Puppy shopping list

And must have buys for your puppy!

​​We send each of our puppies home with a Puppy Starter Kit to help each puppy owner and their puppy have a smooth transition from our home to yours!  It's also our way of saying "thank you" for giving one of our puppies a home! It will also save you a fair chunk of money as each of our Puppy Starter Kits has an approximate value of $250! So before we get to the recommended shopping list, please be advised that each of our Puppy Starter Kits will contain the following or a comparable item:

Care Items:

- food & water feeding station (food and water dish on a stand)

- measuring cup (so you don't have to use your personal kitchen supplies for dog food)


​- collar & leash (small size for 2-6 months)


​- waste pick-up bags (a roll or two, and sometimes a dispenser as well)


- wire crate (24" to 36" crate depending on your puppy's estimated adult size)​


- scent blanket (scent of siblings to help your puppy sleep the first few nights)​

Food Items:

- kibble food sample (Inception Pork Recipe ~ ALL LIFE STAGES / ONE 4 lb bag)​


- canned food sample (ONE 13.2 oz can of Permforatrin Puppy.)


​- probiotics & information (link will be given / enough for 7 days)​

​- Nutrical Gel & information (link will be given / enough for 5 days)​


- Nutrivet Digestive Supplement Fresh Pumpkin Superblend (info link will be given / 15 oz can of pumpkin)​

- freeze-dried training treat (freeze dried training treat, brand may vary.)​

Health Stuff:

- dewormed by breeder at 2, 4, & 6 weeks of age (dewormed with Pyrantel Pamoate which is an equivalent of StrongidT or with Bayer Quad dewormer or Drontal)

- health examination (performed by a licensed veterinarian at 7-8 weeks)

​- 1st booster vaccination & additional deworming (these are performed by a licensed veterinarian at 7-8 weeks and another deworming given at the same time as the vaccination -- these items are what will be shown on your puppy's health record)​

- vaccination schedule (info link will be given)​

- Purchase Agreement which includes a 2 year congenital health guarantee (against life-threatening defects)​

- health record (record of vaccination and deworming performed by vet at 7-8 weeks)​

- birth certificate​ (showing the puppy's name, the parents of the puppy, the breed of your puppy, and your puppy's date of birth)​

Grooming Supplies:

​- nail clippers (you will receive a nail clipper and your puppy's nails will be trimmed)​

- brush (you will receive a brush and your puppy will be brushed)​


- shampoo (you will receive shampoo formulated for a puppy's skin & fur and your puppy will be used to baths)​


paw butter (protection for your puppy's paws from natures elements)​


- stuffed animal or crinkle toy (at least one of these items)


- Nylabone chew or Kong chew toy (at least one of these items or sometimes both)


- ball (a ball or a small package of balls)​

*Below is an EXAMPLE of what you could get in your PUPPY STARTER KIT to give you a visual of the items we list above!

*PLEASE NOTE that our FULL LIST of everything that is included can be found on our Puppy Prices page and The Nursery page and only the items shown below in the photo are shown on this page.  We include many training and instructional guides and resources to all or our families purchasing a puppy, and a lot goes into raising our puppies!



1. Food for your puppy! Yes, we will give you a sample of the food that your puppy is eating, but you still need to go out and purchase a bag of the food so that you do not run out of food. We will give you enough food to feed your puppy 3 times a day for 1 week -- treat this as a gift sample and don't get caught up in the puppy craze and forget to purchase your puppy's food in advance! Our puppies will be eating anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of kibbles that have been softened in warm water for 10-15 minutes. The brand that our puppies eat is INCEPTION PORK RECIPE. This is an ALL LIFE STAGES food which means that it is formulated for a growing puppy right into adulthood!


You can find out where to buy this food by taking a look at the STORE LOCATOR on the link below:



If the stores listed do not specifically have the INCEPTION PORK at their location, ask them to order it in for you! Most stores will have no problem ordering it in when asked!

2. Water bowl or waterer! You need to make sure that your puppy is drinking enough water throughout the day!  Having a bowl or waterer available for your puppy at all times is the best way to ensure this!  Keep in mind that you may need to show your puppy where the water is for the first few days because the dish you buy will probably look different than the ones your puppy has drank from while here at Pleasant Meadows. It is, however, recommended to remove the access to water 2 hours prior to bed time to avoid "filling up the tank" again before sleep time. You'll want a heavy bowl for water to avoid spilling, or a waterer for your puppy.  Here are examples of what we recommend:


Always keep your dogs drinking water dish or waterer clean!

6. A good cleaner that removes urine and fecal matter enzymes is a must!  It is not a matter of "if" your puppy has an accident but a matter of "when" your puppy has an accident, and when he/she does you need to be able to clean it up properly!  There are many brands of enzyme cleaners out there, but we highly recommend (and use in our own home) PowAir and Nature's Miracle. Here are a few examples of what PowAir and Nature's Miracle offer:

PowAir Urine & Odor

Remove dog and cat urine smell with PowAir Urine and Odor spray! This odor eliminator contains a proprietary blend of 40 natural essential oils and high performance enzymes that eliminates odors at the molecular level. PowAir Urine and Odor spray helps break down pet stains and smells, including urine, feces, vomit, skunk and pheromones trapped in carpets and upholstery.


You can buy Nature's Miracle at Pet Smart, Walmart, Global Pets, and a few other pet supply stores.

And PowAir can be purchased at some Home Hardware stores, and online at HomesAlive.ca, Petland.ca (or in store), and Amazon.ca.

More Items coming soon!