for her home.  And the last family on the list will be Skyping to meet the puppy that remains for them.  But regardless of your list positioning as we make our way down the list from start to finish, you can be assured that we will be keeping each of you in our minds and pairing you to a puppy that will be best suited to your family.  We match families to puppies based on:

-- individual puppy temperament.

-- the estimated size of a puppy as an adult dog.

-- the energy level of each puppy which will also correlate with the preferred activities that each family hopes to enjoy with a puppy and whether or not a specific puppy will be better suited for those activities.

-- your past dog experience and whether or not a specific puppy will be best suited for a new dog owner or one with prior dog experience.

-- fur type, which for this litter will actually all be the same (within reason) other than the colours.  These puppies fur will all be equally nice loose wavy curls as adults and suitable for mild to semi-moderate allergies.

So we hope that when you Skype with us that you can do so while being assured that we are not simply wanting to sell you "any puppy" but instead wanting to be certain that our puppies are paired with a family that will be a good match and that you will be happy with your puppy!  We know that it will be hard not being able to see the puppies in person with the COVID-19 pandemic still a concern, but try to think of the long term picture which is you being able to spend the next 12-14 years with your dog that was thoughtfully matched to your family as a puppy by a breeder who truly cares where each of our puppies ends up! 


For those on Pearl and Cabello's list -- you will find the link to our personal Skype Profile in the email that was sent out for this 4 week old update!  PLEASE take the time to visit our profile and send us a written message of "Hey, it's me _______!" so that we can connect with each of you in preparation for Video Calling with you on May 4th. And also, please don't forget to let us know if May 4th is not a good option for you, and we can re-adjust to start Skyping as earl