Retired Dogs

Adoption fees are anywhere from $100 to $500 depending on the available dog and the age of adult, plus the cost to spay/neuter!  All of our retired dogs will be spayed or neutered before leaving Pleasant Meadows and will be adopted to APPROVED GOOD HOMES ONLY! The adoption contract must be signed!

We will ONLY allow our available adults to be adopted by families who meet one or more of the following criteria:


~ They ALREADY OWN one or more of our puppies and may be looking for another dog to join their home.

~ They are familiar with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Miniature Poodle, or Cavapoo (previously or currently own one of those breeds).

~ They own another small breed dog(s) of similar temperament between approximately 10-20 pounds that would be a suitable companion for one of our dogs.

~ They purchase one of our puppies to be paired with the retired adult if they do not already own one of our puppies or another small breed of similar temperament.


Our dogs are used to living together as a family group and would not be happy as single dogs!  We do give special favoritism to those who ALREADY OWN one of our puppies or dogs as there would already be an established trust between us and whoever adopts one of our adult dogs. It's not an absolute set-in-stone rule that you must already own one of our puppies or dogs, but it's right up there in importance!  Our retired dogs will not be available to first-time dog owners, or complete strangers to the breed.

We need to make a special note to be clear that it is very difficult for us to list any of our retired dogs as "available".  These dogs are beloved members of our family, and we are in no hurry to pass them off to others.  Our dogs are not rescues in need of a home.  They have a loving home, and will continue to have a loving home for as long as it takes for the right family to adopt them!  Some of our dogs will never leave Pleasant Meadows because they are older and the shock of going to a new home would be too much for them, and secondly, it is extremely hard to let go of our family members.  The dogs that we do allow approved families to adopt are usually young dogs who have the best chance at doing well in a new home. If there are no available dogs listed on this page, then there is truly no need for you to inquire about when a dog may become available.  We will only accept applications if there is actually an adult dog available.  Thank you for your understanding!

Please click the link box to download and read the adoption contract:

Sorry! No  Available Adults!


Annalyse September 2019.jpg

Annalyse has always been a vibrant and happy girl and she retired with honours after giving us wonderful puppies over the years.  She is a very special girl, with so much light and vibrancy!  Annalyse was the first to retire out of the 3 girls we kept from Isabella and Tobi -- two of our foundational dogs (we also kept Daphne and Lydia). Annalyse now lives with our extended family and her daughter Audrey, brother Theo, and cousin, Gordie. Family is important to our dogs, and Annalyse has received the best home we could ever as for one of our retired dogs. 2021

Found a Home with Family!

Holly July 2019.jpg

Holly               &               Adelle

Holly was a sweet and sassy Poodle who gave us some adorable puppies that are much loved by everyone!  She was retired quite early due to a c-section, and since we knew Holly had so much love to give as she was still a young dog, we retired her to a pet home where she now lives with a wonderful couple who have enjoyed many other dogs throughout their years and welcomed Holly into their lives with open arms! 2020

Adelle was a meek and mild Cavalier darling with a bubbly side that melted your heart!  We made the hard decision to retire Adelle to a pet home after she struggled to birth her second litter and we didn't want her to end up going through a c-section if it happened to be even harder for next time! Adelle has joined Holly and they are both so excited and happy to have each other's company in their new loving home! 2021

Found a Home Together!


Cabello May 2020.jpg

Cabello has been our resident "gentleman" and Cavalier stud muffin, and it was a sad day when he could no longer produce the charming and sweet natured puppies that everyone loved!  Cabello will be living out his retirement days as a pampered member of our pack. 2020

Staying at Pleasant Meadows!


Trenton -- September 2018-3.jpg

Trenton was a vibrant little guy that liked to wag his tail at turbo speed, and he added a lot of colour to our puppies!  We had hoped to see more puppies from Trenton before retirement, but in the end he stopped producing due to his age. Trenton was neutered and placed in a wonderful pet home that will shower him with love and affection! 2018

Found a Home!


