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Our Dogs

Here are all of our active and upcoming dogs at Pleasant Meadows. Please click on their photos to visit their personal profile pages, and you can use the buttons below to jump to each section.

We have raised the Cavapoo & Brittanypoo for 15+ years and we have been blessed with a Cavalier line that has been very healthy and our Cavapoos are among the healthiest in Canada. However, as much as we love the Cavapoo we have also been among the first to sound the alarm that the purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a very unhealthy breed and its health has degraded over the past 10 years to the point where we firmly believe that the purebred Cavalier breed is too far gone to be saved! The heart issues in the purebred Cavalier cannot be rectified without an intervention from the Kennel Clubs to allow other breeds to be mixed in to rebuild the Cavalier from the ground up! They have done this with the Dalmatian (look up "LUA Dalmatians") and fixed the chronic uric acid issues in the breed by mixing in the Pointer and the Kennel Clubs are now registering these dogs as purebred. Countries like Norway have banned the breeding of *purebred* Cavalier King Charles Spaniel because of the multiple health issues caused by inbreeding and popularity breeding (it is illegal and considered unethical in Norway), and the Kennel Clubs in Finland and Sweden have teamed up together in starting a cross-breeding program to breed different breeds without shared health concerns that also have similar temperament to the Cavalier in order to hopefully restore and breed health and gene diversity back into the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  We fully support this movement and want to see the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel restored and improved to be health once again. We have found that the F1B to F2BB Cavapoo is the healthiest of all Cavapoos because of their diversity of new blood added in through the Poodle and with proper health screening you can have the security of 3 or more generations of health clear dogs in their lineage -- our dogs have up to 5 generations of health-cleared dogs behind them! Over the next few years, we will continue to raise the higher generation of Cavapoo with our remaining healthy and trusted lines alongside the Brittanypoo for those who want more of an F1-type.  Other breeders are starting to wake up to the plight of the purebred Cavalier and we are seeing a few litters from other breeders coming from health-screened parents, but the cross-breeding programs that have been started overseas to try and breed other breeds into the Cavalier to improve their genetic diversity but it will take time before we see results!  We have (as of Nov. 2022) also seen a few Cavapoo litters pop up over Canada as other breeders begin to follow suit and realize the importance of health and that the health screened higher-generation Cavapoo is the safest Cavapoo. At Pleasant Meadows, we will ONLY raise the higher-generation Cavapoos as the prior generations are simply too close to the purebred Cavalier to guarantee them to be healthy.  We have a 15+ year history of health-cleared dogs which gives us complete trust of our lines and we offer a 5 year genetic health guarantee when your puppy is fed a balanced raw species appropriate diet.

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Our Cavaliers

We do not currently have any active Cavaliers.

We are focusing on our
Cavapoo line for a healthier and sustainable Cavapoo, and alongside the Brittanypoo and the ossasional Springalierpoo for those who want a more F1-type mix.

The *purebred* Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is NOT a healthy breed anymore and we no longer raise the *purebred* Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but we support Cavalier rescue and ethical breeding practices to rebuild the Cavalier as a healthier breed in the future. 

Our breeding line is established by following the recommendation of Scientists and Geneticists to breed dogs that have a 3 or more generations of health screening behind them. We have up to 5 generations of health clear parents behind our current lines and as per guidelines and breeding strategies from the scientists at the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute from their recommendations which have reviewed the various approaches that are being taken to minimize potential defects in pedigree animals -- for our lines, we ebb and flow between adding in more Cavapoo bloodlines from lower generations or more Poodle from other breeders who are also committed to only breeding healthy dogs.  This allows for a strong family line of Cavapoos where you have the assurance of the breeder's innate knowledge of that line and for good temperament and characteristic traits and the established genetic health to be preserved and maintained while also adding new bloodlines that compliment or improve the family line by adding gene diversity and heterozygosity. We are proud to be able to ensure that we provide families with puppies that are non-shedding for allergy sufferers, and most importantly, puppies that we can guarantee to be healthy. All of our puppies come with up to a 5-year genetic health guarantee depending on diet (because diet also impacts the overall health of a dog!

Our Poodles

Florence -- April 2024 -4.jpg

Miniature Poodle


Miniature Poodle


Miniature Poodle

Leo -- June 2024 -4.jpg

Miniature Poodle

Our Brittanys

Adley -- May 2024 -2.jpg

50% Brittany - 19% Cavalier - 31% Poodle


American Brittany

Specifically for Adley: She is a mix between a Brittany, Poodle, and a dash of Cavalier, to combine size, temperament, and low shedding traits for the future. Adley is our "Mini Britt" which is only a fun nickname to describe the fact that she looks like a "Miniature" Brittany -- but she is, in fact, a mix of Brittany, Cavalier, and Miniature Poodle and when she is paired with a Poodle to make Brittanypoos, the resulting puppies will be low-shedding and will only be 6.5% Cavalier in the equation allowing her puppies to still appeal to the Cavapoo lovers being part Cavalier without detracting from the wonderful spaniel nature from the Brittany.

We do not currently have any active Brittany studs (males).

Our Springaliers

Adaeze May 2023 1.jpg

Springalier (50% Springer -- 50% Cavalier)

Trinket September 2023 pic 2.jpg

Springalierpoo (21% Springer -- 40% Cavalier -- 39% Poodle)

Specifically for Adaeze and Trinket: They are evidently not pure Springers, as they are part Springer Spaniel. Adaeze is a mix between the English Springer Spaniel and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Trinket is a mix between the Springer, Cavalier, and Poodle. The purpose of their mix is to add breed diversity and health into the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Cavapoo which is now being done in countries like Finland and Sweden in a cross-breeding program to improve the health and vitality of the purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, similar to what has already been done with the LUA Dalmatian (which is a cross between the Pointer and the Dalmatian to fix the chronic uric acid issues within the Dalmatian -- LUA = Low Uric Acid). We do not intend to be crossing dogs for the "heck of it", but these are purposeful crosses with breed-appropriate health screening in place for the overall improvement of the purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's future.

We do not currently have any active Springalier studs (males).

Retired Dogs lounge chair -- no

Our Retired Dogs

Don't forget to check out our Retired Dogs page so you

can see the history behind your puppy!

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