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Testimonials from our Past Puppies!

Sophie is going to be one in a couple weeks. Time flies, but she has been such a joy. She is loving and friendly with both human and animal. she luvs going to daycare weekly to play with other pups and I know she luvs going as tail wagging all the way in the door and doesn’t look back. Luvs to play fetch (although doesn’t alway drop it lol). Loves our walks and loves the water and even goes in the kayak with me and luvs it. She is a joy.

From Niagara Falls lots of fireworks weekly, does not phase her. She luvs socks and shoes. Steals them and shakes the heck out of them. She will even put her head in the basket to find a sock. She luvs to cuddle although she does tend to take up the whole bed lol. She is a very rounded pup and I thank you for that. Who knows maybe she needs a sister some day.
(Adaeze and Arlo 2022)
Cynthia Gabrielli
Well, Tully turns one next week, and I think I could've written a similar story at any point since he came home. From day 1 he has been joy personified - excited about everything life has to offer. He is such a good communicator making intentional and accidental training easy. He is so good at the dog park, trying to make friends to play with but also being respectful of uninterested dogs. I've been able to leave him home alone since he was little with no problems. He loves to chew and play, and other than his love of ankle socks, keeps his attention to his toys and the recycle bin. He loves trying to play with the cats, and one has started chasing him back. Moving to Calgary and learning about winter didn't phase him one bit - he LOVES snow.

When I decided to add a dog to my life, I did a lot of research - at the time I lived in a one bedroom apartment in Toronto with 3 cats. Finding Pleasant Meadows was the perfect match - I was confident about the health, size and temperament of their pups. I didn't know anything about the Brittany breed or Brittanydoodles, but appreciated all the information and guidance Lela provided.
He's made it very easy to think about adding another pup to the mix!

Tully (Ceyda & Raffi 2022)
Heather - @heathersherd on instagram

Our Brittanydoodle Rosie girl is the sweetest, most loving pup we’ve ever known. She exceeded our expectations and was easy to train, is so so loving, and is very patient with our kiddos.

She loves her walks but is also happy to play fetch in the backyard and LOVES any opportunity for a snuggle.

We often receive comments about how snuggly and calm she is (except when she initially greets you; then be prepared for tail wags, kisses and pure excitement!).

She loves playing with other dogs too. She is also so intelligent and learns new tricks so easily!

She has truly brought so much joy to our lives! Best thing to happen to us in 2021!

Rosie likes to hug! She gently jumps up to your leg, wraps her paws around and squeezes and rests her head on your leg. She snuggles more than all our former cats combined!

Carrie-Lynn, David, Ivy and Oliver

I’ve done a lot of research online and looking up different breeders and felt most comfortable with Pleasant Meadows. The website is so detailed and covers every question/concerns you may have. Lela is also very responsive on Instagram if you ever have any questions regarding your puppy. You can tell that Lela and her family cares very much and love every pup.

I got Ayla (cavapoo) in June 2019 and she’s the best addition to the family! When I first brought her home, she was already pee pad trained which saved us from a lot of unnecessary clean ups and I love that Lela was calling every pup by their name so she was already accustomed to her name. She’s very smart and eager to please you, very food motivated which made it easy to train her and teach her tricks. She’s absolutely adored by everyone she meets..she’s very friendly to every dog (big or small) and just the happiest loving dog. Ayla just turned 4 yrs old and she’s still learning new tricks and it takes about a day or 2 for her to learn the tricks/command.

I’m so glad I came across Pleasant Meadows and Lela and her family! Thank you for raising the best dogs ❤️

Dear Pleasant Meadows Family,

We truly appreciate all the information you have given us during our process of bringing Arrow home with us. You have also stayed in touch with us and answered all our questions after leaving with our pup. Arrow is a Cavapoo from Desta and Arlo. He truly is exactly as you described him. Our “happy go lucky” has been a great addition to our little family. We call him our little healer. We have also recommended you to all our friends who are looking for a puppy! Thank you so much for all that you do to ensure we bring home a healthy pup.

Stefan, Fariha & Arrow

This is our first time getting a puppy and we thought it would be a great time as we are now semi-retired. Tula has been an absolute joyful addition to our family. At 15 weeks, she is super sweet, highly intelligent and very easy to train. Thank you so much Lela and family for all your help and support since the beginning. We are so appreciative that whenever we have a question, you answer thoroughly and promptly. It is very clear that Tula came from a loving, thoughtful and meticulous breeder!

Tula, Jilla and Bijan, Kingston
Thank you Lela and the Pleasant Meadows family so much for all the great work you do! Your kindness and care is exceptional. We are so grateful to have little Benji. He has brought such joy to our lives. We knew we couldn’t go wrong after seeing Lily and Rosey growing up with our daughter and her fiancé. They have been wonderful companions over the years. You have always gone above and beyond what is required. We really appreciate all the online information available to us as well. It has been really helpful. The puppy kit you included with Benji is so helpful and comprehensive. You’re the best breeder ever!!!!

Cathy And Terry, Belleville Ontario

Onyx has been the centre of our household since we brought him home. He has added so much joy and fun to our lives and has settled into our daily routines easily. He is a quick learner, and has been a playful companion to our human kids. His temperament is a nice balance between sweet and snugly, and playful. He settles down quickly once playtime is over, and transforms into the cuddliest lap dog. We are grateful to Pleasant Meadows for their kind and careful breeding that has brought us our best furry friend!!

Every evening after dinner Onyx grabs his favourite chew bone and hides it under his bed or blanket, walks around, sniffs, and "digs" up his bone as if he's surprised to find it there. Sometimes he whines for us to hide it for him. It is so cute and he has been doing this every evening after dinner for about 6 months now.

Nancy, Geoff, Theo and Madeleine from Toronto.

