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Village Pet Food & Supply

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We highly recommend Village Pet Food & Supply for all your pet's needs!  You will always get amazing customer service, and their friendly staff are knowledgeable and certified to help you find the right food, as well as toys, grooming supplies, anything you need!  Click on the link box below to view their website or find them on Facebook:

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Are you looking for a beautiful and unique collar for your Pleasant Meadows Pooch? Take a look at the amazing collars and leashes made by Sarah at Release Equine! Your puppy will be the envy of all your friends with a stylish and effective collar and leash that lends itself to easy training of your puppy! Visit Release Equine's website for more details on styles, prices, and don't forget you can ask for custom pieces, Sarah is wonderful to work with!

You can also find Release Equine on Facebook and Instagram:

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  • Release Equine on Instagram

Sarah also made these wonderful, puppy safe, custom Whelping ID Collars for us and we couldn't be happier with them! They are soft, adjustable, and perfect for quick identification of puppies that are similar or the same in colour!  Makes record keeping easy, and it's also a nice quick reference for families to tell us which puppy they have fallen in love with!  When at the vet for their vaccination -- it will be easy to keep track of which puppy has been examined and which one still needs a health check!

Note to other breeders:  Sarah at Release Equine is, to our knowledge, the only business within Canada making these paracord puppy ID collars!  We highly recommend her Whelping ID collars for puppies for identifying your next litter!


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Raising quality Cavapoos in Central Ontario.

3.5 hours from London ~ 2 hrs from Toronto ~ 2.5 hrs from Barrie ~ 1.5 hrs from Oshawa

~ 1 hr from Belleville ~ 1.5 hrs from Kingston ~ 2.5 hrs from Ottawa ~

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