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Samuel Kadin

Meaning: "God has heard, My Friend"

Miniature Poodle

(natural and full tail / not docked)

Samuel is an affectionate cuddle-bug with class!

Weight: 13.2 lbs (5.99 kg)
Height: 13 inches at the shoulder

A little Samuel thing:
Samuel believes that he is Super Hero, and your heart needs rescuing!

Super Sam or Sam I Am

Samuel is a Chocolate Abstract Miniature Poodle, and he will throw big colours to match his huge personality! Samuel will be able to produce both solid and parti-coloured offspring,

although his signature stamp will be puppies with abstract markings like him.

We purchased Samuel from a breeder in Northern Ontario (same breeder from whom we purchased his sister, Holly and Pearl).  Both his parents come from pure and healthy lines!


Patellas: Grade 0 / NORMAL
Blood Panel: NORMAL

Samuel has tested negative for PRA-prcd (Progressive Retinal Atrophy).

This means that Samuel is PRA-prcd cleared and can be bred to any of our 

females and have ZERO chance of PRA-prcd showing up in his puppies.

To read more about PRA-prcd click here!

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