Lela, I wanted to provide a testimonial for your site, because I think the world should know how amazing Pleasant Meadows is! From the beginning, there has been so much information to help us through the puppy stages. We loved getting to see the updates on the puppies page throughout Mando's first 8 weeks. You made the transition to home during the Covid-19 crisis as easy as possible. When we got home and had questions or concerns, your responses to our emails were more than we could have hoped for! It's been 14 years since we had a puppy in the house, and I now realize how ill prepared we were the first time around! Although every puppy is different and has different challenges, I'm not sure how we did it last time without the wealth of information you have provided to us. Mando is a wonderful puppy, who has us wrapped around his paw already. At 12 weeks he is playful, snuggly, and intelligent. We couldn't have asked for more from our pup or the wonderful home he came from - I wish all breeders were as diligent as you, we'd have a lot more well adjusted, healthy dogs in this world!

The Lewis Family

Mando seems to be a natural soccer player! He pushes the ball around the yard with his head, barking the whole time!

Hi Lela, Wanted to thank you again for such an AMAZING experience and the beautiful girl you gave us! From start to finish you were extremely helpful, from the details on the site to get us ready, to the bi-weekly updates once Coco and her siblings were born, to the 'take home bag', to the random questions i had sent via email. You were always patient and extremely informative of what to do, calming my worries and keeping us confident with our puppy journey. Now about Coco - she's a fun, playful and SMART dog, that only at 10 weeks old, already loves her crate, sleeps through the night (mostly lol) and already knows that when it's time she should use her pee pad or 'go' outside. With you having the pups already sleeping in the crate and using the pee pads before the age of 8 weeks, it really made the transition home EXTREMELY easy. I often hear horror stories of the puppy's first night home, and I can say, you truly helped make this an amazing experience. I can't thank you enough for this experience, it was totally worth it, and I would HIGHLY recommend Pleasant Meadows! It is worth it! Never had such a smooth transition.

Coco LOVES pillow forts and cuddles! Is starting to enjoy watching Toronto traffic from the living room window.

All the best to you and your mom!

Sheena and Amrita

Hi Lela,

Hope all is well at Pleasant Meadows. I know it’s been a while but just wanted to update you on our wonderful, intelligent, healthy beautiful one-year-old. We are having so much fun  and great times with her. We celebrated her with balloons, treats and by singing Happy Birthday on the 30th. She looked at us as though we were strange but that’s OK.

She has accompanied us on all  our trips this past summer and she’s was an awesome travel companion.

Again, Lily has given our family so much joy, I had to share this with you once again.

Have a great day!

Tracy H.

Wow. I don't know where to start! This whole experience has been amazing. Lela goes above and beyond with bi weekly updates (and the bonus updates), to the care and love she puts in, to the puppy sessions at pick up,etc. It is certainly evident when you finally get your puppy home. She was extra accommodating with helping us chose an allergy friendly puppy. Our new puppy has no issues with nail cutting, noises, and has been sleeping through the night since day one! He knew sit and lie down by the time he left Pleasant Meadows so we've been working on stay before the food gets set down. He's been getting much love and attention and has settled right in and my son has had no allergies issues at all! If we decide to get another dog at some point I would certainly return! Marley has a beautiful dog bed which he rarely uses. Even if it is in close proximity it must be too far away. He's much rather sleep right under my work chair when I am working from home.


- Stacey

Hi Lela,

Now that we've had Murphy for almost a full month, I wanted to give you a little update on how he's doing.

First of all, I can't believe it's only been a month, I feel like we've had Murphy for our entire lives! We both love the little guy so much & he is developing quite the personality. He is the sweetest & cuddliest dog to ever exist and loves every single person & dog he's met. He is quite the heart breaker.

I also can't believe how smart he is and how quickly he learns. He's able to sit, come, lie down, roll over, dance and spin on command. We're still working on stay and "no bark"! He gets very excited for food & treats. He's also teething a lot, so we're having to watch our fingers and toes. As soon as you give him a toy to play with, he switches right to it. His favourites are his hedgehog & toy stick. Whenever we come home when he's been left alone, his toys are scattered all over the place, so he definitely loves them all.

We're taking him up north this weekend to spend the weekend at my parent's place with their Bichon Frise Benji. The two love each other, so I'm very excited to watch them play all weekend and hopefully bring them to the beach! Murphy will be so excited to have so much space to run around.

He's also scheduled to get his next vaccine at the vet's on Thursday, so fingers crossed that goes smoothly.

Thank you so much for giving us the cutest dog in the world. He's brought so much joy & love into our lives.

Have a great day!

Nicole, Glen & Murphy!

Hi again Lela,


Auggie’s first few days could not have gone more smoothly!! He has slept through the night in his crate from around 10-10:30pm-6-6:30am every night!! Not a peep, and then just a little whimper in the morning when ready to go out. The first 2 nights he was in the bedroom with me, but last night he was in the kitchen area, and STILL slept straight through, unbelievable!  He sleeps with his scent blanket and the brown teddy bear you gave him...which he LOVES.  It’s funny, he will play with it a little bit outside of his crate, but always ends up carrying it back in to his crate when he’s done playing so he can sleep with it.  It’s too cute!  Potty training has been going extremely well, 95% of the time he goes outside, otherwise on his pee pad, and only actually a few ‘accidents’ (near misses from his pee pad).  He sits for his dinner, comes when we call him and just has the sweetest demeanor.  He loves playing outside with the kids...we’ve had some great weather and he’s really been enjoying it! Overall, we couldn’t be happier, and feel truly blessed that he is a part of our family.

I know I’ve said it a million times...but thank you so much for everything you did for Auggie to make his transition to our home that much easier...all your hard work has definitely paid off!!


