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Courtesy & Common Sense

If none of these critical issues pertain to you, then ignore them -- they were not projected at you and we thank you immensely for being so thoughtful and understanding. If you have entertained any ideas of being thoughtless and self-consumed, we kindly ask that you pay heed to our very simple, logical, and important requests. We want everyone to be happy, and we are continuously striving to do our part.  It is up to all of our current and future customers to be responsible and courteous so that we as the breeder and our other customers do not have to deal with the consequences of disrespectful ways. It is very saddening to us that we have had to put this into words as a part of our customers "must read" material. 


Thank you in advance for your understanding ~ from all of us at Pleasant Meadows!

To whom it may concern:

This page will not apply to everyone, although we do ask that you please read it to gain some insight into what we experience whenever we have puppies and visitors.  We sincerely appreciate those who take into account all the time and energy we put into giving their puppy the best start in life that we can provide!

We are a family who loves dogs and we enjoy sharing that love of dogs with others!  We have settled on the Cavapoo, a hybrid breed of dog that is suitable for all ages of individuals and families, from infancy to seniors, most walks of life, and even those with significant allergies.  We have been educated in Animal Sciences and genetics, and we continue to study hard to learn all that we can about our breed of dogs and dogs in general, and we make it our daily aim to raise quality puppies that can, in turn, bring families and individuals many years of enjoyment and companionship. 


We have established a comprehensive website which is teeming with valuable information about our dogs and everything we can share about raising a puppy into adulthood.  It has become imperative, however, that we include the following requisition because the need has arisen on numerous occasions that necessitates immediate change.

We welcome contact with all of you for legitimate inquiries, however, we get phone calls, and e-mails on a regular basis from people who tell us that they have thoroughly read through our website and they are asking us questions that are VERY CLEARLY answered in appropriate categories on our website.  It is very time consuming to repeatedly explain volumes of information that have been outlined in great length on our website, and we have to assume that some people actually have not taken the time to read the information on our website before applying for a puppy by way of filling out a puppy application. The information on our website is for the benefit of potential buyers and new puppy owners to learn about the Cavapoo, get a sense of who we are as breeders, and what it takes to get on our waiting lists for a puppy, and how to train and raise your puppy into adulthood.  If potential puppy buyers don't read the information on our website, and then ask us questions that are blatantly obvious then it is hard for us to take them seriously as a committed puppy owner! This is not meant to sound as though we are unapproachable if you have a genuine question, although it appears that some people are simply not reading the information either before they make application or any time afterwards because when we give them a link to the appropriate page answering their question -- they often state "Oh, I didn't read that page" or "Oh, I somehow missed that part", ETC.  And yet, on the flip side for those who are respectful and do actually READ the information prior to applying for a puppy -- they often state how appreciative they are to have had all their questions answered on our informative website. When we have to deal with people who waste our time asking questions that were unnecessarily asked because the information they  wanted was clearly outlined on our website, it is disruptive, time consuming, and disrespectful.

We also painstakingly set up schedules to make every effort to accommodate everyone's life events when it comes to the time for those on our waiting lists to choose a puppy from a specific litter at 5-6 weeks of age and then for pick up time when our puppies are 8 weeks of age. All important dates are given to everyone on a specific waiting list in the birth announcement for the puppies. This will give everyone a 5-6 week heads-up for the time when they will need to be available to either travel to Pleasant Meadows in person to choose a puppy or to choose a puppy via Skype Video Call. And from the time of the birth announcement this gives a full 8 weeks heads-up for the date when the puppies turn 8 weeks old and will be ready to be picked up to go to their new homes.  When we schedule people for their appointments we require that they be available during that time-frame and that they arrive on time for their appointment.  This is not the time to book a last minute vacation, or accept an invite to an event of any nature -- if you want a puppy you have to realize that it is like adding a baby to your life and you have to be present and proactive in their life and this starts when you place a deposit at the birth of the litter.  If you had a baby -- you can't leave it at the hospital while you go on a trip to Disney World and then decide at your discretion when you will return to pick up your baby which, is naturally, your number one responsibility.  Likewise, when your puppy is 8 weeks old, it's time to pick up your puppy!