Charlotte is a little bundle of joy, definitely our stubbiest and sweetest Cavapoo.  Charlotte was spayed after a complicated c-section where her entire litter of puppies were tragically lost, and Charlotte's own life was at stake.  It has been a devastating experience for us and for Charlotte, but the silver lining is that Charlotte is alive and well!  Charlotte is a darling girl who brightens up your whole world when she wags her tail. Charlotte now loves with her nephew Hendricks and his family where she is spoiled! 2018

Found a Home!


Edith -- July 2018.jpg

Edith is a happy-go-lucky girl, full of life and spirit who gives her whole heart to you in Cavalier exuberance! We spayed her and let Edith go to pet home because we felt that she would do best where she can receive more individualized and one-on-one attention, and although she is completely healthy and sweet, she did not structurally mature to be what we are looking for in a breeding dog. She is a daughter of Isabella and Cabello, and her new family truly have received a precious gem into their home! 2019

Found a Home!


Reena June 2018.jpg

Reena gave us some very beautiful puppies, although we felt with her quiet nature that she would benefit from a home with less hustle and bustle, and so we spayed her and let Reena go to a pet home. We'll miss her vibrant puppies, but we feel that it was the right decision for Reena where she can blossom in a more one on one environment! 2018

Found a Home!



Amelia March 2017 pic 2.jpg

Amelia is a very unique Cavapoo, like her father, Amedeo!  She holds a very special place in our hearts because of her sweet nature and witty charm, and she is the only daughter we were able to keep from Amedeo's line. Before Amelia's retirement we were blessed with the opportunity to keep a son from her last litter, and he will be a future stud for us. Her son, Arlo, is almost a replica of his grandfather, Amedeo, except a curly version!  Amelia's charm will continue to enrich our home as she will be staying with us here at Pleasant Meadows. 2018

Staying at Pleasant Meadows!


Norah Faye -- October 2017.jpg

Norah was our first Cavapoo we kept from Tobi and Dulcie, our two foundation dogs. Norah holds a special place in our hearts as she was among the first to capture it, and it has been a blessing to watch her mature into a wonderful mother who also gave so much joy to those with her puppies. We will miss seeing her puppies scampering around and Norah hot on their heels giving them "nibble kisses", but we still have the best part of all -- Norah in our lives! She has retired with grace and much love after giving us one of her most spectacular litters. 2018

Staying at Pleasant Meadows!



Tobi November 2017 -2.jpg

An era has come to a close! Tobi was our foundation Poodle stud and he sired an amazing 77 puppies! There will be no other stud who could ever compare to Tobi's legacy, and we have been blessed to have been able to keep and carry on with his daughters, Norah, Charlotte, Annalyse, Daphne, and Lydia. Tobi is able to retire like a true king with his head held high after achieving more than we could have ever hoped for by still producing well into it's 8th year of life, and all of his puppies have had exceptional health! 2018

Staying at Pleasant Meadows!



Amedeo has been our quirkiest and most unique stud to have ever produced puppies for us, and it is truly hard to imagine not having any more puppies from him! We have one beautiful daughter, Amelia, that we kept from Amedeo, and he has produced many sophisticated puppies just like him!  We are happy that Amedeo was able to gracefully retire from old age, and his puppies will live on as a profound legacy of his greatness! 2018

Staying at Pleasant Meadows!


It has been a joy to have had such wonderful puppies from Emma over the years!  Emma has always been the quiet and devoted mother, and we know that she will continue to be a big influence on our puppies over the coming years to teach them with her wisdom. Emma has retired from bearing puppies, but she will continue her cooking career (food advisor and taster) here at Pleasant Meadows. 2018

Staying at Pleasant Meadows!


Emre fathered two adorable litters for us, but we decided to retire him to a pet home after that because he sired puppies that were prone to hypoglycemic episodes (low blood sugar) which can be prevalent in Toy lines.  It is not a genetic condition, but rather to do with the overall size of the puppy.  He has a sweet and gentle nature that we will miss around here! 2017

Found a Home!



Isabella was our second Cavalier and a niece of our foundation Cavalier, Dulcie.  Issie has been the true heart of our home and has given us 3 wonderful daughters to continue her line! We are looking ahead to the bright future of gorgeous puppies from her daughters, AnnalyseDaphne, and Lydia. Like her aunt, Dulcie, Isabella is a true queen in her own right and will be living out the rest of her days with us at Pleasant Meadows!   2017

Staying at Pleasant Meadows!



Sweet little Evelyn had to undergo unexpected surgery immediately after we got her as the result of an infection called Pyometra which is an infection of the uterus that can occur in any unspayed female.  She was scheduled for a teeth cleaning when we also had our vet examine her because we noticed her stomach was swollen and once diagnosed the Pyometra necessitated her being spayed.  She never produced any puppies for us, but Evelyn is a sweetheart who has wiggled her way into our hearts! 2015

Our sweet Evelyn passed away on June 18th, 2020.  She was an earth angel with more courage than one could ever expect from a soul so small, but so incredibly large in spirit that we will never forget her presence.

Forever in Our Hearts!

Rhianna       &       Phaelon

Our endearing Rhianna has given us some gorgeous puppies!  We have made the decision to retire her after she didn't "bounce back" following her final litter in 2014. With further investigation we found out that she has hypothyroidism, which won't affect her previous offspring, but the medication she needs (a thyroid supplement) to stabilize her system is not recommended for pregnant or nursing females, and so we are unwilling to take any risks with her medication affecting future offspring. 2015


Our sweet Phaelon has produced beautiful puppies for us!  We have made the hard decision to retire her early alongside her sister Rhianna so that they can both find a forever home together. Both girls were literally joined at the hip! We feel that we were very fortunate to have kept a puppy, Charlotte Lillian, from Phaelon's 2015 litter not knowing that we would now be making the decision to rehome Phaelon. We are excited and pleased to be able to carry on her line through her daughter! 2015

Found a Home Together!

Idris produced many gorgeous puppies for us, and he has not retired from breeding altogether, but is actually living with a friend who also raises dogs and is currently using him as her stud.  We miss Idris's enthusiasm and the colour that he added to our puppies, but he is in a wonderful home where is well cared for and loved! 2015

Found a Home!




Our beautiful Adah was our first Cavapoo here at Pleasant Meadows.  She has given us gorgeous puppies over the years and it is very sad to have had to retire her due to a c-section.  We have kept a puppy, Amelia Christine, from Adah's final litter to carry on Adah's line. Adah has found a home with a retired couple with two Bichon mix friends!  We know Adah will be loved and cherished!  2015

Found a Home!


Her beauty and witty charm will definitely be missed around Pleasant Meadows!  Paisley gave us one beautiful litter of puppies, and we made the decision to retire her to a pet home after having difficulties birthing. Paisley is now living with a wonderful woman who fell in love with her while tagging along with her daughter to pick up a puppy from a different litter!  It was a match made in heaven!  2015

Found a Home!


This handsome boy was a pleasure to have here at Pleasant Meadows, and he will surely be missed. Noble was our Cavalier stud and produced some beautiful puppies for us, but ultimately he needed to be placed in a home where he could enjoy the undivided attention. Noble just was not suited to sharing attention with our other dogs and we want all of our dogs to be the happiest they can be! 2014

Found a Home!


This beautiful girl was our foundation Cavalier here at Pleasant Meadows!  We have been so blessed to have received such gorgeous puppies from her over the years! And we have had the privilege of keeping Dulcie's daughter, Norah Faye! Dulcie has been retired because of a necessary c-section and will be living out the rest of her days with us here at Pleasant Meadows. Dulcie's elegance and beauty will always be a part of our history, and we would not be where we are today without her! She is an aunt or grandmother to most of our females at Pleasant Meadows and she is still queen of them all! 2014

Staying at Pleasant Meadows!



We have had some adorable litters from this little man! Edwin was retired only due to his size as he was a bit too small to breed most of our girls without assistance. Very good family friends of ours have adopted Edwin and he lives with them and his Golden Retriever buddies Banjo and Brodie!  2014

Found a Home!

Emma      &      Reigna

These two sisters only produced one litter each for us before they were retired.  They were beautiful dogs, but didn't enjoy motherhood so we didn't want to force them. 2011

Found a Home!