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For choosing time at 5-6 weeks of age, we now offer Skype Video Calls to help families choose their puppy! A lot of families kept requesting Skype calls and so we finally gave it a try with our spring litters and it was a roaring success! You can easily view the puppies, see where they have been raised, and see the parents in their true relaxed form.  We found that families were able to choose quickly, easily, and decisively based upon the temperament of the available puppies, and the additional information we provide about each one.  Often families have a hard time choosing in person because it can be a little bit overwhelming with all the cute puppies around. This can make the process drawn out and the mom and puppies can get stressed from all the activity.  We are hoping that a good majority of our families will take advantage of the usefulness of Skype. As a side note, taking advantage of Skype can also save families the exasperation of inching through Toronto traffic and spending anywhere from 6-10 hours away from home (including traffic and visit time).

Video Calls 1a.JPG

While Skyping with us to view the puppies, please be sure to hit the VIDEO button when you answer our call (as indicated in the red box)!  This allows us to see you at the same that you see us and the puppies!  This really helps us to see your reactions to specific puppies for helping to match you to the right puppy and to be able to meet "face to face" is preferred and helps make the Skype call a little more interactive!  Thank you!


Be prepared with a list of questions that you'd like to ask either about the puppies, or for their general care once your chosen puppy goes home with you! Having a pen and paper close by can also be handy to write down specific info about the litter or the puppies to compare to help you make a decision!

Please keep in mind that you will most likely be seeing the puppies at various stages -- some might be tired, some playful, and others hungry.  We can't make the puppies "perform" on cue during a Skype Video Call (or in person) and so you do sometimes have to rely on what we are saying in terms each puppy's own temperament traits instead of what you can see in a moment of time.  Just because a puppy is sleepy during a Skype Video Call (or while visiting in person) does not necessarily mean that puppy is the calmest or the quietest puppy within the litter -- even the most active puppies need sleep and we can't control when a puppy decides to nap!  They don't all nap, sleep, eat, or play at the same time and we will do our best to help guide you to a puppy that will match what you are hoping for in a companion.  And sometimes there will be a litter that is really even in their temperament, size, fur type, and energy level and so you may be choosing based on that "gut feeling" if telling them apart temperament wise is like "splitting hairs".  Thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter!

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