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When is the best time to spay/neuter?

We at Pleasant Meadows are in favour of spaying/neutering dogs, and ALL of our puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter contract.  As responsible breeders we want to ensure the safety of our puppies, and avoid pet overpopulation. Dogs should not be bred unless it is done responsibly and for the betterment of the breed. Our Puppy Purchase Agreement clearly states that all of our puppies must be spayed/neutered between 7-12 months of age!  We do not condone having a spay/neuter procedure performed on any puppy of any breed prior to 6 months of age -- this is too early and the risks far outweigh the benefits. We recommend spaying a female between 7-9 months of age, and a male between 10-12 months of age.  And if you veterinarian feels that your puppy is still growing and needs more time to acheive the genetically determined size before having the procedure done -- simply contact us for a time extension on the deadline for the spay/neuter to be performed!


We encourage everyone to speak with their veterinarian about the pros and cons listed below to help you pick the best timing to spay/neuter your precious puppy!


Below are links to several articles on the adverse affects of spaying or netuering your puppy too early, and we encourage you to do your own research on the matter as well.  Do *not* allow your veterinarian to bully you into spaying or neutering your puppy too early -- and if your vet tries to push it on you -- find another vet!


Please watch the video below to find out why we believe what we do! And follow the links below!






Early Spay Neuter: 3 Reasons To Reconsider

Spaying And Neutering / By Dana Scott

Dog Neutering is an Emotive Subject for Welfare and Population Reasons but let’s Take a Look at the Facts…

How Young is Too Young to Neuter?



The only thing we need to make mention of for this article is that it is *extremely* rare for a female Cavalier, Cavapoo, or Miniature Poodle to come into heat prior to 8 months at the earliest! In all the years that we have been raising them -- we have never seen it happen! Smaller Toy breeds (under 10 lbs) are more prone to coming into heat earlier, and large breeds such as the Golden Retriever size and up may not have their first cycle until 14-18 months of age. So do not read this article and panic and think "Oh no! My Cavapoo could come into heat at 6 months!" -- we're not saying that it could never happen, but it would be so rare that it is almost unheard of in the Cavapoo!

At What Age Should I Spay Or Neuter My Dog or Cat ?

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Neutering My Pet?

Revisiting The Idea Of Early-Age Neutering -- Ron Hines DVM PhD.


If you disagree with these findings -- simply put, perhaps one of our puppies is not right for you!


Spaying and neutering your puppy too early is EXACTLY the same thing as if you were to perform CASTRATION or a HYSTERECTOMY on your growing TEENAGER!


Can you imagine what that would do to your teenager in that pivotal time of their life?

Our purchase agreement does not guarantee any puppy spayed/neutered *prior* to 7 months of age.


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