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The Nursery

Current Litter:

Current Litters
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Vera Laine  &  Micah Gailen

Vera -- July 2021.jpg
Micah -- August 2022 -1.jpg


March 1st, 2023


These puppies are F1  MINI  Brittanydoodles!
(low-shedding and suitable for mild allergies)

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Image by freestocks

Ceyda Estelle  &  Micah Gailen

Ceyda -- May 2020-2.jpg
Micah -- August 2022 -1.jpg


March 16th, 2023


These parents will produce F1  MINI  Brittanydoodles!
(low-shedding and suitable for mild allergies)

Coming Up Next:

Coming Up Next

Please fill out our   Puppy Application   to inquire about our current or any upcoming litters. 

We will take names for waiting lists up to 1 year in advance to ensure that we have good homes lined up for our puppies.

Our waiting lists are designed so that each one of our females completely skips over one whole heat cycle to allow rest. Taking into account each female's natural fluctuations of their heat cycles, our females will only be bred ONCE per year or will typically have a minimum of 10-12 months between litters after skipping one cycle.

Our females are not bred past their 6th year, and many retire much earlier, each female is different and needs to be treated accordingly.  All breeding is done under veterinarian advice, there are NO exceptions on this matter!  We will skip a cycle between litters to allow 10-12 months rest for the well-being of each of our females! It is very important to us that our girls are able to rest and rejuvenate between litters and to simply have time to "be a dog"!  And we reserve the right to not breed a particular female even if a litter is planned if we don't feel that a female has COMPLETELY recovered from her previous pregnancy in weight and overall health.

Also, the anticipated date/month of birth listed for each litter may vary 2-4 months in either direction depending on nature's influence on each female's heat cycle. Sometimes females cycle bang on when they "should" cycle and other times we are all left waiting. Female dogs usually cycle every 6-9 months and we skip one cycle between breeding and so if that female was early or late it could shift 2-4 months in either direction of the listed prediction for the anticipated birth of the litter. Weather can also drastically change when a female comes into heat (most animals cycle spring and fall), and so it is possible for prolonged hot or cold weather to change when a female cycles. Female dogs will also often "sync up" their heat cycles with other females, so we may have groups of females cycling together and potentially being due and birthing around the same time too! Please keep this in mind when you are looking at our waiting lists, as the anticipated birth date/month for our planned litters may change. All changes to the timeline for our planned litters will be outlined on this page!

We will have more litters in the future, so if you don't see what you are looking for in a litter, please contact us to see what we have coming up within the next year!

Puppy Application

Future Plans:

Future Plans

Aurora Amarylis  &  Arlo Nicholas

Aurora December 2022-2.jpg
Arlo -- April 2022 -1.jpg

These parents will produce Multigen Backcross Cavapoos!
(non-shedding and suitable for moderate to severe allergies)

 Coming up in April! 
Check back in April to see the puppies! 

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Atira Neda  &  Levi Remo

Atira August 2022.jpg
Levi -- October 2022.jpg

These parents will produce  Multigen  Cavapoos!
(non-shedding and suitable for moderate to semi-severe allergies)

Coming up in May!
Check back in May to see the puppies!

Zulie Rowena  &  Micah Gailen

Zulie -- March 2022 -1.jpg
Micah -- August 2022 -1.jpg

These parents will produce F1  MINI  Springerpoos!
(low-shedding and suitable for mild allergies)

Waiting list has POSITIONS AVAILABLE! Please inquire about our MINIATURE Springerpoos!

Inquiry Box


For choosing time at 5-6 weeks of age, we now offer Skype Video Calls to help families choose their puppy! A lot of families kept requesting Skype calls and so we finally gave it a try with our spring litters and it was a roaring success! You can easily view the puppies, see where they have been raised, and see the parents in their true relaxed form.  We found that families were able to choose quickly, easily, and decisively based upon the temperament of the available puppies, and the additional information we provide about each one.  Often families have a hard time choosing in person because it can be a little bit overwhelming with all the cute puppies around. This can make the process drawn out and the mom and puppies can get stressed from all the activity.  We are hoping that a good majority of our families will take advantage of the usefulness of Skype. As a side note, taking advantage of Skype can also save families the exasperation of inching through Toronto traffic and spending anywhere from 6-10 hours away from home (including traffic and visit time).

Video Calls 1a.JPG

While Skyping with us to view the puppies, please be sure to hit the VIDEO button when you answer our call (as indicated in the red box)!  This allows us to see you at the same that you see us and the puppies!  This really helps us to see your reactions to specific puppies for helping to match you to the right puppy and to be able to meet "face to face" is preferred and helps make the Skype call a little more interactive!  Thank you!

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