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Vera Laine

Samuel Kadin

Vera -- July 2021 -2.jpg


Samuel June 2021 2.jpg

BORN: OCTOBER 6th, 2021

These parents will produce *F1 BRITTANYDOODLES* (approximately 50% Brittany --50% Poodle)

Please see our Brittanydoodles 101 page for details and refer to the F1 Brittanydoodle.


This will be Vera and Samuel's first litter together and our second Brittanydoodle litter at Pleasant Meadows!  Our first Brittanydoodle litter will be with Vera's sister, Ceyda, in May 2021. We anticipate that their puppies will mature to be in the estimated range of 18 to 28 lbs.


And the following colours are possible:


Black ~ Orange ~ Chocolate

Please visit our Brittanydoodles Colours page for more colour details.


1. Fariha Sultana -- male ... Res. Fee & Deposit Received!!
2. Chelsey Gruszka -- no preference ... Res. Fee & Deposit Received!!
3. Carrie-Lynn Adam -- no preference ... Res. Fee & Deposit Received!!

Sorry! This waiting list is full! All of the families have placed their deposits and are anticipating choosing a puppy at 5-6 weeks of age!

Image by Aaron Burden

2 Girls and 1 Boy

Image by Chris Lawton

Bonus Cute Update:

Vera and her puppies have been moved to a small play-pen area. Not only does she not need the larger whelping box with only 3 puppies, but she also feels more secure in the smaller area which has taller sides on it that we have covered with a sheet for privacy.  She and her puppies are absolutely thriving, and Vera is such a joyful and sweet momma!  Today's cute update isn't entirely about the puppies, but actually a video of how creative Vera is and the quirky qualities that we're certain will be passed down to her puppies.  Vera didn't finish her meal before laying down to nurse her puppies, and so instead of getting up and uprooting their meal time . . . well  . . . watch the video and see . . .

Hope you enjoyed watching this cute bonus video update!

Image by Chris Lawton

Birth Announcement:

Vera and Samuel's puppies have arrived in the early hours of October 6th between 12:10 AM and 1:13 AM.  Vera had us fooled into believing that she would at least have a slightly larger litter based on her late pregnancy belly size, but as you can see in the photos, two puppies are quite large and they filled up Vera's belly with the appearance of more puppies.  In the event of a small litter, being large at birth does not mean the two larger puppies will mature to be any larger than the smaller puppy -- when there is more room inside it can allow for some to simply grow larger whereas larger litters limit growth in the womb.

With only 3 puppies, Vera had a very quick and easy birthing, and she really is a remarkable first-time mom!  Vera is attentive and devoted to her puppies, and the puppies are nursing and doing well under her care.  And actually . . .

Vera's innate mothering skills and her sweet, loving nature greatly helped us *and* Aurora's puppies yesterday.  A part of our job as a good breeder is monitoring the mother's health and well-being just as much as for the puppies, and yesterday we noted that Aurora (mother of our Cavapoo litter born October 3rd) had a fever of 103.8 degrees F which is an emergency and can indicate a post-whelping infection.  Aurora needed to be rushed to an emergency vet clinic that is over two hours away from us as our vet was not available due to a prior commitment away from his office.  Aurora's puppies could not go with her to the emergency vet because it would be dangerous for their tiny immune systems to be exposed to germs, parasites and diseases carried at a vet clinic (even the vet advised against it).  We are telling you all of this about Aurora and her puppies because of how proud we are of Vera who helped us by being a temporary surrogate mom to Aurora's puppies while she was away at the vet (over 8 hours).  Vera provided love, comfort, and kept Aurora's puppies fed along with her own 3 newborn puppies during that time-frame.  Some family members remained behind to monitor Vera and make sure that her 3 puppies had priority at the "milk bar", but Vera did an amazing job caring for her 3 plus Aurora's 7 puppies.  To add to the intensity of the day -- Lydia also decided to give birth on October 6th and with Vera contently looking after Aurora's puppies, this greatly reduced stress and allowed for the family members at home to be there and attentive to Lydia's birthing needs, while other family members attended to Aurora's needs at the vet.  It's amazing how God works all of these things out -- maybe there was a reason why Vera only had 3 puppies so that she could help Aurora's puppies yesterday!

This scenario is a prime example of why you often will see breeders with 2-3 litters around the same time.  Not only do girls sync up their cycles so that they are bred and birth together, but it is a safety net for events like what happened yesterday.  Yes, there are things like milk replacer that could have been fed to Aurora's puppies, but nothing can replace the "real thing", and Vera would have also reduced or eliminated Aurora's puppies stress by providing warmth, loving care, and a natural milk supply that was familiar and comforting in a way that only a mother dog can offer -- this is not something that can be found with a heating pad and a bottle!  So, we hope you can be as proud of Vera as we are!  On a side note -- Aurora is back home again and doing just fine (vet prescribed antibiotics that are safe for nursing moms).

Back to Vera and her 3 puppies!  Here is some more info specifically about the puppies:

 Puppy #1 Girl

Time of Birth: 12:10 AM
Colour: White with Orange Patches

 Puppy #2 Boy

Time of Birth: 12:52 AM
Colour: Orange
w/ White Abstract Markings

 Puppy #3 Girl

Time of Birth: 1:13 AM
Colour: White
w/ Liver (chocolate) Patches

Vera's ample milk supply is keeping her puppies very content and happy!  And we look forward to sharing more of the journey with these beautiful puppies and their incredible mom!

Our next scheduled puppy update will be when the puppies turn 2 weeks old on:

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

But, be on the lookout for Bonus Updates (random/not scheduled).

With this litter only comprising of 3 puppies, we will be offering positions on our other Cavapoo lists or future Brittanydoodle lists to the families that cannot receive a puppy from Vera's current litter.  The first 3 families on this list will be able to receive a puppy unless they decide not to remain on the list for any reason.

Here are a few more photos of Vera and her puppies:

Vera's Past Litters at Pleasant Meadows: