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Do you have a Question?

Before contacting us with a question, please visit one or more of the pages

listed below to see if your question is already answered on our website!


Nearly all questions that have been submitted to date can be answered on the pages below if you take the time to read the pages!  There is tons of information on our website for the benefit of potential buyers to learn about the Cavapoo and to get a sense of who we are as breeders, and what it takes to get on our waiting lists for a puppy.  If you don't read the information on our website, then it is

hard for us to take you seriously as a committed puppy owner!


If you have a genuine question not answered by our website then we will be happy to answer you and look forward to hearing from you!

We will ONLY consider placing your name on one of our waiting lists for a puppy after you have submitted a Puppy Application. We have the final say whether or not we feel your home is suitable for one of our puppies! We take raising puppies very seriously and want to find the best possible home for each and every one of our puppies. The application is one tool that helps us determine if your home would be a good match for one of our puppies -- there will be no skipping of the application process! There is a spot in our puppy application to submit questions if you need further clarification on a procedure, or have not found the answer elsewhere on our website!

It's important to understand how our waiting list works and how our puppies are chosen. We have designed rules to make the process as fair as possible to everyone. Please familiarize yourself with the rules so that you know what to expect! This page also explains about placing a reservation fee and a deposit. A small Placement fee is collected to go on a list, but we do *NOT* collect deposits until *AFTER* the puppies are born -- please read the Waiting List Procedures for more info! Also, we sadly have to add this last point; telling us that you are willing to send a deposit in an attempt to "cheat" your way past the long waiting lists and get ahead of another family will not get you anywhere! Families must be screened to get on our lists!  The Waiting List Procedures page will explain literally everything that you need to know if you take the time to read it from top to bottom. Yes, it is a lot of info, but we have everything outlined so that you know exactly what to expect!

The prices for our puppies is clearly outlined on this page along with the payment schedule. And you will find information on our Puppy Starter Kits to see what your puppy will be sent home with at 8 weeks of age, and all information pertaining to pick up and payment options.

We provide all of puppy customers with a Puppy Starter Kit that we send home with all of our puppies!  The starter kit is meant to help every one of our puppies have a good start in your home by providing the "essential items" you need to take your puppy home with you.  Things like purchasing a puppy collar, dish, nail clippers, brush, etc. can really add up and we want to help save you a bit of money!  We are happy to see when families are prepared with the items they will need for their puppy, but be sure to check the list of items we already provide for you before going out and buying "everything" so that you're not ending of with duplicate items.  The Puppy Starter Kit is meant to help you, and so why not take advantage of it and save a bit of money?

If you read no other page, read this one! You need to know what you are buying and the terms of buying a puppy from us! We want the best possible home for every one of our puppies! A Purchase Agreement is for the benefit of both the buyer and the seller, and it helps to ensure that our puppies are given a good and loving home where they will have all their needs met!

If we have any adult dogs that will not be remaining at Pleasant Meadows or with our family members after retirement, we will clearly post them as available on our Retired Adults page. If that page says "No Adults Available", it truly means that there are no adults available. It is a little bit heart wrenching for us to be repeatedly asked if we have adults available as if we just discard them when they are done breeding. Most of our dogs will have a loving forever home with us or our extended family, and for the ones that we do re-home; their potential new family will be screened thoroughly to ensure a perfect match, just as we do for each of the puppies we sell to ensure a forever loving home!

Also, as clearly stated on our Contact Us page, our Waiting List Page, our Waiting List Rules page, and on our How Do I Pick Up My Puppy page -- WE DO NOT SHIP OUR PUPPIES! We want to meet every single family who is purchasing one of our puppies, and frankly we feel that YOU as the PURCHASER should care enough to MEET US AS WELL! Please do NOT ask us if we will ship our puppies -- THE ANSWER IS NO!

Our location is mapped with a "paw circle" on the Contact Us page that you just clicked off of to come to this page. Our exact location will be given to families on our waiting lists for visitation to choose a puppy and to pick up their puppy. However, we don't accept unannounced drop-in visits because frankly this is our home and not every day or hour is appropriate for visitors. Nobody wants to see us in our PJ's, before we have had our morning coffee, or maybe we're eating lunch, bathing a dog, gone shopping, or have a planned family event/company here.  A lot of people forget that we have a family life, and our dogs are very much involved in it, and therefore our address is not publicly listed to ensure privacy -- the same exact privacy that you would want for your own family.  Our address is freely given when the time is appropriate for those on our waiting lists. We also need to protect our puppies for diseases and parasites that can be unknowingly tracked in on vehicles, shoes, clothing, hands, etc. (see below).

We need visitors to comply with a list of safety procedures that we have set in place to ensure that our dogs and puppies remain safe and healthy. Puppies can be susceptible to many diseases and parasites that can range from "oops-a-daisy diarrhea" to literal death. We are guaranteeing that our puppies are healthy at the time they go to their new homes and therefore we need to protect them by limiting the traffic that flows in and out of our home and have sanitary safety measures in place to ensure that our puppies and adult dogs remain healthy.  These rules are important, so be sure to read them!

All of these above links are on the Contact Us page that you just clicked

off of to get to this page, as well as on the navigation bar above.


Why repeat them?


Because we want everything on our website to be clear, easy to understand, and to have all the information right at your fingertips for you to reference.


PLEASE be considerate and READ the information 

BEFORE contacting us on IMPULSE!

If the above links did NOT answer your question,

please feel free to submit one below:

Thank you for understanding!

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