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Accepted Payment Methods:

We accept E-TRANSFERS and CASH!

Payments can be made as follows:

 Placement Fee:  E-TRANSFER only!

 Deposit:  E-TRANSFER only!

 Holding Fee:  CASH or E-TRANSFER

 Final Balance:  CASH or E-TRANSFER
All E-TRANSFERS must be sent a minimum of 2 hours prior to pick up in order to ensure the transfer comes through or you'll have to wait until we receive it.

Why not? Because we are NOT an "online puppy shop"! The initial Placement Fee for going on a waiting list is the only money you send prior to seeing photos of the puppies when they are born.  And if you decide to place a deposit when the puppies are born we will then REQUIRE that you visit in person or do a Skype Video Call at 5-6 weeks of age which will allow you to see the puppies and parents of the puppies in person. And it also allows us to meet you! Upon your visit you can bring your holding fee with you or send an e-transfer (within 24 hours) after you have chosen a puppy and have been able to see where your puppy has been raised! Same goes for puppy pick ups -- you must bring cash or send an e-transfer a minimum of 2 hours prior to pick up!

How to send an e-transfer:

Pleasant Meadows takes no claim to these videos! Thanks Scotia, ATB, CIBC, and RBC for making these helpful videos!

Scotia Bank:

ATB Financial:


RBC Royal Bank:

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