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Boarding Fees


$15.00 per additional day



Between 8 and 15 weeks of age is the prime time to introduce a puppy to his/her new home/environment and to teach your puppy basic commands, therefore, delaying this step in a puppy's development is definitely not recommended.

If your puppy is not picked up on the day that the litter turns 8 weeks OR the closest correlating weekend (determined by Pleasant Meadows) -- a $15 per day boarding fee will be applied to the puppy price.

If your puppy is not picked up by 9 weeks of age -- you will forfeit all rights to the puppy and the said puppy will be made available to the next prospective family. As outlined in our Puppy Purchase Agreement and Waiting List Rules, the initial $300 deposit placed at birth is non-refundable. Due to the extreme inconvenience directed at the Breeder, who needs to start the screening process all over again for a new family, the $500 holding fee and any additional payments made by the Buyer will not be refunded until after the said puppy has been purchased/paid in full by a new prospective family.

We have sadly had to implement this pick up deadline and have a strict boarding fee due to the fact that some people have taken advantage of our time that we have spent raising the puppies and the fact that as humans we need a break between litters.  Outrageously, we have even had a few people book vacations, etc. coinciding directly with the 8 week pick-up time, and those families expect us to hold their puppy for weeks until their return.  This is not only very disrespectful to us, but it delays bonding and further training and socialization of their puppy.  So, we now require that all puppies are picked up on the day they turn 8 weeks of age, or the closest correlating weekend (to be determined by Pleasant Meadows), otherwise a boarding fee of $15 per day applies as a penalty.  And if the said puppy is not picked up by 9 weeks of age, the Buyer forfeits all rights to the puppy as outlined in the Puppy Purchase Agreement and Waiting List Rules.

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