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The Truth about Syringomyelia and the Kennel Clubs

Manipulative Practices EXPOSED and Fiercely Debated

The information on this page is based upon findings between 2007 and 2009. Since then a lot of light has been shed on syringomyelia and there is a DIRECT link between this horrible disease and in-breeding or so-called line-breeding that is still condoned by the kennel clubs and some show breeders.


Our dogs at pleasant Meadows will never be inbred to ensure that they never suffer from this horrible disease. and we do not purchase our breeding dogs from any breeder who condones this disgusting practice.


those who inbreed their dogs are only cementing in problems while they try to control nature to produce "perfect" specimens for them to parade around a show ring.


dogs should only be bred for the betterment of the breed which means putting their health first. People don't marry their sibling, cousin, or parent, etc. so why do breeders breed related dogs together?  it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that consequences are dire.

this will never happen at Pleasant Meadows!

We strongly suggest that you read the following information prior to watching the videos below!


It has always been our practice at Pleasant Meadows to breed our dogs for the betterment of their breeds, and we will continue to do so without compromise!As conscientious breeders we have taken on the responsibility of raising quality family dogs that are healthy, and to the best of our knowledge and ability, without any genetic conditions.  


Kennel Clubs often choose to refer to in-home breeders as inferior because we do not show our dogs or are not Kennel Club members, and in their eyes, view our top quality breeding dogs as only "pet quality" simply because not all have Pedigree papers, or exactly match their designated criteria according to their self-imposed standards.  


Here at Pleasant Meadows our dogs come from sound, healthy lines with absolutely NO in-breeding.




Line-breeding and in-breeding that are widely accepted by the Kennel Clubs.


What is line-breeding?


There is great controversy among the Kennel Clubs and SOME breeders regarding the difference between "line-breeding" and "in-breeding". SUPPOSEDLY, line-breeding is when related dogs are bred together in order to retain specific characteristics, colours/markings, etc.  Examples of such breedings are:


father to daughter, mother to son, brother to sister, grandfather/mother to granddaughter/son, cousin to cousin


In-breeding is typically classified by SOME breeders and the Kennel Clubs as the more "extreme" breedings of father to daughter, mother to son, and brother to sister, and the "less extreme" of grandfather/mother to granddaughter/son, and cousin to cousin as line-breeding as if there really is some difference between the two.


How can ANYONE view line-breeding and in-breeding as acceptable?  And how can anyone justify line-breedingby saying that it is not in-breeding, because BOTH are breeding direct relatives to each other!


Line-breeding is in-breeding, PERIOD.  Anybody in their right mind knows that doing such a thing is WRONG!  In fact, because in-breeding is such a common and accepted practice it yields disabilities, deformities, and diseases that are increasing at an alarming rate!


Who could possibly condone such sick practices?


Answer: The Kennel Clubs and breeders who agree with them!


In the video below, several of the most popular and recognizable dog breeds, including the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, are highlighted to showcase the abuse (through in-breeding, and unrealistic standards) that the Kennel Clubs have inflicted on ALL BREEDS OF DOGS. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (being ranked #6 in the UK where this documentary was filmed), is featured in this video several times showing the horrific effects of in-breeding in the Cavalier, resulting in the debilitating disease, Syringomyelia, as well as heart murmurs.  Every breed of dog has 1 or 2 significant health problems affecting their health and welfare, and ALL of the diseases, disabilities, and deformities can be linked to genetic modification by improper breeding practices (in-breeding, and knowingly breeding dogs with compromised health).


In the case of the Syringomyelia disease talked about in the video -- please note that it is the direct cause of in-breeding and compromised anatomical structure of the skull produced only in dogs that have been bred down to create a specific head size and form.  Dogs that have not come from these horrifically modified breeding lines do not possess or yield offspring with this condition. It is the breeders responsibility to choose healthy breeding dogs that come from lines with no in-breeding or genetic modification of any sort.

This documentary was filmed from 2007-2008, and since then awareness of this huge travesty to dog breeds has increased dramatically, but there are those who still hold on to these disgusting practices!  


So, back to our earlier reference to our dogs being viewed by Kennel Clubs as "pet quality" and not "show quality" ... 


