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Puppy Pick up Options!


You MUST be able to DRIVE to Pleasant Meadows or FLY to the NEAREST airport (TORONTO).




We ask that any family flying to us from out of province also rent a car and DRIVE the remaining distance from the airport to Pleasant Meadows!  WHY?  Because you can take our word for how we raise our puppies, but it truly should be IMPORTANT to see where your puppy has been raised with your own eyes, and coming to our location will allow you to meet the parents of your puppy!

1.  If you are going to drive to Pleasant Meadows to pick up your puppy, we will give you directions when the puppies are 2-4 weeks old!​


  • We will provide you with a GOOGLE MAP that shows our location, and you can type in your address and the map will generate route options for you to take to get to Pleasant Meadows.


  • We ask that you please provide us with a pick-up-date and an approximate time of arrival so that we can ensure that we have your puppy and all his or her belongings we supply in our Puppy Starter Kit ready to go when you arrive.  We also want to be available by phone and be able to keep an eye out for you on the roads should you need directional assistance.


2.  If you are going to fly to pick up your puppy, you will need to be responsible for making all arrangements with the airlines of your choice regarding the travel of you and your puppy!


  • Call the airlines of your choice to inquire about their procedures and requirements for flying with a puppy as "carry on baggage" in the cabin of the airplane.


  • Acquire travel crate (most airlines want soft sided) in accordance with their size specifications. These soft sided crates can be purchased at the majority of pet stores in your area.


  • Book your flight for yourself and your puppy AFTER you have CONFIRMED with us that your puppy will be ready to go on that specific travel date!  You will need to actually phone the airlines to book the flight for you and your puppy, as booking online does not give you the option to purchase a ticket for your puppy.  Tickets for puppies typically cost anywhere from $20-50 depending on the airline, but you will need to speak with them about pricing.



West Jet ~ Traveling with Pets:

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you MUST book your flight with WestJet and NOT Air Canada as they won't allow puppies to travel until 12 weeks of age.


WestJet allows you to travel with an 8 week old puppy.

We are easy to find, even for people who live out of province!  

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