Waldo Bellamy

Meaning: "Sovereign and Fine Friend"

Toy Poodle

(docked tail)

Waldo is enthusiastic and quirky!

Weight: 5.1 lbs (2.3 kg)
Height: 9 inches at the shoulder

A little Waldo thing:

Waldo likes to dance when he is excited!


"Where's Waldo" or Zip

Waldo is an Apricot Toy Poodle, with a charming demeanor! Waldo should be able to produce both solid and parti-coloured offspring, but his sweet nature is what will win you over! We don't normally select Toy Poodles as studs, but Waldo's father was a Miniature and although Waldo happens to take after his mother in stature, he has the good temperament of the Miniature Poodle side of his lineage and Waldo exudes confidence and pizzazz!

We purchased Waldo from a breeder in the Huntsville area. Waldo's father was a Miniature Poodle and his mother was a Toy Poodle. Both his parents come from pure and healthy lines!

PRA-prcd: *pending fall 2021*

Patellas: Grade 0 / NORMAL
Blood Panel: NORMAL