Reena Lisette

Meaning: "God is my Oath and Joy"



Reena is witty and entirely sweet and wears her heart on her sleeve!

Weight: 16 lbs
Height: 14 inches at the shoulder

A little Reena thing:  

Reena loves to bound around the yard like a gazelle just because she can!

Reena is a Phantom Miniature Poodle with a heart of gold to match her beauty! Her striking markings will add depth and colour to our future litters, and her gorgeous wooly coat will create textured curls!


We purchased Reena as a 2 year old from a breeder in Northern Ontario.  

Reena's parents came from healthy registered lines.



Patellas: Grade 0 / NORMAL

Blood Panel: NORMAL

Reena has tested negative for PRA-prcd (Progressive Retinal Atrophy).

This means that Reena is PRA-prcd cleared and can be bred to any of our 

males and have ZERO chance of PRA-prcd showing up in her puppies.

To read more about PRA-prcd click here!