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Instagram Stars!

This is our newest adventure! We set up an Instagram page and linked it here for everyone to see our dogs! It will act as a live photo gallery of our dogs as they ebb and flow at Pleasant Meadows and it is a neat way for us to share the heart of our family, our dogs, with you! Every post we make on Instagram will show up here so everyone can see live updates!  We hope you enjoy seeing our dogs, and we will sometimes share a few photos of our other cute critters (rabbits, chickens, or horses)! Don't forget you can click the "show more" button to see many more photos!  If you own one or more of our puppies, we would love for you to follow us on Instagram!  It is a super way to keep in touch with our families and you can see all the action here at Pleasant Meadows. And if you create a page for your puppy from us, we can follow you back!  Following us will allow you to connect with other families that currently own one or more of our puppies, and you can see photos of them all grown up when you follow their Instagram pages! Find us on Instagram: @thepleasantmeadowspups


Please note that we will only accept follow requests on Instagram from families who are currently on our waiting lists for a puppy, or from families who own one or more of our puppies.  If you're wanting to follow us, please be sure to fill out a puppy application before sending a follow request on Instagram so that we will recognize your name! And If your Instagram name is not one that we will recognize -- please send us an "hey it's me!" message along with your follow request!  Everyone else is free to follow us here for the updates!  Thank you! 

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