Kindest Regards,

Tracy & family

Glen and I wanted to thank you again for our little angel Murphy! He was so good on the ride home (slept almost the whole way) & has eaten all of his meals so far. He is also a pro at sitting (when there’s a treat involved!). We love the little guy so much and can’t thank you enough for how well you have raised him. It is very clear how much you guys love and care for the puppies and all of your dogs.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Nicole, Glen & Murphy!


We just wanted to send you a quick email since archie is now one! We want to thank you for bringing such an amazing little boy into our lives! Archie is such a loving pup, hes got such a little personality of his own and he is so smart. He absolutely loves people, hes so sociable! He loves the dog park....just at the mention of it he gets super excited! He loves car rides, especially when he gets to stick his head out of the window, and he absolutely loves showing off his tricks for a good treat! He for sure knows how cute he is and sometimes he likes to test us, he gets into everything outside especially mud puddles! :) He must have some pretty smart genetics in him, because he surprises us daily with how smart he is! One of our favourite things he does is when he hits door stoppers! He figured that one out all on his own, one morning when he wanted to wake us up he continuously hit the door stopper until we woke up, and hes been doing it ever since...we call him our little alarm clock! We cant wait to come back out and see you guys next year for another puppy, archie will just love a sibling!!!! We hope everything is going well


Adrian, chelsea and archie  

Thanks for the photos! It was really great meeting you!  We are so appreciative of the love and care you are giving Auggie, it is so comforting to know he is having the absolute best start to his little puppy life being at Pleasant Meadows!  We also loved meeting Annalyse and Samuel...they are just SO sweet and can see how these puppies take after mom and dad.  We have decided Auggie’s full name will be August Samuel, after his sweet Dad whom he resembles so much. Honestly, it felt like he was destined to be our pup from the first pic we saw of we couldn’t be happier that he is now actually ours!! Can’t wait...the kids are counting down the days!


Thanks so much!

Tracy R.

We are so fortunate to have the Lily join our family just over 6 weeks ago. She is an amazing pup as she is adjusting very well. Playful, intelligent and a great cuddler, we enjoy every moment with her. I spent some time researching breeders before we adopted Lily. I stopped when I connected with Pleasant Meadows. Lela is very professional, knowledgable and dedicated. While at Pleasant Meadows, I found the puppies and their parents to be happy, social and well behaved to only reassure my opinion. We would love to adopt again in the future and if we do, I would not hesitate to reach out to Pleasant Meadows again.


Thank you!! Tracy

The entire process from being put onto the waiting list (2 years ago), to choosing our puppies and picking them up (3 hour drive, so worth it) has been nothing short of exciting and smooth. Honey & Wilbur (brother and sister) have been inseparable the moment we brought them home. Both with very different personalities; Wilbur bolts to the window and watches his family members leave the house and Honey only falling asleep peacefully if her head is tucked under a pillow or blanket but share similar traits; VERY loving, obedient and enjoys chewing on socks when no one is looking! We are so pleased with how well and fast they've been trained/ potty trained. They love every single person that they meet and are comfortable playing with all sizes and types of dogs. One thing they enjoy most is going for walks and cuddling with their sisters at the end of the day. We have so much added love and joy in our home from our cutest babies :)

Honey and Wilbur from Daphne and Trenton's litter (2018)

The Padula's from Misssissauga!

Hi.  Just giving you an update.  Hendricks is doing great.  He’s eating well and growing.  He loves running outside. He wants to play with simba the cat all the time and simba likes him! Always comes back for more! When he has had enough simba let’s him know.  Hendricks is fun but yet very cuddly at times.  He prefers to be out of pen rather than in it. He sleeps in crate at night until 6 . We start puppy school next week. He has a wonderful personality!


Thank you so much for starting his life off at pleasant meadows!

Colleen S.

Our puppy Cooper, parents Annalyse & Trenton, has been a well loved addition to our family. Because of vacation plans, he stayed for an extra three weeks with Lela and joined us potty trained, crate trained, sleeping through the night and with a few commands learned. We can’t say enough good things about the excellent care and attention to detail that Lela provides to her parent dogs, the puppies and adoptive families. Having looked at many other websites, Pleasant Meadows provides so much information that we found very helpful in this whole process. Lela is so kind to spend time answering questions and even sending video updates of Cooper during the time we were on vacation. Cooper is an affectionate puppy who loves people, especially our grandkids, aged 1 - 10 years. One of his favourites is to zoom around my daughters back yard with three kids in hot pursuit. We call it “getting his zombies out” Cooper also believes that everyone should love him and stop to say “hello” and give him a scratch behind his ears, when visiting or on our walks. Cooper is almost five months, in good health, happy and cherished. Thanks Lela.

Kim Sykes & Cooper

Cooper loves to dig! Our new sod was a favourite target for his attention. Im going to get him a sandbox to dig in come spring💕

From the first communication, Lela from Pleasant Meadows has been wonderful. This was my first puppy adoption, and since I was choosing 2 from the same litter, I had numerous questions. Lela guided me through the process, answered all my questions, and calmed any concerns I may have had. Every step of the process went smoothly. Upon meeting my new pups (Freya and Sasha) for the 5-week scheduled visit, Lela put me at ease and I did not feel rushed or foolish asking still more questions. Updates on the progress of the puppies were frequent and detailed. When it came time for pick up, the time was scheduled and went off without any issues. Lela even answered a question I had after my new pups were at home. The Pleasant Meadows team truly wants to know their puppies are going to a good home, to parents who will love and care for them. The Pleasant Meadows’ web site has a lot of great information, which I visited often in preparation for my new additions to my home. I still research the web site for training tips, and reference links. My girls, Freya and Sasha, are happy and healthy puppies. They bring so much joy into my life. They are social and love to meet other people. Everyone loves them and says they are so cute. Freya and Sasha do not react to loud noises or get scared at strange objects, I attribute this to the conditioning they received at Pleasant Meadows in their first 8 weeks. They are curious pups, with their own unique personalities. Freya is the pensive, lets watch, kind of girl; while Sasha is the excitable, lets go, kind. Freya is smart, she figures things out very quickly, while Sasha goes with her emotions, and gets into trouble more often. Freya is a foodie, likes to hide her chew sticks from her sister, and is the sweetest, cuddly puppy with a calm nature. Sasha loves to hug, sniffs/searches and usually finds what she is looking for, and likes to run fast, usually when she is playing with her sister. I would definitely recommend Pleasant Meadows to family, friends, all dog lovers searching for a wonderful new addition to their home.

