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Cavapoo colours!

We have put together photo albums of some our past puppies that show various examples of the colours of Cavapoos that we have produced here at Pleasant Meadows. This is to allow families to be informed of the various colours possible and not to encourage anyone to choose a puppy based on colour alone. A puppy's health, temperament, energy level, size, and suitability to your family should be of far greater importance than the colour of it's fur. We understand that everyone has preferences, but at the end of the day there is no breeder on earth who can control nature and make a specific colour of puppy be born.  Each breed of dog has it's own set colours that can be produced.  And so if you couldn't handle getting any one of the colours shown below that fall within the breed standard for the Cavalier and Poodle, or a colour produced by combining those breeds, then why are you wanting a Cavapoo?  We do not encourage or humour anyone wanting to choose a puppy solely on colour, and this is why we do not ask for a colour preference in the puppy application. Colour should be low on your "want list", but we do list the colours that are anticipated for each pairing of parents on our waiting list page, although, it is not possible to predict what will actually be born or that you will get a specific colour when it is time to choose a puppy.


Please click on the images for a larger view, and for a full description of the colour.


Keep in mind that these photos were taken in various lighting so their colours may be slightly off depending on if natural or artificial light was used. The texture of the fur can also change how the shade of colour appears to a camera vs the human eye. More Cavapoo colours are possible than what is shown below, but we are only showing what we are able to produce with our dogs.

Black ~ Black Abstract ~ Black Parti ~ Chocolate Abstract ~ chocolate parti:

Apricot ~ Apricot Abstract ~ Apricot Parti:

Gold ~ Gold Abstract ~ Gold Parti:

Ruby ~ Ruby Abstract ~ Ruby Parti:

What is the difference between Ruby, Apricot, and Gold?


Ruby is Red/Chesnut to Strawberry/Blonde.  There can be dark, medium, and light Ruby's. 


Apricot is Golden/Peach.  There can be dark, medium and light Apricot's.


Gold is Golden to Golden/Tan.  There can be dark and light Golden's.


All of these colours can resemble each other, and even look the "same" depending on the lighting.  And all of these colours can be either be dark/full colour at birth or really light/faint colour at birth and darken later on as the puppy matures. Usually ARTIFICIAL lighting DARKENS colours and NATURAL lighting LIGHTENS colours, so this is how some colours can look different or the same as another colour in a photo -- if in doubt, ask us!


The rule general of thumb to remember for these colours is ... Ruby = Red ... Apricot = Orange ... and Gold = Yellow.

Vibrant Phantom ~ Muted Phantom

& CHOCOLATE Phantom:

Sable/Phantom Abstract ~ Sable Abstract

Cinnamon & Silver:

What is the difference between Sable and Phantom?


If the Sable colour is Red or Brown there will be a darker Brown or Black tipping at the end of the fur. Alternately if the Sable is Black there will be Silver (grey), light Tan, or Red highlights throughout the fur starting at the roots.  These highlights are typically present on the face and legs of solid Black puppies, and they can also be present on the patches across the body of Sable Abstact or Sable Parti puppies. In both cases the Sable colouring usually becomes more prominent as the puppy matures.  Any Black coloured puppy displaying Red, Brown, or Silver (grey) highlights in the fur will in most cases lighten significantly over time.  And any Red or Brown Sables will have more dark Brown or Black tipping on the fur ends usually in key places such as on the ears.


Black Sable -- born Black but has Silver or a mixture of Tan and Silver undertones visible at birth or with 2 weeks of birth.

Brown Sable -- born Black or nearly Black with Brown (sometimes Chestnut) or light Tan undertones visible at birth or within 2 weeks of birth.

Red Sable -- born "mocha" or "chocolate" Brown (in most cases) with red undertones that are visible at birth or within 2 weeks of birth, and the Brown colouring morphs to Red (or Chestnut) over time.


All Sables will colour morph and slowly fade out or brighten to the Red, Brown, Tan, or Silver undertone, but EVERY SINGLE SABLE IS DIFFERENT -- one could only morph a tiny bit and the next could completely change colour! We will be able to guesstimate the approximate morphing, but it is not a guarantee.


Phantom is either Black with Tan or Chocolate with Caramel points on above the eyes (eyebrows), cheeks, on all four legs, and under the tail.  These shades of Tan and Caramel can vary and puppies can be born with faint markings/points, called "Muted Phantoms"  that may become more prominent as the puppies mature, or they can be born with dark prominent markings/points, called "Vibrant Phantoms". 


There can also be Sable Phantoms which are a mix of the two! And there is such a thing as a Tri-Sable Parti (a Tri-Colour with Sable mixed into the coat)!


Sable-Phantom -- born looking like a Vibrant Phantom (Black and Tan) with Red, Brown, Tan, or Silver undertones visible at birth or within the first 2 weeks, and they colour morph like any other Sable.

Tri-Sable -- born looking like a Vibrant Tri-Colour with Red, Brown, Tan, or Silver undertones visible at birth or within the first 2 weeks, and eventually the Tri points fade out as the colour morph begins.

Sable Parti ~ Tri-Sable Parti:

Vibrant Tri ~ Muted Tri ~ Split-face Tri:

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