Zola Leilani

Meaning: "Tranquil, and Heavenly Flower"

English Springer Spaniel

(natural and full tail / not docked)

Zola is always happy, sweet-tempered, and amiable.

Weight: 21 lbs (9.5 kg)

Height: Coming soon!


A little Zola thing:

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

Zola is a Liver Tri English Springer Spaniel. Zola will be a part of our foundation for our English Springer Spaniel and Springerdoodle lines.

We purchased Zola as a puppy from a breeder in Southern Ontario. Zola is the cousin to our other Springer female, Zulie. Both her parents come from CKC registered and healthy lines.

Hips: *pending fall 2022*
Patellas: Grade 0 / NORMAL

Blood Panel: NORMAL

Canine Health Check: *pending fall 2022*

(Canine Health Check screens for more than 250 different inherited diseases and traits)