Wanda King (Toronto) Both are as different as night and day. They are a joy to watch at play, or just cuddle with. Glad I chose 2 pups, well worth the extra work that comes with having 2.

We brought home Archie 4 weeks ago, and getting him has been the best decision! Every single person who has met Archie has fallen in love with him! Archie is such a happy, friendly, and adventurous little puppy. He is up for trying anything new and also loves to just be mellow and cuddle. Pleasant meadows has done an amazing job raising him up until 8 weeks of age, he was conditioned so well that no sounds affect him, he has fallen asleep to the sound of the chainsaw, the blender and trains, nothing bothers him! He is so easily trained, in just four weeks he can sit, lie down, shake a paw, and come up. He was very easily bell trained to go outside (he rings when he needs to go). He picked it up within one week! Archie sleeps through the night, and has since the first week we got him. He absolutely loves other dogs, no matter the size he just wants to play. He barely barks, and is just overall an amazing puppy. Pleasant meadows gave us amazing updates, and let us Skype to see him at 5 weeks (which worked great!) We are already thinking of getting a second cavapoo, we love the breed so much! We would definitely recommend pleasant meadows to anyone!


Chelsea and Adrian

Ruxin stole my heart from the moment I saw him and has continued to do so over the past 2 years. He is happiest and down to earth dog I know. He is quirky and loves everyone and everything. I got Ruxin February 2016 and he is my first dog. I would highly recommend Pleasant Meadows and the puppies that they clearly care so much for. Ruxin was the best thing that has ever happened in my life and I cannot thank Pleasant Meadows enough. Ruxin literally knows the difference between other toys and Go Dog. He will go nuts if you have one in your hand and knows the term "go find your dragon" (which is his favourite Go Dog toy), he will run to the toy box and dig till he finds that particular toy!

Ericka Emes

I picked Koda up from Pleasant Meadows in January 2017. I spent a lot of time researching breeds of dogs and set my heart on a cavapoo. As Koda would be my first dog that I own on my own, picking a proper breeder was very important to me. I ended up researching cavapoo breeders across North America and found Pleasant Meadows. They stuck out to me due to their detailed information, the care they take of the puppies, the health the puppies are in by the time of pick up, and even the little details like providing updates throughout the process. I ended up flying from Alberta to Ontario to pick Koda up as I knew it was the breeder I wanted to get a puppy from! It was the best decision I have ever made. Koda is now one and a half, he is a very well behaved, friendly, and healthy little guy. I can’t say enough good things about him, and would happily recommend anyone interested in a cavapoo to go through Pleasant Meadows!


Thank you!


I brought home my first puppy (Gordie) from Pleasant Meadows in December 2016.  He was the very first dog for our family.  We always felt too busy to have a pet in the house.  After the kids were grown and gone, the house seemed a bit too quiet.  We thoroughly researched different breeds and breeders before we found Pleasant Meadows.  We were very impressed and satisfied with our experience.  Lela and Pleasant Meadows are experienced and professional breeders who at the same time are taking care of their dogs and puppies within their home.  An ideal combination for puppies and customers.   


I wanted a second dog before I even brought Gordie home but being that he was the first dog for our family, I didn't want to bite off more than I could chew!  Within a month, I knew a second dog was in our future.  Four months later we brought Theo home from Pleasant Meadows.  Lela helped us select a puppy that would be a good match for Gordie.  We would have easily managed 2 puppies from the same litter, but I didn't have the confidence.  Cousins, close in age, was the next best option.  The only thing better than 1 puppy is 2 puppies. 


Looking after 2 dogs is a bit more work than one, in terms of bath time after a day out playing in the mud, or leash training when a squirrel goes by, or teaching them to stick to their own dog dish and that the fastest eater does not get all the food.  These are typical growing pains when training any dog.  Overall, Gordie and Theo are at least as well behaved as most single dogs we meet.  They are well adjusted too.  If Gordie had stayed as an "only dog" he might have gotten a bit too spoiled!!  They learn from each other and as their humans we gain so much from watching their playfulness together and their devotion to each other.   They exercise and entertain each other constantly so the guilt of leaving them at home is much less.  They cuddle up together for a nap when they are tired.  They share their own unique relationships with the humans in the house and we don't have to deal with the competition of "who gets the dog".  The adult children come home more see the dogs!   That could be considered good or back - depending on your perspective.


Not everyone would consider a second dog, but for our family it was a really great decision.  I am convinced they are happier because they have each other.  The fun they have and the joy they bring to our family is more than double.  Gordie and Theo are best friends.  It's impossible not to feel uplifted in their presence because they have a dynamic between them that is contagious.  We are very thankful to Pleasant Meadows for supporting us to have our 2 dogs and to raise them to be happy and valued members of our family.  


If you want a glimpse of the Gordie and Theo Connection, check them out on Instagram@ doucettedoggies

Hi Lela,

I hope you, your mom and all the adorable puppies & dogs are doing well and had a great week!

I wanted to send you a quick update on Moose since he's now been at our home for one whole week, We could not be more in love with the little guy - Moose has the most infectious, bright & charming personality we've ever seen in a puppy. He has won the hearts of both of our families, my sister has come to visit him 3 times in the past 5 days she loves him so much!

