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Puppy Room Tour Videos!

Below are videos that we update regularly of our puppy room area so that you can see where your puppy has been raised. We started this tradition in 2012 and it has continued to be a great way for families who cannot visit, or who are waiting to visit when the puppies are 5 weeks of age to see what their puppies experience here at Pleasant Meadows and where they are actually born and raised.
Some of the videos below are in Alberta where we first started raising puppies in 2011 and then the others are here in Ontario after we moved in the fall of 2016.

Below is the latest 2023 Puppy Room Tour video:

Spring 2021 Puppy Room Tour:

Winter 2020 Puppy Room Tour:

Fall 2018 Puppy Room Tour:

Spring 2018 Puppy Room Tour:

Fall 2017 Puppy Room Tour:

Fall 2017 Puppy Room Tour -- Special Update:

Spring 2016 Puppy Room Tour:

Summer 2015 Puppy Room Tour:

Spring 2014 Puppy Room Tour:

Summer 2013 Puppy Room Tour:

Fall 2012 Puppy Room Tour:

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