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Vera Laine

Samuel Kadin

Vera -- July 2021 -2.jpg


Samuel June 2021 2.jpg

BORN: OCTOBER 6th, 2021

These parents will produce *F1 BRITTANYDOODLES* (approximately 50% Brittany --50% Poodle)

Please see our Brittanydoodles 101 page for details and refer to the F1 Brittanydoodle.


This will be Vera and Samuel's first litter together and our second Brittanydoodle litter at Pleasant Meadows!  Our first Brittanydoodle litter will be with Vera's sister, Ceyda, in May 2021. We anticipate that their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 18 to 28 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:


Black ~ Orange ~ Chocolate

Please visit our Brittanydoodles Colours page for more colour details.


1. Fariha Sultana -- "Bronny" -- Puppy #2 ... PAID IN FULL!!
2. Chelsey Gruszka -- "Bandit" -- Puppy #3 ... PAID IN FULL!!
3. Carrie-Lynn Adam -- "Rosie" -- Puppy #1 ... PAID IN FULL!!

Sorry! This waiting list is full! All of the families have placed their deposits and holding fees and the puppies have been matched to the families on this waiting list according to temperament, energy level, and individual special connection, and their puppies are held for them with holding fees until they are able to pick up their puppy at 8 weeks of age!

Image by Aaron Burden

2 Girls and 1 Boy

Image by Chris Lawton

8 week old puppy update:

Vera and Samuel's puppies turn 8 weeks old tomorrow on the 1st of December!  They are joyous puppies, and the vet absolutely loved them at their appointment today and the vet thought they were "well mannered and happy".  One of the office staff was also asking if they were all spoken for because she loved them so much!  All three puppies were found to be in excellent health upon their full health examination and they received their 1st vaccination and another deworming!

Their weights at the vet were as follows:

Rosie -- 4 pounds & 8 ounces
Bronny -- 6 pounds & 2 ounces
Bandit -- 4 pounds and 2 ounces

The puppies whimpered off and on in the crate on the way to the vet, but on the way back they were quiet and slept the entire time.  We were even able to make a couple of quick stops to pick up a few remaining items that did not come through in shipments for our Puppy Starter Kits.  We have had to do a lot of alternate sourcing for our Puppy Kits during continued pandemic times with slow and inconsistent deliveries, and the landslides in BC have delayed many shipments directly to us and to stores ordering supplies.  Thank you for being patient for updates as we have had many busy days getting ready for the puppies to head for their forever homes!

Vera's puppies have been doing really well on their crate training, although they seem to really miss having all of Aurora's puppies for company in the crate at night.  So, we have had a few whimpers at night while they adjust from having lots of furry friends to just a few!  They have had individual crate time during the day with some whimpers until they have time to adjust and fall off to sleep for a nap.

Outdoor time is easy because the puppies love to explore and frolic about!  As long as the puppies are taken out immediately after they eat, wake up from a nap, or a big play session -- they all do great at doing their potty business outside.

Sitting is also something that they have mastered, but for photo taking we have had to be very quick because they are so happy that their tails don't know how to stop wagging and they are just unbelievably adorable!

Rosie endearing and is as sweet as her name,  Bronny is chill and cuddly, and Bandit is enthusiastic and is competing with the Energizer Bunny!

We will be sending the puppies home with a roll of PetFresh instead of canned food. 
We have had good success with sending the Freshpet home with one of our litters this past spring and we also sent a roll home with Aurora's puppies and that has worked out great instead of canned food.  Simply slice off a thin slice of the roll and crumble it onto their food -- mixing isn't even necessary! 

Here is the roll that you will be sent home with:

We have put the rolls in our freezer so that they will remain fresh on your drive home and we recommend cutting the roll in half once you are home and keeping one half in your fridge for use over 5-6 days and the other half in your freezer to thaw out once the first half is finished.  Your puppy will only need a slice this wide |_| or less which would be 1/8 of an inch at maximum.