Moose has adjusted really well to his new home - he definitely feels comfortable here now and marches around with confidence. We also cannot believe how smart he is at such a young age - you did a wonderful job training him as he mastered his grass pad the first night, sleeps like an angel throughout the night and only wakes us when he needs the washroom. He's also such a gentleman when we gets his food, always sitting for us before he eats.

We are beyond happy with Moose and the whole experience with yourself and Pleasant Meadows and we would recommend anyone to you in a heartbeat.

Thank you again & I hope your having a wonderful week!

Ashley, Ryan & Moose

I have been meaning to drop you a line about our much loved, adorable puppy, Charlie, aka "golden puppy" as he is called by our family! He sailed through the first puppy training session and was the only one who sat still for his graduation picture (or didn't try to eat his cap!). House training is going great and he rings the bell to let us know he is ready to go outside to do his business!! He obeys many commands from "watch me" to a complete stay from quite a distance until he is called.


From his third night on, he slept through the night with no whining and held his bladder with no issues. To this day he goes in his crate cooperatively at night, does not fuss or whine and is ready to party by 7 AM the next day when we get up. He was a pretty good traveller when we took him on the plane to Winnipeg in mid August. He wasn't keen on the carrier but managed well. Everybody who meets him falls in love with him. I must have given your contact information to at least three serious buyers. Who knows if they called you. Some I met on the street, others at Petsmart in Gimli, MB.

Anne Marie

We were fortunate enough to get to pick our Cavapoo puppy Odie, from Isabella and Tobi, this past March. The pictures and video made it easy and exciting for all of us as we do not live close to Pleasant Meadows. The process and payment plan was easy and Lela stayed in close contact. Odie is a fantastic dog! Very laid back, great with kids and our older dog. He enjoys a belly rub as much as he enjoys a good off leash run! He house trained quickly and is very smart and obedient. After losing his puppy coat I am glad to say he does not shed and dries quickly after swimming.


Lela takes the time to desensitize the newborn puppies to noise and this is evident in Odie. The neighbours were putting off fireworks (we had our windows open) and Odie and our other dog just kept playing and didn't even notice! Health and temperament were most important to us and we got that with our puppy from Pleasant Meadows. Thanks as well to your mom and brother who made the 2 hour drive (one way) with Odie to meet me at the airport which made things much easier for me. Thanks Lela and family!

Nicole - Newfoundland and Labrador

Today Wallace is 2. He is the most amazing dog; I have never met a dog that loved people and was so affectionate as Wally. He is a caring, wonderful little dog. He loves his brothers and sister and cousins. His sister recently had surgery and he was so considerate of her and worried about her; when she got herself comfortable he snuggled up beside her and stayed there the whole time. He likes to spend his days close to me and in a puppy pile with his 2 brothers.


I know that I will be back to get another Cavapoo soon; can't imagine my life without one. Thanks a million!!!

Laurie Houghton

Happy Birthday Wally

There are so many positive things to say about adopting a puppy from Pleasant Meadows! I spent months researching breeders all across the Country before I decided to go with Pleasant Meadows. It was a big decision. The care and attention that is provided to their dogs and puppies is exceptional and it is obvious when you meet them in person. They are happy, well adjusted, healthy and clearly loved. There is a commitment to the dogs and puppies that is heart warming. I have total confidence that any puppy from Pleasant Meadows will be exceptional and a wonderful lifelong member of the family.

Diane Doucette

We got our dog Charlie a few months ago and we all adore him! Purchasing a puppy from Pleasant Meadows was a great experience. The regular updates with pictures made the process so exciting for our kids! Lela puts a tremendous amount of care and attention into her dogs and deeply cares about who her dogs will live with. We were able to contact Lela easily after bringing Charlie home when we had questions. The Pleasant Meadows website is an excellent source of information and we still look at it now to see photo updates! We spent considerable time researching a breed that would do well with allergy sufferers and Charlie has been no problem for our family. Charlie is a happy, playful dog who loves his walks and curling up with me on the sofa.


Thank you, Pleasant Meadows!

The Coman Family

Just wanted to send you a great big Thank you for selling me Mattie. It is her B'day today, I thought it appropriate to drop you a line. She is a gem-- a wonderful smart dog-- maturing every day. You will appreciate this haha She lunges herself on the retractable-- runs circles both ways until she is tired and comes in to sit by me. I have a great groomer, who Mattie likes, who does doggie d'care also, so she goes over to play once or twice a month. I love her. she brings much joy to my home. :)

Joy Michael

Shamus has brought so much joy to my life. I can't help but smile every time I look at him. Shamus has such a good temperament he loves to be with humans as well as other dogs. He is constantly by my side and loves to go for rides in the car. The vet says he is doing really well and is quite healthy--he weighs approximately 16 lbs. Shamus is losing his puppy teeth and is totally house trained. He will be neutered on August 17th.

Thanks for this wonderful dog/companion.

Sandra Weston

I got my F1 cavapoo, Brizzy, in March 2015. He has been a pure delight! I get comments every time I go to the dog park about how fast he runs, how gorgeous his colouring is, and what kind of breed is he because he's so cute. I did a lot of research before I got Brizzy and felt very confident that Pleasant Meadows was the right fit for me. It's clear from the start that they love their dogs and raise them to go to good homes.


I would recommend Pleasant Meadows and the cavapoo breed to anyone (and already have!). My husband never wanted a small dog, but he adores Brizzy. We are so happy to have him in our lives.


We brought our cavapoo, Jasper, home in March 2015 and he has been an absolute joy in our lives. He is a happy and healthy little bundle of love! Jasper's vet was amazed and delighted that we were able to find a small dog breeder focusing in the health of the pups (he says he rarely sees small dogs these days without health issues). Jasper is the cuddliest dog we've ever met, and if he's not chasing a ball, you'll find him curled up on someone's lap.


