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Here are all of our active and upcoming dogs at Pleasant Meadows. Please click on their photos to visit their personal profile pages, and you can use the buttons below to jump to each section.

We have raised the Cavapoo hybrid since 2011 and are in the midst of transitioning to the Brittanydoodle and the Springerdoodle.  We hope to have transitioned from the Cavapoo to the Brittanydoodle and Springerdoodle by 2026. We feel that these two hybrid mixes are similar to the Cavapoo for their temperament, but will offer a healthier mix for the future.  We have been blessed with a Cavalier line that has been very healthy and our Cavapoos are among the healthiest in Canada. In fact, we were the first breeder to start raising the Cavapoo in Canada and we are perhaps the only breeder in North America to have successfully raised Multigenerational Cavapoos. However, as much as we love the Cavapoo we also now must be the first to sound the alarm that the purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a very unhealthy breed and its health has degraded over the past 10 years to the point where we firmly believe that the purebred Cavalier breed is too far gone to be saved! The heart issues in the Cavalier cannot be rectified without an intervention from the Kennel Clubs to allow other breeds to be mixed in to rebuild the Cavalier from the ground up! They have done this with the Dalmation (look up "LUA Dalmations") and fixed the chronic uric acid issues in the breed by mixing in the Pointer and the Kennel Clubs are now registering these dogs as purebred. We have diligently searched for the past 5 years to try and find another healthy line of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in order to be able to continue to raise the Cavapoo hybrid that we love and founded here in Canada, but we have been unsuccessful in our search and don't feel that healthy Cavaliers exist anymore and that's why we have made the decision to switch breeds.

Over the next few years, we will continue to raise the Cavapoo with our remaining healthy and trusted lines before transitioning completely to the Brittanydoodle and Springerdoodle.  We may also venture into raising the purebred Brittanys and purebred Springer Spaniels.

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Our Cavalier Boys

We do not currently have any active Cavalier studs.


Our Brittany Boys

We do not currently have any active Brittany studs.


Our Retired Dogs

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Raising quality Cavapoos in Central Ontario.

3.5 hours from London ~ 2 hrs from Toronto ~ 2.5 hrs from Barrie ~ 1.5 hrs from Oshawa

~ 1 hr from Belleville ~ 1.5 hrs from Kingston ~ 2.5 hrs from Ottawa ~

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