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Kaia Ailene

Kaia Ailene

Meaning: "Pure, Vigorous, and Shining Bright "


(Moyen is a "nickname" for a SMALL Standard Poodle. Full length tail / not docked)

Kaia is playful, always happy, and very affectionate!

Weight: 25 lbs (11.34 kg)
Height: 18.5 inches at the shoulder

A little Kaia thing:
Kaia greets everyone as though they were family ~ with tail wagging excitement!


Kaia is a beautiful Apricot Moyen Poodle. Kaia's sweet demeanor, confidence, and high intelligence is everything we could hope for and she will help maintain and improve the overall health of the Cavapoo -- Kaia will be one of our Multigen Cavapoo foundational lines when paired with our Multigen Cavapoo stud, Reuben.

Kaia came to us as a 1.5 year old from Southern, Ontario.

Kaia is CKC REGISTRED (Foreverly Porsha), and both of her parents are from healthy lines.


Hips: Good

Patellas: Grade 0 / NORMAL
Blood Panel: NORMAL

Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER): NORMAL

Canine Health Check: CLEAR / NORMAL

(Canine Health Check screens for 283 inherited diseases and 45 traits)

Poodle Breed Panel 1.jpg

Kaia is CLEAR for the Poodle Breed Profile (diseases commonly carried by the breed) and has also been health screened and is CLEAR for a total of 283 other testable diseases that are uncommon (but not impossible) for the Poodle, but are commonly found in other breeds.

Kaia was also examined by an OFA certified veterinarian ophthalmologist and received a NOMRAL CAER Certification, meaning that both eyes are normal and free of any visible abnormalities either internally or externally:

Kaia's CAER Eye Exam -- microchip blotted out.jpg

Kaia is also CKC Registered:

Kaia's CKC Papers-1.jpg
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