Pleasant Meadows has been a pleasure to work with and when we are in a position to adopt a second dog, it will absolutely be from Pleasant Meadows!

Jackie and Ethan

We love our Jasper!

I was just thinking I should send you a note. Louie is doing great! He's such a sweet boy. He's loving this warmer weather and all the snow melt is revealing for him to sniff and explore. I can't thank you enough for raising such a wonderful puppy. Every time we meet other dog owners, they comment on what a nice demeanour he has! He went for his first hair cut 2 weeks ago and did very well, the groomer said she's one of the best puppies she's ever had!


We just adopted Adah - a beautiful cavapoo. She is a wonderful addition to our family. We would not hesitate to recommend Lela to anyone wanting to purchase a pup or an adult dog.


Dog lover

Gus is awesome! We are on vacation in Europe right now, but will send pictures when I get home ... can't tell you how much we LOVE this little guy! He is such a joy for us and our grand babies! Loves his toys especially the one that squeak really loud. Haha. Thanks again.

Gaye and Roy

Lomond, AB

Here is a very long overdue update on Wilbur! Wilbur is the happiest, most friendly, and loving dog I have ever met. He loves people and other dogs so much he brings a smile to every face he meets. He's so well behaved and such a joy to have around that my life is so much more fulfilling with him in it! He's shined in all his puppy classes and is such a fast learner. We go to go a dog park regularly with a great group of other people and dogs including Wilbur's best friend Ollie, a Cavalier with a little bit of Cocker Spaniel. Wilbur has lots of character and is always having Elliot and I in fits of laughter with his adorable behaviour. He loves playing with his toys and lounging around the house but also loves an adventure.


Thank you again so much for bringing Wilbur in to our lives. I can't say enough about what a lovely dog he is with the most wonderful temperament and spirit. I believe it all as to do with how well he was looked after and raised at Pleasant Meadows!

Leah and Elliot -- Vancouver, BC

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

Paisley is doing well. I am wrapping Christmas gifts this morning on my kitchen table and I took a picture of Paisley lying in the sun between the kitchen and dining room. The sun is making her sleepy. I give thanks for her every day. I love her. Two of my friends want me to go away where I can't take her and they can look after her. Needless to say, she gets lots of attention. Thank you.

Adopted Paisley after retirement.


Just a note to wish your family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2016. Mattie is wonderful-- completely house trained for about 3 weeks. very easy to train..She is growing fast. She loves going in the truck--in her crate of course. We did a day trip last week and she was exemplary. thank you for her-- a very healthy puppy.She is booked in to be spayed end of Feb.

The best to all of you--- Joy and Mattie

Claresholm, AB

I fell in love with Edith the first time I saw her picture, thinking that one day I'd like to have one of her puppies. When Lela told me that Edith was being re-homed because she was too small for their breeding program, & asked me if I was interested, I could barely believe my luck! Because Lela & her family had carefully chosen Edith for breeding I knew that she would be healthy & have a good temperament. Edith is just as loving and happy as Lela described. We can tell that she was raised at Pleasant Meadows learning good manners, was well-loved, & developed an enthusiastic sense of joy & playfulness while growing up on the farm with lots of other wonderful dogs.


I would highly recommend adopting an older dog from Pleasant Meadows because a dog of any age from Pleasant Meadows will be an excellent companion! Lela & her family have been excellent at communication & support through every stage of the process. I thought I wanted a puppy, but it turns out I wanted Edith!

Judy - North Vancouver, BC

P.S. Edie still LOVES chasing bubbles!

On Dec 30, 2014 Choochoo was born and from that day forward my life has been completely different. First, Lela was incredible to work with in every manner. I was sent a weekly update and pictures about my puppy as well as her litter, which helps to feel connected to your puppy! I was able to go visit Choochoo when she was about six weeks old and when it was time for Choochoo to come Lela was very helpful in accommodating get her to me. Choochoo is quite honestly one of the sweetest companions anyone imagine. I first met Angus a full sibling to Choochoo a couple of years ago and waited to get a sibling from the same parents with the hope my puppy would have a similar personality and temperament to Angus. Choochoo is everything I could have hoped for and more. She is playful, kind, cuddly, good with babies and children, she has a wonderful temperament and most importantly to me, a true best friend.

Wendy Muise

We live in Nova Scotia and it was a difficult decision to purchase a puppy from Alberta and have him shipped such a long distance. Pleasant Meadows handled our situation fantastically, keeping us well informed and ensuring Stanley made a safe journey east. The excitement of waiting for his arrival and the regular updates provided by Lela made the process very positive overall (she had to appease my worries on several occasions). Now we have our puppy and we are thrilled. Stanley is a happy and healthy boy, and a bit of a character too! We are incredibly grateful to Pleasant Meadows for everything.

Darlene Brodeur

I received my purebred Cavalier pup, Charley, from Pleasant Meadows 7 weeks ago. WOW! I can't believe it's been that long already! Charley arrived happy, healthy and well rounded. He was very well socialized, used his pee pad, was very brave and full of love. Lela did an excellent job with the pups and also had time to answer any questions that I had and still have. She also spent a lot of time sending updates and I was able to see Charley grow right from the time he was born. Charley is my first cavalier and so far it has been an absolutely amazing adventure. Charley makes us laugh everyday and has wiggled his way into all of our hearts! We couldn't have asked for a better puppy. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!!

Susanne Haagsman

Hi Lela! Wow time has gone by quickly these last few months! There have been many times I meant to send you a little note. Ruby is doing great and has settled into our lives perfectly! She house trained within a couple of weeks of us picking her up. And now at 7 months, Ruby has learned several tricks and commands and almost mastered "heel" when we go for walks. She is a happy bundle of energy but is also content to lay on my feet when I sit down to work. We've had more then a few people want to take home our good natured puppy! We just love her! Thank you again for starting her life off right at Pleasant Meadows. We have recommended you to several people already.

