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Pearl Nadine

Desmond Royal

Pearl August 2019 -1.jpg


Desmond -- April 2021 2.jpg

BORN: DECEMBER 10th, 2021

These parents will produce *F2B MIMIC CAVAPOOS* (37.5% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel -- 62.5% Poodle). Please see our CAVAPOOS 101 page for details and refer to the F2B Mimic Cavapoo.


This will be Pearl and Desmond's first litter together!  We anticipate that

their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 10 to 15 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:



Please visit our Cavapoo Colours page for more colour details.


1. Emily De Luca -- "Jack" (Puppy #2 Boy) ... PAID IN FULL!!
2. Erica De Luca -- "Luci" (Puppy #3 Girl) ... PAID IN FULL!!
3. Sue Knight -- "Charlie" (Puppy #1 Girl) ... PAID IN FULL!!

Sorry! This waiting list is full! All of the families have paid in full and will be picking up their puppies soon!  No puppies available in this litter!

Image by Kateryna Maidannikova

2  Girls and  1 Boy

2  Girls and  1 Boy


8 week old puppy update:

The puppies are 8 weeks old tomorrow on the 4th, and they were at the vet yesterday and received a glowing health report that was sent to their families via email along with a video update.  And today we have photos of these darlings, albeit a bit late due to internet interruptions because of a snow storm.  We now have over 2 feet of snow on the ground, but for those picking up their puppies tomorrow and Saturday, the roads have been cleared and are decent!

We have been so impressed with this litter, their joyful and sweet nature just makes everything go smoothly.  They have passed every milestone with flying colours!

The puppies sleep through the night, from around 10pm to 6-7am. They have mastered sitting for treats like they born doing it, they are curious about outside and are starting to do their potty business outside (even though it's super cold and snowy!).

We are feeding the puppies 1/8 of a cup of softened kibbles and approximately 2 tablespoons of raw food
(it's Bold by Nature).  And we will send you home with a 1 pound frozen patty (along with a kibble sample) to get you started on feeding a healthy diet of half raw and half kibbles.  Their total amount of food per meal equals 1/4 of a cup three times daily (morning, afternoon, and evening).

The puppies were, of course, dewormed by our vet at their appointment on the 2nd where they also received a full health examination and their 1st vaccination, and here are their weights:

Charlie -- 2.4 pounds
Luci -- 3.8 pounds
Jack -- 3.6 pounds

They did remarkably well being outside for their photo session today.  We have had to limit their outside adventures to a few minutes at a time, and we also have been applying paw butter to their feet to ensure that they are protected as we have had -10 or more temperatures.  We are so happy with this litter for their congenial and co-operative demeanour, and we will be sad to see them go but look forward to updates from their new families!

You can see their curiosity, gentleness, and willingness to please in their sweet faces ... take a look at this incredible photo that only took ONE SHOT to capture them all ....

Looking forward to meeting all the families in person!  We ask simply for mask wearing at this time as our area has zero to few covid cases and with families arriving from different geographic locations -- let's just all be safe!

Please park anywhere at the front of our house and we will bring your puppy and Starter Kit items outside, and the parents will be viewable in our sunroom.


6 week old puppy update:

The puppies are 6 weeks old tomorrow, and we have introduced them to a crate which has a two-fold purpose in getting the puppies used to a crate, and it also stops their mom from being able to jump in to steal their food.  We ran into a "snag" in the weaning process where most of their food ended up being eaten by their mother and there wasn't enough left for the puppies no matter how many times we re-filled their dish.  So, the solution was to put the puppies in a crate that is the same size as their previous pen and their food is now all for them!

We have also introduced water as their mom's milk has dried up and they have learned to drink from a bowl very quickly!

Here are some photos of the puppies in the crate:

The puppies continue to be amazing at many things like being brushed, getting their nails trimmed, and also for getting their fur trimmed by their eyes and bum area.  They are very easy-going and their curious nature just makes them a joy!

At this stage, they are also doing well on their potty training and instinctively move over to their potty pad.  We have also given them a peek of the outdoors, but with all the snow we received and the frigid temperatures, so far, the puppies are not too impressed with outdoors.  But, we will keep getting them outside for the experience, and the paw butter (there will be some in your puppy starter kits) does help to protect their feet from the cold.  Here are a few pics of the puppies saying "eww" at the snow:

The puppies were dewormed again today and their weights are below:

" Charlie "

2 pounds & 5.5 ounces

(Puppy # 1 Girl) Matched to the Knight Family

" Jack "

3 pounds & 1/2 an ounce

(Puppy # 2 Boy) Matched to Emily De Luca & Family