We look forward to seeing all of you again!  Please don't forget that the final balance for the puppies is due tomorrow on Dec. 1st!  Here is a final photo of the puppies together -- we are going to miss these cuties:

Image by Chris Lawton

6 week old puppy update:

Vera and Samuel's puppies are now 6 weeks old!  They are busy and inquisitive, but at the same time they are calm and compliant and do well in new situations -- taking all in their stride!  They enjoy having "built-in" 24/7 playmates since they share the same pen space with Aurora's puppies which has given them the benefits of a "larger litter" for learning social cues. As well, when families came for choosing for Aurora's and Lydia's puppies, they had opportunity to see new people and hear new voices (including children).

On the photo set, they posed like photo pros!  Their level of compliance is astounding!

The puppies have adjusted well to the 3 times-a-day feedings
(morning, afternoon, and evening), and consume their meals with great enthusiasm!  They are eating a 1/4 cup of kibbles that have been softened in water and a heaping teaspoon of canned food.

A crate has now been introduced to their puppy pen and they, along with Aurora's puppies, like being able to go in and out of the crate during the day for play, exploration, and naps!  We are VERY pleased that there have been ZERO accidents in the crate since introducing it 2 days ago.  This means that their potty training is going very well and they see the crate as their "den space" and don't want to "mess it up".  If you are going to be using a pen space or small room for your puppy during the potty training stage -- having a designated sleeping area will help a puppy naturally use it's instincts to "move away" from where they eat and sleep.  A sleeping area inside a crate or a fluffy dog bed placed closest to wherever the puppy will see you the most and put the potty pads on the farthest side of the pen so that your puppy won't be tracking through/over the potty pads to see you will be the most beneficial way to set up a pen/room.   Here are some photos of Vera's puppies
(along with Aurora's) in the crate:

Over the next week and a half we will be giving them the experience of being in the crate with the door closed, both as a group and individually.  We will also be teaching the puppies to sit for food with positive reinforcement (praise and treats), and this will also be an opportunity for the puppies to become familiar with their chosen names.

Scent blankets will also be introduced so that puppy scent will get on these blankets and each puppy will go home with one in their Puppy Starter Kit so that they have the familiar scent to provide comfort when they transition to their new homes.

We will also be getting a video soon now that puppy choosing is over and we have a break from visiting and Skyping families.

Coming up soon, we will also be getting the puppies outside for the first time to give them exposure to the outdoors.  We have just received a couple inches of snow, and so this will give the puppies a chance to feel something cold under their little paws!

This litter remains phenomenally well-adjusted to new experiences and changes to their environment.  It's hard to get a reaction out of them because they are so accepting of change.  The puppies have had another grooming session which has included bathing and drying, fur brushing, fur trimming
(face and bum area), and nail trimming.  They are now very familiar with these routines, and they like to snuggle in close when they are getting blow dried after bathing.

The puppies have had their 6 week deworming today, and below are their current weights:

Rosie -- 6 weeks old.jpg

Rosie - Puppy #1 Girl

Matched to the Adam Family!

3 pounds and 11.5 ounces

Bronny -- 6 weeks old.jpg

 Bronny - Puppy #2 Boy

Matched to the Sultana Family!

4 pounds and 11 ounces

Bandit -- 6 weeks old.jpg

Matched to the Gruszka Family!

Bandit - Puppy #3 Girl

3 pounds and 4 ounces

We have a vet appointment scheduled for their 1st vaccination and their 8 week deworming on November 30th.  In your puppy's vet booklet (health record) it will show their weight at the time of examination, what the 1st vaccination covers, and the fact that they were dewormed by the vet.  The dewormings that we have done here at Pleasant Meadows at 2, 4, and 6 weeks of age will not be shown in the booklet as they were not done by the vet.

As an additional reminder, please start calling ahead to your regular vet OR calling around to find a vet clinic to get your puppy's next appointment booked for their 2nd vaccination and another deworming around December 30th
(a week or so in either direction is okay!) at approximately 12 weeks of age.  It is hard with so many puppies being born during this pandemic to get appointments, and some vet clinics are not taking on new clients.  Vet clinics will also be busy trying to book clients around Christmas and the New Year.  So, please be proactive and book in advance!