Lisa and Andrew
Calgary, AB

We were first time dog owners when we decided on Pleasant Meadows for our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We could not be happier with our little Charlie and our whole experience with Pleasant Meadows. Lela answered all of our questions about what to expect and how to best prepare for our new puppy. She even helped us to problem solve some little things after he was with us. Charlie came to us comfortable in a crate and very social! He meets new people and dogs easily and everyone comments on how he is the sweetest puppy. Even on the long drive home from Pleasant Meadows Charlie slept the whole way and made an easy transition to our home. He learned "sit" and "down" and "come" in the first week! Pleasant Meadows gives the best updates each week. Getting our Charlie update quickly became the highlight of our week. Charlie completes our little family and we can not say enough about how excellent Pleasant Meadows has been and how grateful we are!!

Kim and Jeff McCollum
Couldn't be happier!!

Lela, I just wanted to tell you -- thank you so much -- for breeding the most personable and all around great dogs. Charlie is now 6 months old and I may be biased, but he is perfect in every way. I cannot even begin to explain how sweet and smart he is.... not to mention how easy to train and he doesn't bark. Everyone who meets Charlie falls in love with his tender personality just as I have, and there is one thing I know for certain.... everyone should get a puppy from Pleasant Meadows because if it is half the dog Charlie has turned out to be, it will be the best dog you've ever had. I have given your name to several people. I know others would be just as happy with a puppy from you! Thanks again for working with me!

Sandra from Parksville BC

What can I say, Pebbles has been a pure joy and we are loving her so much. She is fully trained now, wasn't that bad, didn't use puppy pads at all, just got her outside for lots of walks, so there wasn't to many messes to clean up. Everyone comments on what a wonderful personality she has and I think that has a lot to do with Pleasant Meadows and your wonderful environment for the puppies. She is so friendly and easy going, and full of life. Over the weekend we had Pebbles in a dog show and we are proud to say she won 2 events! Thank you all so much for making this such a wonderful experience for my family.

Krista Irving

Calgary, Alberta

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you & let you know how pleased we are with Bungy. He is a lovely little dog & we have found quite a nice companion to all of us & easy to train. He has been house-trained for 3 weeks now with just 2 accidents late at night when really he was asleep standing up, quietly waiting to be let out. He has enough energy for good walks & also has learned our household routine pretty quickly too. Never having been a dog owner before I marvel at how much he has learned about us & what an individual personality he has. Personally, I think he has died and gone to puppy heaven. His life is filled with lots of attention, a beautiful back yard to explore, daily walks & lots of cuddles. He is very affectionate & wants to say hello to everyone & every dog he meets. It is a rare person who doesn't stop & most say "he's the cutest dog I've ever seen!". So, thank you again.

The Elfords, Calgary, Alberta.

I think Pleasant Meadows gave Bungy the best possible start to a dog's life that he could have ever wanted!

I began looking for a Cavapoo roughly 2 years ago and after hours of searching on the web I discovered Pleasant Meadows. I was very impressed with the testimonials and the comments on the site and quickly added my name to the waiting list. We picked up our Annie on March 14 and she has been wonderful from day one. She is extremely well behaved and friendly. She is a great traveller, loves children and seniors and is quickly learning tricks.


We really appreciated the weekly updates from Lela after her birth as it allowed us to get to know our puppy's characteristics from day one. I shared the weekly posts with co-workers and they were amazed by the care and attention our Annie was receiving. After the 3rd update I was being asked weekly about the latest picture. We can't say enough about our new puppy or Pleasant Meadows. Thank-you and God Bless.

Patricia & Mark Cecchini   Fruitvale, BC

Proud Owners

From the very start of our puppy search Lela was wonderful and answered every question/concern quickly and thoroughly. We loved seeing the weekly photo/video updates and we could really tell how much sincere effort and great care goes into raising the puppies and making sure they go to loving homes.


Lela was so accommodating in allowing us to pick Mya up a bit later than her brothers and sister and really made the whole experience easy and fun. Our new puppy Mya is the sweetest, and the crate training that Lela had started with her was truly invaluable. Mya has potty trained easily, is very quiet and has been super patient with our rambunctious children. Would recommend Pleasant Meadows to anyone looking for a puppy family member!


Perfect pup!

We picked up Chesney just about a month ago! He has been such a wonderful addition to our small family. We absolutely love him! He is such a loving and playful little guy! We could not be more happy with the care and love that Chesney received at Pleasant Meadows. It has been evident to us throughout this past month how great his care was before he came to us. The training that began at Pleasant Meadows was very beneficial and it has been an ease integrating Chesney into our household! We could not have asked for a better little man! Thank you to everyone at Pleasant Meadows!!

Michaela & Zach

Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan

We've had our Cavapoo, Jazzy, for almost 2 months now and what a joy she has been. She is the most easy going, quick learning and friendliest puppy ever. Thanks to Pleasant Meadows for raising such a good natured and happy pet for us to love. She has been a wonderful addition to our family.

The Milroy Family

Medicine Hat, Alberta

I just wanted to say thanks to Pleasant Meadows for being such wonderful breeders! I know Angus was well cared for and loved from the moment when he was born. All the pictures, videos and updates made me feel like I was there with Angus and I will treasure having these tokens from his first 8 weeks! Thanks so much for getting Angus started off on the "right paw"!


Calgary, Alberta

We have had our new Cavapoo, Max, for just over a month now, and he has added a lot of happiness to our home! He, and our other dog, love playing together and bring us lots of smiles! Thanks Pleasant Meadows for your high level of professionalism and care. Your flexibility in helping us get the right dog at the right time have made us very satisfied clients!

Joe & Erica

Edmonton, Alberta

Hi. I co-own Canine Companion Clinic and a young lady is picking her puppy (Angus) up on Friday. She showed photos to us and I just want to comment on what terrific breeders you are. You love your dogs and it shows. The time you take out to send updated pictures of your puppies is incredible, thoughtful, and straight from your heart. Thank you.