Please leave yourself ample travel time to arrive ON TIME for your scheduled visitation to choose a puppy or pick up your puppy. If you are going to arrive ahead of schedule, please treat yourself to a coffee at the local TIM HORTONS, because we can ONLY accommodate people arriving at their scheduled time.  If you arrive EARLY or LATE you are infringing on someone else's appointment, or our dogs / puppies "down time" between visitors.  We also use that time to prepare for your visit or simply have a "down time" ourselves.

Please note that ahead of your arrival we have the following (and more!) common sense responsibilities as reputable and conscientious breeders to attend to, as well as our own personal needs as human beings:

~ feeding the puppies at timely intervals throughout the day. Puppies need 3 to 4 meals per day depending on their age and weight.

~ cleaning of puppy pee-pads and/or the entire pen(s) -- often multiple times prior to your arrival as depending on when the puppies were last fed, this also could mean having all of the puppies suddenly need to pee/poo moments before you arrive.

~ our puppies also need time to sleep and rejuvenate between visitors, as they are like babies and too much activity will wear them down or stress them out.

~ we might have to unexpectedly wipe off or bathe a puppy or an entire litter of puppies if they walk through, roll through, or play on a pee-pad that was seconds/moments from being cleaned up.  Puppies, like babies, get into mischief and can get messy!

~ our adult dogs need to have outdoor time to go to the bathroom, get exercise and play. They may also need to be fed depending on the time of day.

~ our adult dogs also need to have a break between visitors as it is disruptive to their schedule and lives to be "performing" for multiple people throughout the day(s). Often our dogs sleep a lot between visitors because it is tiring!

~ we may have to start a new load of laundry -- including whelping pads, towels, sheets, and toys, etc.

~ we have to disinfect on a continuous basis after each visitor exits our home to maintain a clean and healthy environment for our puppies and dogs. This includes, cleaning the floors, cleaning the walls, cleaning door handles, cleaning the bathroom where our visitors have access, putting out a new foot bath for the next round of visitors to walk through before entering our home, ETC. This helps to ensure that diseases and parasites are not unknowingly tracked into our home to infect our dogs or puppies.  We have to take these precautions in order to guarantee that all the puppies we sell are healthy when they go to their new homes, and that our adult dogs are not exposed to anything that could be passed on to the puppies!

~ general household cleaning also might need to be performed multiple times prior to your arrival.  If for example, it is a rainy day our dogs will naturally track rain or mud into our home the same as a dog would in any other home.  We might have to clean our floors an extra few times throughout the day between visitors to be able to maintain a clean environment for our dogs and for the fact that just as you wouldn't want a visitor to walk in to muddy floors, neither do we!

~ any or all of these responsibilities might be amplified by 2 or 3 if we have more than one litter present. And each litter might have different needs depending on size and age.

~ on puppy pick-up day we will be preparing for perhaps several families to come at either 11:00 AM and/or 2:00 PM on the day that the puppies turn 8 weeks of age, or the closest correlating weekend.  These are set puppy pick-up times so that we can efficiently get you and your puppy ready to go and on the road home in a timely manner so that you can get your puppy settled in your home before night-fall.

~ and lastly, we as human beings on all of these occasions need to grab a bite to eat, go the bathroom, and breathe between visitors!

P.S. This is a small taste of what a day filled with visitors could be like! There are multiple and unpredictable variables in our lives and your lives that could greatly affect any well planned schedule. So, please be respectful and realize that you are coming to our HOME and not to an office workplace or job site!

We have raised our puppies and have been taking care of them and our adult dogs, on a 24/7 basis, often to the exclusion of our own personal needs because that is what every good "parent" does!


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