Show quality: A dog bred exclusively for unnatural and unrealistic standards for colour/markings, size/weight, etc. -- and all done at the expense of the breed's health and well-being.  Kennel Clubs and SOME breeders prefer this type of dog. We assume that you will be appalled and outraged by what you see in the below video on this matter!


Pet quality: A dog bred for natural and realistic standards based upon naturally occurring size/weight, colour/markings, and uncompromised health and temperament.  We feel that every breed of dog should be this way! Don't you agree?


Because our dogs at Pleasant Meadows are bred for health and temperament and not for fashion statements, and we do not cull dogs with natural variances in their markings (known to SOME breeders as "mismarkings" that go against standards laid out by the Kennel Clubs), this puts us in the position of being on the opposing side in favour of natural quality standards -- which can quite honestly annoy SOME breeders and especially Kennel Clubs!  To read more about "mismarkings" CLICK HERE!


People assume that the Kennel Clubs have dog's health in their best interest, but in reality it is nothing more than a fashion show for the unknowing public!  In order to protect themselves against exposure of their unscrupulous practices they will defend their actions relentlessly with countless cover-ups and denial of existing debilitating health conditions which they are perpetuating by their breeding practices and continue to claim that what they are doing is acceptable and the correct way of breeding.  Sadly, the proof is in the perpetuation of disabilities, diseases and deformities that are present in each breed.  And the suffering is phenomenal for every dog affected, and the vast majority of the public is unaware.


Dog shows have been described by Mark Evans from the RSPCS (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals in the UK) as "A parade of mutants -- it's some freakish, garish, beauty pageant that has nothing frankly to do with health and welfare." ... and he goes on to say that "We've become completely and utterly desensitized that breeding these mutants, these deformed, disabled, disease-prone animals is neither shocking or abnormal -- it's NOT normal!".


We at Pleasant Meadows choose to be breeders of merit and NEVER in-breed our dogs for any reason, and we are committed to the betterment of the breed!  We have purchased our Cavaliers and Poodles from reputable breeders who genuinely care about the welfare of the breeds.  Not all of these breeders are registered Kennel Club breeders, because a piece of paper showing pedigree in no way guarantees health!  We have carefully sought after breeders who have healthy dogs, with healthy breeding lines that can be traced back for several generations.  This allows us to have confidence in the health of our own dogs, and their offspring.  In most cases, Kennel Club breeders unfortunately, get crossed and double crossed off our list of potentially good breeders from whom we could buy replacement breeding stock.  This does not mean that all Kennel Club breeders are bad or that owning a dog of Pedigree is wrong, but that everyone out there -- individual, family, or breeder -- should choose a puppy from a reputable breeder who willingly and openly stands against the injustices that are happening to Pedigree dogs.


Please watch the below video with an open mind to the fact that this injustice is happening

to all breeds of dogs out there in one form or another!


And remember that not all Kennel Club breeders are bad, and that efforts are being made around the world to change the standards which have become common-place with Kennel Clubs.


We trust that by us sharing this documentary video and standing in favour of sound breeding practices -- that you will see that we at Pleasant Meadows stand for honesty and integrity in our lives and with our dogs.  We are unequivocally committed both now and in the future to producing healthy dogs as nature intended.


Please follow the link below for the video:





Pedigree Dogs Exposed: Three Years On

We are once more sharing this video and standing up against these horrific practices which are destroying dog breeds as a whole.  We are 100% committed to breeding healthy dogs for your family to cherish and love.  And we are committed to saving the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from suffering, along with all other breeds of dogs.  We will NEVER inbreed our dogs, and it is our PROMISE to you as reputable breeders, to the best of our knowledge, to only breed dogs with NO HISTORY of heart problems or syringomyelia.  With that being said, it is impossible for a breeder to guarantee that a health problem will not arise from generations way back, no matter what breed of dog they raise!  Every breed of dog has it's own set of health problems that are in the genetic make up of each breed. This is why it is so important for the public to be aware of these conditions!  We have not posted these videos to scare people, but we should ALL be scared of what WILL happen if more breeders do not step up and say NO to inbreeding and breeding genetically compromised dogs. It took us a very long time to find a link to this video so please let us know if you have any trouble viewing it!


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