Vera's angels sat so perfectly that we decided to snap a group photo of them for you, and so we will leave you with their adorable faces:

Vera and Samuel's 2021 Puppies -- 6 weeks old.jpg
Image by Chris Lawton

5 week puppy matches:

The time to choose a puppy has commenced for Vera and Samuel's litter!  It's off to a great start, and we will post updates as the puppies are matched to families.  It's great to finally start meeting the families and being able to share these wonderful puppies with them!

Orange Boy -- 4 weeks old pic 1.jpg

 Bronny - Puppy #2 Boy

Matched to the Sultana Family!

Liver Parti Girl -- 4 weeks old pic 2.jpg

Matched to the Gruszka Family!

Bandit - Puppy #3 Girl

White and Orange Girl -- 4 weeks old pic 2.jpg

Rosie - Puppy #1 Girl

Matched to the Adam Family!

Image by Chris Lawton

4 week old puppy update:

Vera's puppies are now 4 weeks old and they are very happy puppies!  Wagging tails and dancing feet seem to be their motto!  This is another great success for our Brittanydoodles where they have exceeded expectations!  The puppies are gentle, sweet, and playful and they are highly intelligent and were little superstars for their photos today!

The #1 Girl is quiet in new situations, but she adjusts quickly and is playful and confident.  Puppy #2 Boy is pudgy and playful and he likes to throw his weight around because let's face it . . . he can!  Puppy #3 Girl is bubbly and endearing and she loves trying new food.

All of the puppies are outgoing and confident in their own ways -- those descriptions are just a small sneak peak into the litter.

We have been introducing the puppies to a food slurry that consists of softened kibbles, canned food
(lamb and chicken), pumpkin, probiotics, and goats milk.  So far, the Puppy #3 Girl likes the new food the most, but the other two will take a nibble or two when they know that mom isn't going to provide a yummy milkshake for desert!  The puppies do still nurse from Vera and will continue to do so until around 6 weeks of age.

Below is a video of the puppies while still in their small pen, but they have since been moved into our Sunroom where they can learn to use the washable potty pads as a start to their potty training.  We'll have more to share with you of them in the Sunroom at the end of the update, but here is a cute video of the puppies to enjoy:

The puppies love to be pampered and get their nails trimmed, and they do very well for other handling like being dewormed. The dewormer is in pill form at this stage, and so they have experience that will help them later in life for future vet visits.  Below are their current weights:

White and Orange Girl -- 4 weeks old pic 2.jpg

 Puppy #1 Girl

Weight: 3 pounds & 2.5 ounces

Orange Boy -- 4 weeks old pic 1.jpg

 Puppy #2 Boy

Weight: 3 pounds & 11.5 ounces

Liver Parti Girl -- 4 weeks old pic 2.jpg

 Puppy #3 Girl

Weight: 2 pounds & 10.5 ounces

The puppies have stayed very clean so far, and so we haven't needed to give them a bath yet, but we will do so before the 5 week choosing just for the sake of giving the puppies a measurable experience.  We can see their temperaments emerging in other ways, like when we moved them into our Sunroom and also by their demeanour on the photo set, and the puppies all react fairly equally at a ONE, with ONE being calm and FIVE being scared.

Vera is the type of mom who likes to play quietly with her puppies, especially in the early morning like she is saying "hello" to them, but as soon as we pull out the camera she stops playing to wag her tail and get attention of her own.  So, this is something that we haven't been able to capture, but we want to make mention of it because it's so wonderful to have a mom who plays with her puppies as this teaches so many social skills and cues that humans can't communicate or teach.  Dog's know so much about our language, but humans are just barely scratching the surface to understand theirs!  The skills that their mom teaches them are a base for their social play and communication later in life!

We will updates our website at 5 weeks after each family chooses their puppy, and our next scheduled puppy update will be when the puppies turn 6 weeks old on:

Wednesday, November 17th 2021

We will leave you with a video of the puppies hanging out with Aurora's puppies in our Sunroom.  You can see the confidence they have in a new space and a little bit of the puppies individuality showing through!  They love having all the new play mates and have really blossomed socially to have another litter to play with and also to fast-track their potty training as Aurora's puppies are showing Vera's puppies that the potty pads are where they do their "dirty work".  It's a bit busy, but it's not too hard to pick out Vera's cutie pies in this video:

Image by Chris Lawton

2 week old puppy update: