Puppy Name Suggestions

What is in a name?  Literally everything!  There are lots of names to choose from, however, we encourage you to look into the meaning of the name you choose for your puppy.  A name shapes your impression of the dog, and it goes with them for the rest of their lives, just like us!


Abby (F) -- Gives joy Abner (M) -- Father is light Adella (F) -- Good humour, and of the nobility Adina (M) -- Noble and delicate Adrick (M) -- Dark Aidan (M) -- Little and fiery Aila (F) -- From the strong place Alice (F) -- Of the nobility Annabelle (F) -- Beautiful and graceful Andrey (M) -- Manly and brave Annie (F) -- Prayer Arie (M) -- Lion Arthur (M) -- Noble and courageous


Baxter (M) -- Baker Beatrix (F) -- Bringer of joy Beau (M) -- Handsome Becca/Becky (F) -- Captivating, beautiful, and desirable Bellamy (M or F) -- Handsome friend Bella/Belle (F) -- Beautiful, fair, and lovely one Bentley (M) -- From the grassy Meadow Bethany/Beth (F) -- Fruitful house, and my God is my oath Bonnie (F) -- Pretty, charming, and beautiful Boyd (M) -- Blonde Bree (F) -- Breezy, perky, and cute Brighton (M) -- One who is loved


Caelan/Cailen (M) -- Young dog Caleb (M) -- Faithful dog Callie (F) -- Most beautiful Cara (F) -- Friend Carrie (F) -- Melody or song Caspar/Casper (M) -- Keeper of the treasure Caspian (M) -- Borrowed from the sea Cassidy/Cassie (F) -- Clever or curly haired Cheree/Cherie (F) -- Dear one; darling Ciaria (F) -- Dark haired one Cleo (F) -- Pride, fame, or glory Colby (M) -- Black as coal Connelly (M) -- Love and friendship Conner (M) -- Wolf or dog lover


Deagon/Deegan (M) -- Black-haired Daffodil (F) -- Springtime flower Daisy (F) -- Spring flower, cheerful and friendly Danika (F) -- Morning star Darius (M) -- Rich Darla (F) -- Darling Delroy (M) -- Of the king Dempsey (M) -- Proud Doralie/Dora (F) -- Gift


Echo (M or F) -- Sound Effie (F) -- Fair flame Eldon (M) -- Noble friend Eleta (F) -- Chosen Ellery (M or F) -- Joyful and happy Elsa (F) -- God's promise, oath, noble, and joyful Essie (F) -- Star Esther (F) Stars Ethan (M) -- Strong


Farah/Farrah (F) -- Joy, merriness, rejoicing Farley (M) -- Brave man Favian (M) -- Bravery Fayme (F) -- Held in high esteem, famous Felix (M) -- Happy Finlay/Finley (M) -- Small and blonde Fiona (F) -- Fair Flora (F) -- Flower


Gabriella/Gabi (F)-- God is my strength Gaelan/Galen (M) --Traquil, calm Gemma (F) -- Gemstone George/Georgie (M) -- Famous bearer Ghita/Gita (F) -- Pearl Gia (F) -- God's gracious gift Goldie (F) -- Golden Grady (M) -- Noble Gregory (M) -- Watchful, alert Gwendolyn/Gwenda/Gwen (F) -- Fair, blessed and good


Hadley (M or F) -- From the Meadow Hannah/Hanna (F) -- Favour and grace Harley (M) -- From the Meadow Hattie (F) -- Keeper of the hearth Heidi (F) -- Sweet, noble


Idah/Ida (F) -- Prosperous Imogene (F) -- Likeness Isaac/Isaak (M) -- One who laughs Isabelle (F) -- Devoted to God Ivan (M) -- Gacious gift from God


Jack (M) -- Man Jacey/Jacee (F) -- Happy Jaden/Jayden (M) -- God has heard Jedi (M) -- Beloved by God Jennie/Jenny/Jenni (F) -- God has been gracious Jetta (F) -- Jet black Jimmy/Jimmie (M) -- Successor Jolee/Jolie/Joli (F) -- Cheerful, Beautiful


Kari (M or F) -- Pure, curly haired Kassidy (F) -- curly hair Kayla (F) -- Keeper of the keys Keagan/Keaghan (M) -- A thinker; fiery Kelan/Kellan (M) -- Slender, fair, powerful


Lacey/Lacy/Lacee (F) -- Lace, lassy Lark (F) -- Songbird Leandros/Leon/Leo (M) -- Lion Leeroy/Leroy (M) -- King Lennie/Lenny (M) -- Bold as a lion Letty (F) -- happiness, joyful Lewis (M) -- Fame Libby (F) -- God's promise Locklann/Locke (M) -- Stonghold Luke/Lucas (M) -- Beloved physician, light giving Lyra (F) -- Of the Iyre or song Lyric (F) -- Melodic


Mabel (F) -- Lovable Maddy/Maddie (F) -- Tower Maisie (F) -- Pearl Mandi/Mandy (F) -- Worthy of being loved Mannie/Manny (M) -- God is with us Marigold (F) -- Flower Max (M) -- The greatest Medwin/Medwyn (M) -- Strong friend Melodi/Melodie/Melody (F) --Music, melody, song Merry/Merri (M or F) -- Cheerful, happy Micah/Mica (M) -- Loved friend Myles (M) -- Merciful


Nadeen/Nadine (F) -- Dew, generous, hope Nicholas/Nick (M) -- Victorious Noah (M) -- To rest


Oakely (M) -- From the oak-tree meadow Odell (M) -- Of the valley Odette (F) -- Rich, wealth Olaf (M) -- Saint Olita (F) -- Winged Omri (M) -- Life or servant Oralee/Oralie (F) -- The Lord is my light, golden Oribella (F) -- Beautiful, golden Orik (M) -- Oak tree Otis (M) -- Wealthy


Pascal/Pascale (M or F) -- Born at Easter Pearl (F) -- Birthstone for the month of June, health and wealth Peggy (F) -- Pearl Penley (M) -- Enclosed Meadow Perry (M) -- Pear tree Pheobe (F) -- Sparkling Poppy (F) -- Flower Primrose (F) -- Flower


Quillan (M) -- Small one Quimby (M) -- From the man's estate Quinby (F) -- From the woman's estate Quincey/Quincy (M or F) -- From the child's estate Quinn (M or F) -- Wisdom and intelligence Quinell (M or F) -- Counsel Quinton (M or F) -- From the farmstead estate


Racer (M) -- One who loves to run Rafa (F) -- Happy, to shine Rafi (M) -- Exhalted Raina (F) -- Queen Reaghan (M) -- Nobility Reece/Reese (M or F) -- Passionate, enthusiastic Reed (M) -- Redhead Remus (M) -- Quick Rhea (F) -- Brook or stream Riley (M) -- Valiant Rory (M or F) -- Redhaired Rosabel/Rosabella (F) -- Beautiful rose Roscoe (M) -- From the deer forest Rosetta/Rose (F) -- Rose Rourke (M) -- Famous king Rowan (M) -- Redhaired Rowena (F) -- Fairhaired Rupert (M) -- Bright with fame Rusty (M) -- Red


Sadie (F) -- Lady, Princess, Noblewoman Sage (M or F) -- Wise Saida (F) -- Happy, Fortunate Sallie/Sallie/Salley (F) -- Princess Sampson/Samson (M) -- Sun Samuel/Sam/Sammy (M) -- Heard by God Sandy (M) -- Defender of man Savannah/Savanna (F) -- From the plains Sawyer (M) -- Carpenter Scott/Scottie/Scotty (M) -- Gaelic speaker Scout (M) -- To listen Selena (F) -- The moon Simon (M) -- To hear or listen Skyla (F) -- Sky Sonnie/Sonny (M) -- Son Sophia/Sophie (F) -- Wisdom, wise Star (F) -- Star Stella (F) -- Star Sunny (M) -- Sunny, Cheerful


Talia/Taliah (F) -- Dew of heaven Tamara/Tamryn/Tammie/Tammy (F) -- Palm tree Tandy (F) -- Flower Tanner (M) -- Leather worker Tawny (F) -- Golden brown; the warm sandy colour of a lion's coat Tayla (F) -- She has been seen/heard Tedrick/Teddy (M) -- Wealthy and happy guardian Tessa (F) -- Harvester Tibbo (M) -- To arrange; put in order Tiffany (F) -- Regal Tobin/Tobyn (M) -- God is good Trixie (F) -- Bringer of joy Troy (M) -- Growing Trudie/Trudy (F) -- Curly haired Tula (F) - To be tranquil


Ugo (M) -- Intelligence and strength Uli (F) -- From the noble land


Vada/Veda (M or F) -- Understanding ruler; lively Valen (M or F) -- Renowned ruler, powerful Valiant (M) -- Brave and courageous Vanna (F) -- God's gift Vera (F) -- Faith Violet (F) -- Happy girl


Waldo (M) -- Rule Wendall (M) -- Brother William/Willie/Willy (M) -- Protector Willow (F) -- Slender and graceful as a willow branch Winnie (F) -- Blessed reconcilliation Winston/Wynston (M) -- Friend


Xavier (M) -- The new house Xander (M) -- To defend Xena (F) -- Welcoming, hospitable


York (M) -- Treed city Ysabelle (F) -- Devoted to God Yvette (F) -- Little yew shrub


Zabi (M) -- Present or gift Zachary/Zachery/Zach (M) -- Remembered by God Zada (F) -- Fortunate Zadok (M) -- God remembers Zaidee (F) -- Dazzling, splendor Zander (M) -- Smart, intelligent Zelda (F) -- Blessed and happy Zella (F) -- Sky, heaven Zoltar/Zoltan/Zolten (M) -- Shines brightly Zora (F) -- Alive Zorina (F) -- Mark of distinction

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