Calgary, Alberta

We picked up Cody three weeks ago and we are so pleased with how well he has been doing. He is very relaxed, sociable, playful, great with kids and copes well with all kinds of situations. Thank you again for a fantastic service on the whole. You certainly did a great job with raising this little bundle of fun and joy! And last but not least we are very pleased to report that neither my son nor myself, who are both allergic to dogs, haven't had any allergy issues with Cody.


Okotoks, Alberta

We now are proud parents of our second Cavapoo puppy Albert. Einstein his brother is from last years litter. We are really happy to have got our boys from Pleasant Meadows. Thank you for all your help and time you spent answering questions and dealing with unforeseen circumstances. Albert and Einstein have made our lives happier than we ever imagined. They have their own unique personalities but love each other too!! :)

Colleen, Jeremy, Einstein & Albert

St. John's Newfoundland

My husband Mike and I were researching the perfect breed of dog for our family about 10 months ago. After endless hours of reading and researching, as well as, shelter visits, we stumbled upon Pleasant Meadows and their Cavapoos. And are we ever thankful that we did. We met Mac, our little man, last November and brought him home on Christmas Day. Lela and family were amazing in working with us, as well as, allowing us to intrude into their home on Christmas Day to get our little guy. Since that day he has become a member of our family. He is a wonderful dog, full of energy, love and excitement. Our children our totally in love with him, and so are we. We look forward to many more years of love and happiness!

Jennifer Horder -- Proud Fur Parents!

Okotoks, Alberta

Bailey flew to us about 2 weeks ago, and is such a sweet-heart. From the minute we picked her up she fit into our family and is very loyal for such a young age! Our friends and family love her too! We'd like to thank Pleasant Meadows for all their time and love they gave our puppy and for keeping us up to date before we got her! Thank you for raising such a wonderful pup! We love her to bits!

Crystal -- Proud Owner

Whitehorse, Yukon

I picked up Rigsby a little over 5 weeks ago now and he is doing so wonderfully. He has a lot of energy and is so much fun! He is almost completely house trained! He know sit, lay down, shake a paw, wait, give and leave it. He loves to play just as much as he loves to snuggle and he does great in his crate. He loves being outside especially when there is fresh snow, overall he is just a real joy and has brought light to our lives. I thank all at Pleasant Meadows for doing such a good job bringing him into this world and taking such good care of him the first few crucial weeks of his life. Thank you!!


Satisfied Mom, Calgary, Alberta

We picked-up Henry a little less than 2 weeks ago and are absolutely in love with this little bundle of joy! He is a quick learner and not fussy. He is exactly what we were looking for - a content, fairly quiet and happy dog. The crate training that Lela does before we get our puppy is fantastic - Henry loves his kennel. We are looking forward to taking him out for a walk next week once his shots are up to date. He has put on 2 lbs already. Thank you to Pleasant Meadows.

Marie and Pat, Calgary, Alberta

We just wanted to thank Pleasant Meadows for raising our sweet, and thoughtful little puppy, Alfie. He is also a little survivor and nearly died as a result of not feeding when he was an infant. We believe that because of the love, care and attention he received from Lela and the Pleasant Meadows' family when he was sick that is the reason he is able to be home with us today - and, because of his experience, he LOVES life that much more. He is such a happy little puppy and we're confident we'll enjoy many wonderfully fun and exciting years together. He's brought so much joy into our lives already - we can't imagine life without him. Thanks everyone!!

Take care, Krista, Travis & Alfie
Proud Puppy Parents, Calgary, Alberta

Best decision we ever made was getting a cavapoo puppy from Pleasant Meadows. We love Einstein more than we ever could of imagined, he brings us so much joy! He is so smart, friendly, happy and loving! He is a very social and greets everyone. we have more friends now then we ever had, lol. Also we'd like to Thank Pleasant Meadows for EVERYTHING! Your caring ways and concerns for answering any questions was reassuring when purchasing a puppy.

Colleen & Jeremy and Einstein

St. John's Newfoundland

Nothing better than unconditional love! My husband Jerry and I have a small farm outside of Magrath, AB where we enjoy the scenery daily. Love our animals which consist of 3 Jack Russels Levi, Taysha and Oakley, Maggie our Golden Retriever, Emma our Golden/Lab cross, and of course our Golden-doodle Chloe. Farm animals include horses which are Shy, Sayde, Willow, Buffy, newest members are the colts Dirk and Coulee and our special filly Smart Lil Gina. And my most favorite of all is my guy, Augustus, our miniature donkey which came from the folks at Pleasant Meadows farm. They so kindly took care of him for us till we finally found an acreage and settled in. We love you folks and appreciate everything you have done for us. You're the best! Hence, Love of Animals Love of Good People. Our goal will be to have Cook's Corrals and Ruff'n Ready Doodles as our farm projects.

Sharon, Magrath, Alberta


My husband and I have been looking for a little bundle of fur to join our family for a long time. We were so happy to come across Pleasant Meadows which happens to be one of the very few breeders of Cavapoos in Western Canada. Lela and her family at Pleasant Meadows go the extra mile when it comes to their puppies. Just being at the farm, you can see vibrant life in all it's many stages from baby birds to lambs to kittens - you name it! We felt so welcome when we came to view the puppies and were encouraged to spend as much time with them as we needed to choose the best fit for us. Since we selected our puppy before he was weaned, Lela sent us regular updates about his progress and growth along with pictures and videos since we couldn't get down there to visit our little guy. We now have a healthy, happy puppy who came to us already partially crate and paper trained due to Lela's expert care. Thank you so much for this amazing experience!!

Rochelle McAdam

Happy Puppy Parent! Calgary, Alberta

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